How to recreate an Etsy listing that you totally deleted by accident! Etsy tutorials and tips

How to recreate an Etsy listing that you totally deleted by accident! Etsy tutorials and tips

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I accidentally hit delete instead of renew when something was expired…Here’s how to redo the listing without having to rewrite everything from scratch.

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all right I thought I would do this just to show you what it what you do to bring back a listing that you accidentally deleted when you should have renewed it and I did this the other day and as I'm you know as I'm hitting the button that says renew I accidentally hit delete and I got the message and said you just deleted three listings and I think it gave me a chance to stop and of course I'm just going so fast I didn't so first of all pay attention and read what the screen says before you hit delete but if you do go through and delete it excuse me what you do go to your orders and search your orders for this item so I searched for round lace mole I scrolled down and found it in my orders because I had sold it before and this will only work if you have sold it before but if you've sold one of them you can get the whole thing back just by copying and pasting so go through your order search for whatever it is scroll down until you find it and this in your orders will be a live link and you can click on that and it will take you to this page that says you know when you sold it because you've deleted it now it's not going to give you the option to edit it or copy it or whatever but if if it is still a live listing it will give you those options so because it won't give you those options you're gonna have to start from scratch basically but at least you have all of this stuff done and you don't have to write everything over so the only thing you're going to lose is all the stats on the sales which is a real pain but you could copy this if you want to keep that and let me see what that takes you too you know it doesn't matter oh okay it says it doesn't it's not found anyway so it's because I've deleted it so so you've lost all the stats oh well that's just you know one one downside to that so what you're gonna do first is copy just right-click and save the picture you know where you want to save the pictures I've already saved them because I'm just a save time so go through and save all your pictures if you don't have them somewhere else on your computer and then go to create a new listing just to save time I've put all these in already I did add these little graphics cuz I've started doing that so when something comes up to renew it I should have done that but instead I deleted it but okay so now you just need to put all this information in again so it's basically gonna be a matter of copying and pasting this is really not too complicated and as you know you can go through and make edits or whatever let's see I did supply our tool made-to-order craft supplies and tools and molds you're gonna have different attributes and different categories depending on what you're doing so you can select up to five now remember that when you're selecting these categories it's giving you extra tags because these are all going to show up in the tags and even if it's not showing up in the category that someone is searching it's still going to be in the tags behind-the-scenes kind of so make sure you choose as many as you can let's see jewelry-making I don't know it's kind of thin to be it's kind of thin to be soap so I won't put that I'll put hat-making in here crafts because I guess you could use that with resin okay color doesn't matter a color doesn't matter it is not a set it is food safe it is silicone holiday uh I think for these I put like Easter or something I don't know if there's a holiday that's coming up that's relevant you could do that but for the most part for a silicone mold it's not you know unless it's a real specific mold I do a manual renewal because I want to control that and I just like to be told when when it's time to delete a listing or when it's time to edit the listing okay you get down here and just copy and paste this if you want to do any you know one one thing to do is start at the bottom and go up because sometimes you can accidentally copy like your picture and stuff and you can kind of see it better all right you can't customize a silicone mold this goes in lace silicone molds okay for tags go down to tags you are going to let's see these two are the categories so I don't want to copy those so you're going to highlight everything here copy if you do that it will put it in here but without the commas so you have to go in and put all the commas in I think a lot of people don't know that now what was this molds Oh lace mold so laces in front of this so yes you can copy from the tags and I really need to redo these I don't think I've redone these tags probably since I created the listing see that's another thing when I'm when I'm redoing a listing or when they come up for renewal I want to know so that I can kind of edit it and go through and change the Ted title and tags so that's why also doing a manual renewal is good and it will still renew if you have more than one quantity here I'll poop up it in 10 it will renew because it'll renew automatically put an automatic renewal but then when it's completely sold out it will tell you and you can edit it and I obviously didn't have very many ideas see it says to left so I'll go back and do that later I've already put materials in how much was this one I think it was $10 I would have to wait I have this picture at $10 okay that's ten and I have shipping profiles set up for a small mold and that's it hit publish and it is back and I didn't have to rewrite the description figure out the tags again and I will go back in and redo the tags because they need some work but that's basically how to do it and if you have any questions let me know but the key is if you have sold this before you can do this if you haven't sold it you're gonna have to do it all from scratch but I just thought I would show you how to do that well I had an opportunity to and I don't plan on doing that again any time soon so leave me any questions and I'll answer them when I get a chance

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