How to start an Etsy Shop in 2018  Can a New Shop Rank in the Etsy Search?

How to start an Etsy Shop in 2018 Can a New Shop Rank in the Etsy Search?

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How to start an Etsy Shop in 2018 Can a New Shop Rank in the Etsy Search?
In todays etsy shop tips, how to get a successful etsy shop I look at is it possible for a brand new or small shop to be able to rank for a competitive search term
What strategies can we use when we are not selling on etsy?
this etsy seo advice shows you step by step how I got a DAYS OLD shop to rank in the etsy search

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have to start any tea shop in 2018 can you shop ranked hey it's Pam Duffy and I'm here to help you craft your career with creative market in the face every Monday I make videos just like this so if you're interested in learning about selling online especially on Etsy for the small artist or crafter don't forget come back every Monday people say a new shop can't rank and eetzi search is this true let me know in the comments do you think it's harder for a new shop to rank in the search do you think it's impossible to be seen amongst all the established shops on eetzi so especially when you're a very new shop and you don't have lots of followers and you don't have returning customers it's so important to be found in the eetzi search but it is also harder to rank you don't have a selling history you don't have returning customers you don't have feedback you don't have that many items in your shop so it can be really hard to rank but it is possible if you're strategic it's very very unlikely that a small shop is gonna rank for a very broad term something like wedding ring is going to be a massively competitive term and the people at the top of that are large established shops with lots of sales history but actually the kind of good thing is even if you did rank for that the chances of making a massive amount of sales for that are not that high because it is such a broad term someone searching for something very broad wedding ring or hats they don't have the best idea in mind of what they want to buy so they're more likely browsing so it's okay no I'll know it when I see it kind of things so that's not a high engagement for what they search for they're not as likely to buy when they see something however it is possible to rank for a very specific term and the good news with that is it's also far more likely to get sales if you do rank for it so rather than hat purple baby beanie hat say that five times fast that specific type thing someone knows in their head already what they're wanting to buy they know what it should look like so if they type in that search your item comes up your item looks like what they had in the because it's an exact description of what you've made then they're far more likely to purchase it so rather than think of keywords in terms that are really really vague ring hat bookmark think of these most specific things and then get yourself across to eat see rank and find out if these keywords are any good ideally we're looking for keywords that have the lowest possible competition with the highest search volume and the highest engagement because this is you're looking to rank against the least number of people but the most number of people are searching and the most number of people are likely to purchase obviously however these keywords are like gold so we're just gonna pick the best that we can with a very small shop you're going to tend to want to be searching for the lowest competition keyword phrases that you can find so using the keyword tools and ET rank to get ideas of different types of keywords that you could use that are still relevant for your shop and have a look at how competitive they are and here's where you can be very sneaky to give yourself a bit of a boost so if you check out in the cards where video the eetzi secrets this tells you this very super-secret tip that we're going to use to try and get the best results from our tiny shop basically rather than thinking of just one listing that we're going to train optimized for this term that we found and we think it's fantastic we're gonna have a series of listings and say hopefully try and have four or five similar listings they don't want to be identical but we want some similar listings so maybe the same thing in different colors or different versions of what it already is and digging through a neat see rank you're gonna want to have found several different keyword phrases that are relevant for your items and you want to rank for and what we're going to do is use each item to support the other items so if you have the five items you're gonna think of two or three different phrases that are really important that you want to rank for some of these items so if you haven't really checked my live stream where I spoke about Dee clumping right at the start there it's possible that eetzi stopping the Dee clumping thing which means that you might bill to have more than one item on page 1 of the eetzi search but again this might change in the future so we're going to try not have all our eggs in one basket anyway but thinking of three or four different keyword phrases that are important so for example when I started with my mom's shop what we were looking at was her tartan stag's head cards and pictures so I identified a whole bunch of different keyword phrases that were relevant for these cards but in each see rank I found a couple that did seem kind of good in that they had medium competition which is at least tricky for a brand new shop but high engagement and high search volume so these looked like some pretty good terms to try and rank for and these terms were deer silhouettes and Harris Tweed so what I did with the four or five different items was I mixed up between the items I would have two or three of them using the tag Harris tweet because they were Harris tweet and two or three using the term stags heads and then I had other keyword phrases that were kind of important as well so I would try and make a title that wasn't all spammy not all stuffing different keywords in it but would say something like Harris Tweed deer wall art for one and then the the next one might say tartan stag silhouettes picture so these are all exactly what the item is but just all saying it in different ways so every single title is different and then in the tags the first several tags would be from the title so like deer silhouettes tartan wall hanging or whatever it was that was in the title these would become the tags for the first few tags but then other tags would be the tags I was focusing in from the other items so these were not optimized for this item but they would give the other item a bit of a beast and then in reading the description I would make sure at the top of the description the first sentence contained the keywords from the title and the next part of the description would while still trying to be proper English not keyword stuffing but I would attempt to make sentences that said the terms that I was trained to optimize in my tags and so this would mean that I would have four or five items that all contained similar tags but some were trying to focus on with the title in the description were more focusing on certain tags and some were focusing on certain other tags so they were all boosting each other and I made sure I didn't put them all up at the exact same time I spread them out just putting up a couple of items every day once in the morning once in the evening because it's far better to have regular updated things than everything all in a chunk and then nothing for weeks and weeks so how did we do well for the search Harris tweet which I knew would be competitive and it isn't as broad as I'm saying we should go because obviously I was looking at Harris Tweed deer or Harris tweed Scottie dog or these kind of terms but I noticed in going through EC rank that Harris tweed could actually be quite a reasonable tag to choose so two days of putting up listings and drained to optimize for Harris Street tweet and we had an item on page three and then four days later continuing to do this we had a different item on page three so without that much work I mean the shop is not optimized at all I have to be honest and my mom's not been well and this was over Christmas so we we had more important things to be doing so the shop itself doesn't have all its policies in place it's not got all this but best practices up so even with that with a brand new shop we were able to get on page three for a pretty good search term and the other term that I'd identified dear silhouette two days in on train to optimize for this we were on page one for deer silhouette so is it possible that a small shop can rank on the eetzi search it totally is if you're strategic about it so don't forget if these videos have been helpful click on my face to subscribe come back every Monday and check out this video that YouTube's picked just for you thank you so much

13 thoughts on “How to start an Etsy Shop in 2018 Can a New Shop Rank in the Etsy Search?

  1. I really liked your video! Precise, Concise and super informative. About to start an etsy shop of my own and getting all the information I can possible. Thank you for this it is super valuable!! 1000 likes and a new sub looking forward to more!

  2. Thanks so much for this great advice! I'm in the process of planning to launch my shop and this is very helpful! I have a question for you: Can you set up a shop without putting any items in it at this time? For example, start the set-up process whilst I still do my research and make many products. Also, how many items should one start with when opening a shop? 10, 50, or more? Thanks!

  3. I just discovered your videos tonight. Hi! Thank you so much for these tips! These were helpful. I always thought you should do like– keyword, keyword, keyword, etc— I didn't realize you should do groups of words. So that should make a difference! 🙂

  4. Hi Pam, my shop is 3 weeks old. A couple of my items rank on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pages, and yes they are very niche specific. Most of my keywords are medium competition and low competition, but they usually come with medium engagement and low engagement. Less than 8% of my keywords are high competition. Thanks for your insights.

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