How to Make Thousands of Dollars from Each Video You Make WITHOUT Monetization - Ten Steps

How to Make Thousands of Dollars from Each Video You Make WITHOUT Monetization – Ten Steps

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Without SELLING YOUR SOUL, without AdSense, and without asking for donations, here is how you can really make money from starting up a channel.

1. Brainstorm for your channel and mission.
2. Preemptively buy video production necessities.
3. Overcoming the sound of your own voice.
4. Learn the truth about monetization: It sucks assholes
5. Upload your first real video!
6. Expect hatred.
7. GROW YOUR CHANNEL Organically!!
8. Find a product that YOUR audience really actually wants
9. Open your online store.
10. Enjoy the fruits of your labor as the orders come in and the packages go out.

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the long way is the shortcut this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and if you click on this video because you want to know how to get rich quick leave now this video will not teach you how to get a free ride this is a ten step plan for folks with real Drive this video is for people interested in being their own boss and being your own boss means being responsible responsible simply means being able to respond if you can be able to respond on your home without a manager or a boss or an owner or an employer telling you how or when then you can be your own boss but if you are lazy or weak or excuse making or you dodge work then this is not the plan for you in fact if you are any of those things you will never have control over your life your kids will go to public school your loved ones that age will go to a nursing home and everyone you love will have to be institutionalized because you won't be available because you're strapped to a job that you hate and that you do have heartedly please remember that in life without the right effort you will create the wrong result so let's get started shall we ten steps starting with zero subscribers how to make thousands of dollars from each video without monetization number one you're going to need to take three months or more out of your life to brainstorm and dream on how you want your channel to go you need to decide your niche and you need to decide early on and during this time you should be making lists lots and lots of lists chronicling all your ideas for your future content you need a semi-solid mission statement at this point in the game you need a channel name maybe a list of channel names and ideally a very outgoing personality step number two production necessities you might think it's a little early but I promise you want to buy these things early on so that you can stay focused and remember that you want to give birth to a channel so please buy the bare minimum of things that you will need to produce your videos for the best results and for some folks this is just their phone but for my channel I wanted a Sony camera a tripod and one of those little clapper things that go take one I had to have that so get what you need for you I had to get what I needed for me and it should go without saying that this step also includes setting up your channel deciding what editing software you would like to use and don't be too spendy because right now at this point this is a side hustle remember that step three those seemingly simple it is actually really hard for this hurdle I mean for people to overcome this hurdle I mean if you cannot overcome this hurdle you will not be able to make thousands of dollars per YouTube video because you will not be able to make videos if you can't overcome this simple phobia which is the sound of your own voice this part is the sandwich that you have to eat if you want to be a content creator but my advice is simple just keep going understand that it definitely gets better the first time you hear the sound of your voice you're probably gonna want to kill yourself that's just the way it is but every time you hear it there after it gets a little bit easier you like 99% of the rest of the world don't like the sound of your voice so please don't take it personally and don't think that you have a terrible voice just because you hate it and also remember that cringing over the sound of your own voice is a very small price to pay for independence financial freedom creativity freedom and happiness number four probably the most important of all of this this is the reason the making the video number four is to learn the truth about monetization you don't even need it it doesn't even pay that much near pennies to make an actual income from clicks using monetization via Adsense your video only hundreds thousands if not millions of views not a realistic expectation for someone who's just starting out or just your average youtuber if you get paid from YouTube via Adsense your videos will depend on their click ability which means that they will inevitably lose credibility trying to stay advertiser friendly being less authentic and having less authentic content and also means having more corporate appropriate content which I don't know about you but that's kind of the reason that we left TV we don't want this kind of contradictory crap these are the reasons that we came to YouTube to begin with to have an alternative to the corporate TV garbage so trying to stay advertiser friendly isn't exactly what you want to do and don't forget when opting to get commercials put on your precious videos think about what you're putting your viewers through your viewers have to sit through those pesky commercials which are annoying and not only serve to shorten their attention spans for your video but make them kind of disrespect you I don't know that seems kind of important to me you know you want your viewers to respect you and you want them to have an attention span for your video and with 10 mid-roll ads it's kind of hard you also really want to understand that nobody wants to be in the middle of the deep and meaningful video or even just a tutorial to be interrupted in diverted with a penny making mid-roll ad about Todd's new eco-friendly laundry soap some people look at how many mid-roll ads there are in a video and they decide there are too many and they leave instantly don't do that to yourself so in this step it's important that you learn what not to do don't push merchandise like t-shirts or bumper stickers on their audience this is not the way to make thousands of dollars per video people can't and they definitely won't come back to buy t-shirt after t-shirt they don't need to asking for donations to your PayPal and asking that people buy your t-shirts or what people have had to do to counteract the fact that when they monetize their channel it doesn't exactly pay them enough to even buy their toilet paper or food but if you follow my advice that won't be a problem asking for donations selling t-shirts and letting YouTube pay you pennies for their corporate clicks are exactly what I'm trying to teach you to avoid all together number five a really exciting part in all of this upload your first youtube video and do so with the lowest expectations that you can some in starting an authentic channel with zero subscribers like ice this channel right here can be very nerve-wracking but keep in mind that this process is just that it's a process it's not a get-rich-quick scheme remind yourself that this will take time but don't lose your motivation it's hard to keep your expectations so low when it comes to views and subscribers number six expect the hatred be willing to handle hatred and accept that it just comes with the territory and also accept that it helps you even when it feels like it's hurting you you should expect abusive comments death threats insults that are completely untrue and make you wonder if people are blind and maybe even some insults that are true expect to cry over this for the first couple weeks to months it will eventually get easier but this step cannot be forgotten go ahead and embrace the abuse that's how it's going to have to be if you're going to be successful the more success the more abuse seriously though it will only help your channel grow so when you are faced with this dilemma after deciding to start a channel I want you to keep this mindset to all my trolls and haters I make money every time you make a video about me think about that next time you upload that's my mindset and it should become yours too if you decide to break down over every single video that gets made about you you should also expect to end up in the mental institution in order to handle video making you will need to be robust or become robust very quickly number 7 grow your channel organically because you have kind of the freedom to do so talk about the that matters and wait for your audience to grow and because you don't depend on youtube for cash you can be your own person and talk more freely than you would if you had Adsense monetization once you have talked about all of the stuff that the other channels can't talk about because they do depend on you don't well you can expect to grow a pretty decent audience you can also expect that audience is made of real people instead of bots you will have to comply with Community Guidelines in terms of service but you won't actually have to be advertiser friendly squeaky clean or fake its around the 5000 subscriber mark is the time that you will begin to experiment with what you can offer your audience as a means of funding your channel even legitimate companies won't give youtubers product placement or sponsors until they have at least 5000 subscribers because it just isn't worth it so up until this point it's not really your priority to sell anything or find out what to sell or make any money but after this point it becomes vital to your channel whether it's a side hustle or whether it grows into your full-time career without adsense it's crucial for you to find a way to fund your channel I don't assume you clicked on this video to learn how to start working in 80 plus hour a week job for zero pay you aren't mother Teresa and your channel is not a soup kitchen and if you don't want to have your ass out and you don't want to have your hand out you have to put yourself to work for your audience in the most authentic and meaningful way that you can number 8 go back and reread everything you wrote down for number 1 which was your mission statement remember your mission statement remember who you are and also remember your audience and then offer them something relevant for some youtubers this starts out as a simple DIY video showing your audience how to make something you love something that you always make in love and something that you use and then this is when your audience requests that you make that for them boom instant shop instant demand instant income find a product that your audience actually wants this is vital since people are not going to want to come back and buy merchandise like bumper stickers over and over again you really really really have to find a product that your audience once needs loves and adores you for making and selling some ideas include reading cards natural perfume seeds household plant propagations paintings craft supplies beads vintage items the list goes on and on on until the millions and that's for like a totally different video but you really need to choose something that defines you your personality something that your viewers can relate to and don't fall into the Hall of Shame of people who copy original business ideas because it won't work you need to be you and you need to do something that fits you number 9 pop open your online storefront if you haven't already and list photos of your products for your audience this is so much fun and the importance of your photos cannot be understated lighting is vital it must be natural do not waste money on a lightbox just to produce a shitty picture that's hard on the eyes too bright to look at and doesn't even look professional practice your photography and only natural lighting with the best camera that you can afford and then go from there once your shop is set up announce it to your channel and since you waited this long to grow your channel and to get to know your audience before you even offer a product you can expect it to do very well much better than you could have ever expected Adsense monetization to do but you have to understand that it's important for you to advertise your stuff put your shop link below every video make sure you tell your subscribers about your shop and discuss your products only as often as necessary don't talk about your products too much because getting too many cells can be just as overwhelming as not getting enough sometimes you will even have to delete videos because it drives too much traffic to your shop and you just can't keep up with the demand so keep in mind that you should only discuss your products as often as necessary and make sure you have on hand all of the things that you need to make the products that you are going to discuss because they will really sell number 10 enjoy the fruits of your labor as the orders come in and the packages go out and be sure to include thank-you cards whenever possible sometimes the packages are too small for them to fit into but when it's possible include a thank you card and always let your viewers and subscribers know just how grateful you are that they support you and your dreams of working from home

26 thoughts on “How to Make Thousands of Dollars from Each Video You Make WITHOUT Monetization – Ten Steps

  1. Sometimes it disappoints me to see how few comments there are praising your true craftsmanship and talents in terms of critical thinking, rhetorical proficiency and STYLE. I've seen every single one of your videos and especially the comment sections of the ones focusing on nutrition and the vegan agenda, before your products were on the table … I don't know, I always felt like people were just roaming for the right buzzwords to get their ex-vegan frustrations off their chests, without truly appreciating what it actually took you to make these videos and what kind of greatness you were presenting us with.
    I really enjoyed watching your channel grow and I'm not just thankful for your beauty recipes, I couldn't think of a consideration valuable enough to make up for what you really sparked in some of us – to think for ourselves, again. To feel ourselves, again. You're a true role model, not just for making money on YouTube, but for finding yourself again after delusion, trauma and the hardships of life (no matter what diet or cult). And I'd love to read ANY of your books.

  2. My family is so brainwashed into the whole “job” thing and even though they see how tired and depressed i look because of my job, they still think it’s good for me… and the government don’t even allow me to make any extra money because I’m a student, and I’m only allowed to have limited income.

  3. I'm going to wear a half shirt, rainbow flag prominently displayed. Claim mental illness and talk about my journey with antidepressants. Speak out against bullying and homophobia. I'll make trending in 2 months guaranteed🤔😂💰💰💰💰💰

  4. Hey Daphne, can i ask you what are you using to clean your clothes, socks etc…? I got strange rashes on by back, i think it can be from all those chemicals they put in commercial vashers.

  5. Really good advice. Thank you. 14 subs over here. Lol! Like you said just posting what I'm passionate about (healing vaccine injury and cleaning up our life) and maybe eventually people will find me and want to hear more from me. For me I'm making videos to keep my sanity while raising a special needs child.

  6. Thank you, Daphne. I'm a legally blind man who is gradually loosing more of his vision as the years pass. I've wasted a lot of time working minimum-wage jobs that have nothing to do with my talents. All the while risking my life pedaling a bicycle countless miles to get to those dead-end jobs. Your video has added to the inspiration I need to put a viable business together.

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