How to ship glass fragile items, ebay, etsy, Mercari, packing tips

How to ship glass fragile items, ebay, etsy, Mercari, packing tips

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How to ship glass & breakables with confidence!

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36 thoughts on “How to ship glass fragile items, ebay, etsy, Mercari, packing tips

  1. Hi 🙂 May I ask how much that packing has cost you ? As an average example if I want to calculate an average price for a shipment around that size. thank you !! and awsome video 🙂

  2. Some of us mail carriers are Resellers too and we take great care in our delivery, also with cameras everywhere they would be really stupid to treat packages badly your instantly fired for that so if you see it report it!

  3. Thank you SO much … I'm new to selling and have a ton of beautiful glass to sell. I was considering double boxing, and you convinced me! I appreciate the detail you show. Question regarding U-Line (probably my only source for good boxes), I'm looking at their "heavy duty" boxes, and they offer single wall and double wall 275 pound class boxes … thoughts on those two choices? Thanks again!!

  4. Loretta, thank you for this. I need to ship a set of coffee mugs (across country, yikes)! This is the only video on YouTube I've found that shows how to ship a set of breakable cups like this. Everyone and his brother has made a video on how to ship a single mug. So thank you! And maybe you'd like to add "set of glasses" somewhere in your title or description so more ppl will find it? Love your videos. Thanks again.

  5. I have some smooth sided tumblers that I wrapped in thick industrial bubble wrap paper-type material(foam paper?). It's just about as thick as the bubble wrap you are using here. Anyways, I also stuff them with heavy crafting paper(I would use newspaper but I didn't have any). Then I put them in a box that was just big enough to hold them wrapped all together in addition to being wrapped individually. My biggest worry that even though they are insulated inside and out, that them laying together like sardines would cause them to break more than if I had them separated by something else like peanuts or paper or cardboard? What are your thoughts on this?

  6. With postage rates what they are….I didn’t consider a second box. I see now that it is an awesome way to go. thank you so much for this information. Handled cups are always nerve wracking to ship! Yikes!

  7. "a few drops…. and a kick" lol. I told the postal worker at my local post office "If I say fragile… Does that just mean the price difference of someone tossing the box to the truck and porch rather than tossing and kicking?" he had no humor. haha

  8. Love the video! Thanks! Do you add the additional $5 for packaging materials as a separate handling charge? Or just build it into the cost? Also do you pre-pack all your items or pack as they sell?

  9. Hi Loretta, can you do a video on if you offer best offer? I'm new to reselling and my niche is also vintage items. Was wondering with the items being higher price do you take best offer or buy now only. Thank you.

  10. I am an expert packer. I am glad to see a video on how to do it properly. When double boxing you need to apply the 2" rule meaning 2" on every side from one box to the other. Also people say by adding stickers puts a target on your package which is somewhat true. What they don't realize is if you have them on there it helps with insurance claims. I have worked for Fed Ex UPS DHL and Airborne express. I have seen it all when it comes to package handling. Great vid.

  11. At first I was afraid the rim of the bowl was not protected enough, but then you added the second box which is exactly what I would have done – an absolute necessity in this situation. Can you tell us what you are charging for shipping that big glass bowl? I wonder if a buyer will pay high shipping on something like that.

  12. Great video! another tip is to use bubble wrap with foam packing sheets I wrap them together. I don't trust bubble wrap no matter where you buy it from. (Foam is much cheaper and it will help with the cushion so the bubbles won't break) the 2nd box should close flat on its own, plus you can save a few peanuts, otherwise it will get crushed down during transport with the rest of boxes on top 😫

  13. Thank you for your video. I use egg cartons and they work great. You are so right on price to ship. I made the mistake of not thinking about extra weight when you box a breakable item with extra supplies, and time to ship out heavy items. I am downsizing our home and most of my items are just to bulking and to costly to ship for the value of the item. You videos are very well done and very informative about what to do and what not to do ; thank you.

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