How To Support Your Fav Youtubers | How Youtubers Make Money

How To Support Your Fav Youtubers | How Youtubers Make Money

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Today I thought I would share with you some ways to help your favorite youtube channels earn income from creating content for free! I hate the idea of Patreon & Subscription fees & things so I thought this would be a great video for those of us who really want our favorite content creators to succeed, but also don’t want to fork over our hard-earned cash. As a full-time youtube these just some tricks I have picked up along the past few months of doing youtube as my full-time. What do you think?

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hey guys it's Harley today I'm going to be sharing the best tips for ways you can support your favorite content creators here on YouTube without actually forking out your hard-earned money I know patreon and subscription fees and things like that are becoming more and more popular but me personally to each their own though definitely teach their own I would feel weird asking people to donate to a patreon account or anything like that that's just me though I feel like it's a pretty common misconception that youtubers make a lot of money YouTube is so inconsistent money-wise I don't know if I've ever stated here on this channel this is not my main channel YouTube is my full-time job at this point I have another channel called Harley G which is my full-time job so I have learned a low for the past year of doing YouTube as well as the past few months where it has been my full-time job and this is just the information that I know from my experience on my own channel although it may vary from channel to channel a bit so keep that in mind with all that being said let's get into the things we can do to support our favorite YouTube creators the very first thing you can do of course is the most basic it is to subscribe and turn on the post notification bell on their posts a lot of times YouTube favors some channels more than other channels so by turning on those notifications you're not allowing you to to get in the way of you viewing the new uploads if that makes sense so that's a really great way to support them of course the next thing you can do is to engage with them thumbs up thumbs down comments sharing their video things like that really really helps so youtubers get paid per thousand views so each channel has its own unique CPM rate which differs channel to channel depending on the engagement time watched like so many different ratios and things like that we're not gonna get into that today by engaging more with the content it shows YouTube that you like that content and they're going to continue recommending it to more and more people more views overall typically although not all the time means more paycheck this next thing you can do really really makes a huge difference for a lot youtubers I know it's made a difference for me if you see links in the description box that lead to Amazon products chances are those are affiliate leaks the youtubers should disclose to you that they are making a fraction of that sell if you purchase through their links but what a lot of people don't know is that if you click that link even if you don't buy that product and buy a different product that youtuber will still get a portion of that sell so for example if you click on a product and leave your Amazon page open oh I forget how long it is I think it's within 24 hours I could be wrong about that if you know please comment down below I'm not entirely sure if you leave your Amazon page open for a certain amount of time and then go back into Amazon and buy something else within that amount of time that youtuber will still make a portion of that sell if you plan to buy anything from Amazon no matter what it is you can go to your favorite youtubers page click one of their Amazon links and then buy it right then and there and they will make money from that if you're going to buy something already then this is a great great way to support that youtuber and help them eat and continue making free content on the Internet this next thing is kind of more along the lines of engagement but watch more minutes of their video that they're posting more time watch equals more engagement which equals higher CPM which equals a bigger paycheck and then also YouTube prefers channels that keep their subscribers on YouTube longer on that same note if you're watching their video all the way through you know how at the end of the video it'll have like a bunch of recommended videos on the screen or also recommended videos on the side of the video you're currently watching if you click one of those ones within the video that pops up at the end or one off to the side then that actually helps the youtubers CPM in the long run so the longer you can do that also playlists are really great if you can watch a playlist through of course like don't make yourself sick of this youtuber I'm not saying like rewatch their videos a lot of times but if possible doing that really really helps next is to disable ad blockers pretty much all that engagement stuff leads back to advertisements that you see at the beginning of videos if you can watch the whole ad without skipping it that is completely ideal even if you watch 30 seconds of the ad in that skip it the youtuber makes more than if you just watched 2 seconds and skip right away on top of that of what you can support them is if the ad is something you are interested in or could be interested in you can click on the ad and look through their website I'm not saying like buy anything but if you do that then the youtuber will make a higher percentage then if you didn't of course do that with caution and only click on the ads you would genuinely be interested in or consider being interested in because YouTube's algorithm does pick up on people just clicking every single ad that pops up so you definitely don't want to get ads disabled from your favorite youtubers channel because then they'll have to stop putting out content they probably won't be able to put out content as frequently so and then of course there are the basic ones like by their merge support their shops Oh word of mouth is the best thing you can do for your favorite youtuber so share their content with your friends who have similar like-minded interests or personalities as that youtuber you can also share their videos to like reddit forums or specialized groups that fit in with that category my main channel is about indoor gardening so if people were to share my indoor gardening page to gardening forums or groups that they're in or anything like that it would really really help just as an example but yeah word of mouth is the best thing you can do you can share their content on your social media pages with your friends verbally tell your friends about the channel maybe watch some of their content with your friends who are open to hear about it don't be too pushy because that's just kind of rude guide them into filling that same bond you feel with that youtuber if you know what I mean I think that's everything I can think of right now if there are any other ways please leave them down below any tips and tricks for supporting your favorite creators it's a rough world here on the tube but it works please let me know what you thought of this video thank you so much for watching and I will see my next one bye

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  1. I decided to upload this video to my main channel! Sorry for the mix up. I am trying to get my life together & make a game plan for my channels so it'll all be less random (hopefully) going forward.
    I will be uploading 3+ times a week between my channels, but I am unsure of the schedule just yet.
    Thanks for being so patient with me!
    Love you!

  2. Thanks Harli! I had no idea!! Ill do my best to help! I bought 7 new plants! Now I have 2 different kinds of prayer pants!! Gosh I just love my plant babies!! I've learned alot from you so my babies Thank you too! I can't help but look at the plants where ever I go! I joked with my Grandma and told her I was joining "P.B.A" (Plant Buyers Anoyomous) hahaha

  3. I'm gonna be honest, I use adblock (and will continue to do so) on my PC. Then again I rarely use my PC and I watch like 95% of YouTube videos on either my phone or my TV, and I don't have adblock in either of those.

  4. Out of curiosity, do you make the same rate for new videos vs old videos? Is there like a bonus or "kicker" for the watch rate for a new video within the first 48 hours or whatever, or is it pretty even?

  5. Thanks Harli, I recently tried to research how you guys makke money via YouTube and could really get any answers. You have help tremendously.
    You tropical plant party, exotic tropical plants, Homestead Brooklyn and Planterina are my favs. I have others but that's just my top 5 ❤❤❤❤❤

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