How To Set Up Kunakify - A Shopify App to Automatically Fulfil CD & DVD Sales to Kunaki

How To Set Up Kunakify – A Shopify App to Automatically Fulfil CD & DVD Sales to Kunaki

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How to set up Kunakify – a new Shopify app which allows you to automatically fulfil CD or DVD sales made through your Shopify store straight to Kunaki who will print and ship to your customer.

A completely hands off hard goods e-commerce solution!


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connect if I just wanna shoot this quick onboarding tutorial video just to get you up and running and make sure everything runs smoothly for you alright let's get into this so hopefully by now you've installed connect Wi-Fi and it's showing up in your apps section in chop fight so the first thing you want to do is click on that and that'll take you to the backend of connect if I then the main thing you need to do is put your email for Kenickie and your connect your password into there this is just a shortcut button that will take you to can actually just so you can double check type your details log in make sure they're correct first before entering them into can occupy that just makes the connection seamless so that's the first thing which is super important you need to do now the next thing is set up the product so if I go into products as a new product just for now obviously you enter your title description images now this is the next important that the SKU what you want to do is you want to go into connect e login you've got some products added grab one of your product IDs for the product that you want to set up so I will copy this product ID from Kenickie go back into Shopify and then paste it into here so this is most important bit this is what links the two you need your Kentucky Product ID paste it into the SKU stop keeping unit of your Shopify listing so as soon as you pasted that in the next thing that's super important this needs to be checked shipping this product requires shipping ok if you don't check that then the actual order will not go through to come a key at all so make sure that's checked and make sure that's saved there I've just cancel out this purse or obviously you already got product set up so once you've done those the next thing probably want to do is do a test order alright so you can then make sure that everything is working right now I suggest for your test order don't have any money funded into your Kenickie account because obviously as soon as you send the test order through connect you will start for any year so obviously if you don't mind that that's fine but I'll just show you the test order just in case you don't know so again make sure you got your connect ID there and checked this product requires shipping we'll go and do a test order I'll create an order here products and a customer me save this draft order I'm just gonna mark that as paid okay so that's now hopefully sent the order to Komachi Phi so this is kind of mimicking what would happen when a sale comes in from your Shopify store right and so if I go to apps and I'm going to connect your Phi so we can see that new order show up here now obviously if you've not had any orders all this would be blank until you actually get in order to come through now the good thing about this backend is you can actually check on the status without having to log into Kornacki it pulls all the information from Kenickie so obviously they take bot a bad day or so to printer ship but as soon as they do print it and ship it you'll get an update here for your auto status so it'll actually say something like shipped here and you get a tracking number as well which is cool you can then copy the tracking number click through to then track where it is now note on fulfillment we've just added a new feature actually so this text I'll be updating soon but basically as soon as Kentucky fulfill your order it will actually mark as fulfilled in Shopify which is pretty cool before you had to kind of do it manually but now it's all hands off so I guess the main thing once you've got everything set up you know it's probably worth just going into cognitive Kentucky click ListView and fund or pending XML orders if you click on this button and just to make sure that your test dog has gone through which mine has now because my Kentucky account isn't funded this won't go anywhere so it's just test order anyway so doesn't matter how this cancel it but to make this whole process automatic you want to fund your Kentucky account and then all orders coming in from Shopify will go through can McAfee be sent to Kentucky and then connect your printer ship and it'll be all automatic so yeah that's kind of like the main overview to check my notes to make sure I've got everything yep so I think that's covered everything if you do have any questions that we've setting up a Facebook group for connect if I so feel free to come and find us and we'll add you to the roof and we can discuss anything that you need to you need any help or anything I'll be there and yes week you say cheers

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