How to reduce competition in Etsy SEO. Etsy seller tips

How to reduce competition in Etsy SEO. Etsy seller tips

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Even though Etsy has been telling people to use attribute to improve Etsy SEO, they don’t seem to be listening! The more information you can give Etsy the better chance your listing has to be found. Putting keywords in the title and tags as well will also help.

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hey guys I was looking at these results so let's say that your your sterling silver necklace heart has an amethyst on it and people use the filters here that gives you 661 results so obviously you want to use the word amethyst you want to use the filter for that in your attributes because I believe these come from the attributes but so that's 661 results let's go back here and put it in here amethyst let's put it in the title so this would be from the title or tags see that's 1200 results so there are 1200 results for sterling silver heart necklace heart amethyst so all of these listings have these words in the title or tags but then if you're using the filters instead of typing it in people are not using the attributes which doesn't make any sense to me let's go back here and use the filter for the attributes so if you make sure that you're using the attributes + putting it in your titles and tags it's going to cover you both ways so make sure that you're putting every piece of relevant information in every place it should be in order to compete with fewer listings and that's the key thing you want to remember that but this also means that people are not using the attributes the way they're supposed to and that could be something in your favor if you do use them so that's all just make sure you're filling every everything out that they give you as an attribute and you're also putting it in the title or tags if it's relevant because if people search for it then they're gonna find it one way if they use the filters they'll find it a different way but putting it in there does reduces your competition alright so leave me questions you know this is this seems common sense but I guess a lot of people don't use attributes so might not be as common sense as I thought you know and give this video a thumbs up if you thought it was helpful leave a comment ask a question I love answering questions because it means that people are paying attention and that makes me happy so all right I'll talk to you guys later

9 thoughts on “How to reduce competition in Etsy SEO. Etsy seller tips

  1. When I do the exact same search as you, the attribute options that are on your screen don't appear on mine, only options are shipping, shop location, item type, price & ordering , definitely no gemstone or materials option? I am in the UK if that makes a difference?

  2. If we ARE using the attributes as best we can (sometimes limited by the list, of course), should we still put all of them in the title and tags? (As long as they make sense)

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