How to Research what Etsy Shoppers will be Buying this Holiday - Holiday Prep Series Episode 1

How to Research what Etsy Shoppers will be Buying this Holiday – Holiday Prep Series Episode 1

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Join the Handmade Alphas each week in this all new Holiday Prep Series, where you’ll be following along to get your Etsy shop ready in time for the Holiday rush! πŸŽ„

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what's up alphas so this is the very first video of an all-new series that we have decided to start in time for the holidays every single week we are going to be publishing a new video and these are basically going to be little steps that you guys can take follow along with us in order to get ready for Black Friday so we're super duper excited to bring this new series to you guys make sure that you subscribe to my channel if you're new here that way you can get in on this great new series and not only that but down below I have links to my official Black Friday Survival Guide which we're going to be reminding you about throughout the series basically this Black Friday Survival Guide is a PDF that you're going to be able to download and follow along with so that you can prepare for the big holiday selling season on Etsy be sure to grab that down below but for today's video what we are going to be doing is diving in to e ranked calm which you guys probably know already I rank is my absolute favorite etsy tool of all time I absolutely love even and with this tool you're going to learn what shoppers are going to be searching for this November and December which is when it really counts right so I'm gonna be teaching you exactly how to do some product research into the future so that you can begin developing products right now that you can launch for the holidays when buyers are actually going to be looking for them so this is my Etsy shop and I've kind of neglected it here the last few months just because summer time on Etsy you don't really see a lot of sales there's just there's not a lot going on people are outside people are vacationing and if you notice that your sales kind of dropped off over the last few months it's probably just because there's not a lot of people online shopping right now so ultimately what I want to do today is really identify what trends for emerging around November in December of last year that way I can start planning my next product line and through this series we'll go through the process of everything that I personally do to prep for the holidays well as of right now there is a lot of work that needs done so the first thing that we need to do is obviously develop our product line that we'll be releasing I usually release mine for the holidays in November but for you guys if you don't have fans that are just going to buy all of your products right when you launch you can release those holiday product lines in October you could release them in September the thing about my audience is they buy everything's like the second that I post it so I don't want to post things too early because then I won't have any stock their Black Friday so that's just kind of the way that I do it but if you need more time to market more time to really get your product seen I recommend prepping those things way earlier than what I am doing so but let's go ahead and start our research and to do this we're going to be using Arang calm I am NOT an affiliate of earing however I highly recommend that you get this tool as soon as possible there is a free version but the actual tool that we're gonna be using today you will need to have a pro version which is $9.99 a month so it's SuperDuper affordable so right now you're seeing my dashboard we're gonna be going into the trend buzz right here recently a lot of new things or added to the trend buzz it used to just tell you the most searched keywords on Etsy for specific months however now you can actually go through and look at these categories based on what you sell so if you sell handbags you can look at keywords that are directly related to bags and purses and pop that open so once again this is a pro feature you do have to pay a little bit extra for it but it is ABS solutely worth it and you get a ton of other tools when you get you rank problem but for me obviously I don't need to look at bags and purses I only need to pop into jewelry so if you want to explore some of the other ones definitely check it out all right now we're looking at jewelry but right now it's filtered to August and we don't want argost of this month what we want to do is go back and look at November and December of last year to see what holiday shoppers were looking for so this is almost going to help us predict what holiday shoppers will be looking for this year so I'm gonna go ahead and pop into November because I believe that that's mainly when I'm gonna be doing most of my marketing December's a little late for me because I customized my products but I want to get a good idea of what I can be selling around Black Friday and what my my holiday product line is going to consist up so a lot of these are not relevant to me we've got Christmas gifts gifts for men we've got opal ring so opal that might be something for me to consider turquoise was trending as a color or a stone and I do have the option to use turquoise in my jewelry so that might be something that I'll consider looking down and not only are these great keywords to use in your listings but they they just give you a really good idea of what you can use in terms of what people are actually shopping for so I don't just use these as a keyword reference when doing your SEO use this as a reference for what you should make next we've got which I don't think I want to do which or for Christmas let's keep looking Skyrim obviously can't use anything that's trademarked now one thing that I do want to point out is you're gonna see a lot of trademark terms in here and just because they're in here it doesn't mean that it's safe to use them there is a low trademark warning down here basically there's no way for Anthony wolf of E rank to filter out all of the trademark terms that people are gonna use them no matter what even if they're not allowed so just make sure that you're avoiding terms like this I will say though that if you see a term like for example will say Game of Thrones you don't have to make a game of Thrones themed item you don't have to use Game of Thrones in your tags and titles but if you see that Game of Thrones is trending what you can do is make products that have dragons on them or make products that have wolves on them and what this does is it increases the sale of items like this even if they aren't directly related to Game of Thrones and I experienced that in my own shop where I sell a lot of dragon products and around Game of Thrones when the very last season came out the sales on this particular set went through the roof and it was crazy and there's nothing about Game of Thrones in here but people are searching for Dragon related items cuz of Game of Thrones alright so looking through here some more I'm seeing a lot of moonstone and opal so these are all good ideas for future product lines Viking ooh this would be a good one for some keys do something I have some Celtic keys that I released so I might do something Viking themed for the holidays let's see moon necklace so moons maybe Vikings moons see lots of good ideas here citrine moonstone celestial so I'm getting a lot of like moon themes lots of good ideas here turquoise family tree that might be a good one okay so I've got some good ideas here and I think that based on what I found here I want to do a nighttime like moons and stars theme for this collection so this is how you can use earring to find great ideas for your product lines make sure that you're planning these product lines as soon as possible I might even be getting this video out a little bit late for what you should actually be doing this research but assuming that you haven't done it already right when you're done watching this video make sure you go make sure you sign up for a ranked Pro and make sure that you go into the reports tab and use the trend buzz to find some great ideas for your holiday product lines all right guys I hope you enjoyed that video if you did be sure to leave a thumbs up on the video and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already you can expect another video from our Etsy holiday series to be coming in about a week from now so be sure to click the bell icon under this video that way you can get a little notification on your phone when the new video uploads also don't forget down below my Black Friday Survival Guide is free and it's down there for you to steal download print you could keep it digital if you want it is all down below as well until then guys have a great day and we'll see you next week

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