How to Test Gold and Silver - Thrift Store Silver & Garage Sale Gold - Is it Real?

How to Test Gold and Silver – Thrift Store Silver & Garage Sale Gold – Is it Real?

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Today I show you how to test gold and silver at home. I picked up lots of gold and silver at garage sales, thrift stores, estate sales, from thredup jewelry rescue boxes, shopgoodwill lots, jewelry jars and more. It’s time to see if they are real gold and silver! I do have some 14K Gold & Sterling Silver!

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Welcome to my channel! I make extra money by reselling things I can flip from garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores, Goodwill online, ThredUp rescue boxes on places like Ebay, Etsy, and Poshmark. I like to do unboxings of jewelry jars, thredup reject boxes, jewelry hauls from places like shopgoodwill, online auctions, ebay, and more! Garage sale, thrift shop, and estate sale hauls of vintage items, jewelry jars, and jewelry are always fun too!

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19 thoughts on “How to Test Gold and Silver – Thrift Store Silver & Garage Sale Gold – Is it Real?

  1. I watch you all the time and I have not said anything, But I do en joy watching you. But this video was very informative. I been checking the jewelry I sell on my chanel but the 18 k had me confused. But I have it now. Thank you. Join me. on glitzyhunter, on you tube.

  2. (Edit: I didn't like the way it red, I hate typo's …. why do I always find one after I hit save)
    I noticed that you went from the 14K solution on the silver to testing the gold. Does the silver solution react similar to the 14K?

    @ 16:32 if you notice the post rolling down on the board you are testing it on why not try it from the top? Yes, she did try with the magnet from above and the results were blocked by the magnet. If it rolls upwards? … Yes it ended up being 14K and I'm not questioning that.

    Also have a question. I have a half troy ounce .9999 silver bar "Year of the dragon" that is not magnetic and I would prefer not to scratch it. Any suggestions on testing it's possible purity? I bought it some years ago and never thought to actually test it.

  3. I wish this was available 5 years ago when i started buying jewelry, doing a scratch test on a piece that is heavy silver plated you'll get very similar results as if it was sterling so if you're just starting out I'd recommend just buying pieces that are marked "925/sterling" until you know what to look for, i recently bought an Gemoro Agt electronic gold tester and once you learn how to use it properly its wayy better then acids and since its easily portable if im at the thrift and see a questionable piece ill go get it and test the piece right in the store before i buy

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