How to Paint with a Toothpick | You HAVE to try this

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How to EASILY transfer ANY image onto your shoes!

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We hope you can learn how to properly paint using a toothpick!


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every day we get comments in our YouTube sections that are right along the lines of how do you paint with a toothpick what is that thing that you're using for all of your details in your artwork and what on earth is the toothpick game so after all of these requests we realized it was definitely time to bring you guys a very special two minute Tuesday return and today we're gonna be teaching you guys how to paint with the toothpick properly so to give you guys a little backstory on how this ever even came about when I first started out years ago I tried every different detail brush out there and it seemed that no matter what I did I would always end up with that same result I would end up with those frayed out bristles at the end of the brush and this just became really frustrating not being able to get through multiple projects or even one project for that matter with one detail brush so one day I just decided you know what let me go ahead and grab a toothpick I know that it has a really pointy edge and I think it'll work perfect to do some of the tiny little letters that sometimes you're trying to do to finalize some of the details on a pair of custom shoes the next issue that you can run into with detail brushes is that they can get pretty pricey especially like me if you're trying out a lot of different ones you're just trying to find that sweet spot for you I had went out and spent a lot of money on a lot of different brands just trying to find that perfect thing for me and go figure it ended up being a toothpick so some good detail brushes can run you anywhere from ten to thirty dollars per brush or as a pack of toothpicks you can buy from the dollar store and get up to a thousand of them and lastly another thing that I want to talk about is thinking that you need the best most expensive equipment to get the job done so you may see one of your favorite artists out there using a specific brush or tool whatever the case may be and think that I need to get that in order to get the job done if I just get that I would be able to achieve the exact same results as them and who knows if they're potentially being paid to advertise that tool or if it's not even what they use all the time you just really need to get comfortable with your own equipment and really master what you have at your own disposal and like I get it guys believe me we want the best equipment possible to film these YouTube videos but for example right now we're literally using a lamp we don't even have a special key light for this or anything we've built up some of our equipment over time if you guys have been following this for a long time I'm sure you'll notice that there has been a higher production quality to the videos so sometimes you really just need to work with what you have and now drumroll please what you guys have been waiting for a real two-minute tutorial let's go two minutes on the clock and dive right in so I think that one of the first spots that anybody can utilize this toothpick technique is when you're doing some of the details that come with the branding of any shoes so for example we're gonna be working with this Jumpman stitching on the back of this Jordan one and so this is an area where you're gonna be working in some really close knit quarters and you need to pull some really straight lines and this toothpick is gonna allow you to be able to do so and although it's never recommended to go heavier with your paint coats this is actually a time where you can go a little bit heavier use the toothpick technique and get the job done in one single solid coat to get some even crisper sharper thinner lines one thing that you can do with your toothpick is just rub it up against some medium grit sandpaper I'm using a 400 grit here and we're just trying to sharpen that end of the toothpick to give it even more fine and now you can see a little comparison of what the toothpick looks like sharpened verse1 straight out of the box really quickly if you guys are interested in learning a little bit more on how you can get an image onto your shoe like this go ahead and check out our previous video titled how to easily transfer any image onto your shoes we will also have that link down below for you guys before we get into the actual outlining with the black paint I like to do all of my highlights and shadows for each of the colors first you'll see that I have a palette laid out with our three main colors and then I have the highlights and the shadows version of each of the main colors that I'm gonna be utilizing what's really nice about the toothpick is it's super easy to wipe it down after each use and you can even switch colors super easily and this is something that you can't necessarily do if you're working with a spotter brush because you're gonna get some of that residue left behind and you can't just wipe it away as easily so you never actually want to dip too far into your paint mixture with your toothpick otherwise the paint is gonna run right off so here's a little clip showing how little we actually dip into the mixture and now we're ready for the fun part that's gonna tie this whole character together where we do our black outline and this is where you need to be the most precise with your line work so my technique to better help with precise is when you're pulling any of your long straight lines really try to hold your breath and this is gonna help keep you the most steady and it's always better to start your lines off as thin as possible as you could always go back reshape them just a little bit thicker if you had to but it's always better to start out as thin as possible so first and foremost we hope that you were able to see that you can achieve some really tight clean line work with this everyday household object and in the long run and talking about the grand scheme of things we think that this is something that can really help save anybody some serious money since you don't need to be spending all of your money on really good detail brushes you can definitely just get by with utilizing this toothpick technique and so going back to the whole mindset thing of needing what other artists have the biggest best equipment out there something that I'm still fascinated with today and always have been is the art of tattooing and you know I've always watched these tattoo shows and I've always seen that they're able to achieve this amazing line work by using tattoo needles and unfortunately we can't really use a tattoo needle on a shoe so this is one of the ways that the whole toothpick thing even came about me thinking how can I try to most emulate what these guys are doing with this tattoo needle and I said to myself let me go ahead and try to do this with a really pointy toothpick and from time to time I might even set the toothpick down and grab an old airbrush needle to achieve some really tight line work awesome but both of these fall under the same category of solving the major problem that I was always dealing with of the frayed brushes that you get with detail brushes and so lastly we want to leave you guys with some closing remarks of it's not the size of the boat it's the motion of the ocean wait a sec what the why is that in the script so there you have it guys we hope you enjoyed this highly requested two minute Tuesday video on how to properly paint with the toothpick we definitely hope that you guys enjoyed this one and got a kick out of finally seeing some of the back story on how this weird technique even came about in the first place we are sorry that this one took so long to get out this is one that has been requested for a really long time now but as always guys we would love to hear other suggestions of videos that you guys would like to see from us but other than that guys go ahead out there and just create

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