How to use Buffer for social media scheduling. Etsy tips for sellers

How to use Buffer for social media scheduling. Etsy tips for sellers

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If you don’t use a social media scheduler, you should. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your Etsy shop or website without having to pay attention to your social media accounts on a regular basis.

I use Buffer, which is what I’m looking at here. It’s a paid platform but it has a free plan so that you can try it out. I’m NOT an affiliate, and I don’t get anything from referring people to Buffer!

Some other schedulers include Tailwind, Hootsuite, Sprout, CoSchedule, and Later. There are more, so you should be able to find one that you like if you just try a few out.

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hi guys someone had posted a question about Pinterest and how do you use Pinterest and it's so complicated it's not it's not that complicated but the thing about Pinterest is they change things a lot so it's difficult to say this is what to do because next week they could change it and it could be a different format or whatever but I was thinking that one thing that I do is use a scheduler for my social media so that I don't have to come on every single day and do it every single day you know step by step and it saves a lot of time to do it all in one big chunk I use buffer so this is the program that I'm gonna be looking at today just to show you how this kind of thing works and there are other programs there's tailwind for Pinterest and I think that it does Instagram too I'm not sure a lot of people use tailwind for Pinterest though and there's HootSuite I believe that HootSuite is free for 2 or 3 accounts so you can do you know you can pin to Pinterest or or Facebook or something like that if you wanted to try HootSuite that's h0 TSU ite but I use buffer and the reason is that you can post to multiple different types of accounts and I have a few Facebook groups and that kind of thing that I posed to so I want to make sure that I can post it all in there and I'm going to show you how this works this is this is the Pinterest account on here but let's say that I have I just added this listing to my website let's say that I want to pin this and I want to post it on Facebook so here's the buffer extension up here it's just a little app that you add to your Chrome browser or Firefox and here it tells like you says which account you want to pin this to or do you want to add this to so obviously not pin for everything but what I would do on my Pinterest account I'm going to put it on my wafer paper board and I also would like to put it on my Facebook page so what you do is you just add all the accounts if I wanted to do that's the wrong group see I'm going to do it on my page so let's say I wanted to put it on Twitter I can do that and then what you can do is click on each thing and tell it individually what you want to say about this so I'm going to put new in my shop heart wafer paper confetti okay and then I put ad to Q and both of those are going to be added to the Q which is in buffer here so if I look on my Facebook page Q down at the bottom it should have that posters right here alright so that's how it works and it does the same thing to Pinterest it'll put it right next in line so it'll be the last thing that you have if you put a whole bunch of things on and then you want to mix them up like if I pin ten pictures of edible butterflies all at once you can hit shuffle and that will move everything around so it asks if you want to shuffle everything you said put yes and that it's kind of moves everything around so that it kind of randomizes things and I usually shuffle two or three times just to make sure things are really mixed up so that it's just not pinning the same type of thing over and over and over and if you want something to go up at a specific time you can tell it you can just go down like let's say let's say I want to put something on for the 18th if I go down there and manually post it there and then I hit shuffle it won't shuffle that one so if you go in and tell something if you say put it on at this date and this time and it won't shuffle it for you so that's good and you can also tell it let's see you can just you'd have to go in here and look around but the settings will let you change your posting schedule let's say I want to post three times a day to Facebook you can set that up and then everything that you tell buffer to post it'll put it into a slot that's available there's there's all kinds of things that you can do here but I wanted to show you one more thing two more things actually okay my blog post went up today and the way that I do blog posts is I will post that several times on my Facebook page and you know maybe once or twice on Pinterest depending on where it's gonna be so for that I use this power schedule over here so I'm gonna hit power scheduler and what you do is you add I want it to go on my Facebook page I wanted to go on next available and I'm going to say new article about selling online what platform should you use question mark okay and then I'm gonna hit save and so that the next available open slot it's gonna go today with that one then I want to post that again in eight days and I want to post it again in twenty days so when you hit those it opens it up you can type another caption I'm not gonna do it right now but you can schedule the same thing multiple times by using it that way and then if I wanted to do it to a different like say I wanted to put it on a Facebook group or something it looks like it's not letting you do Pinterest here for some reason but that's okay because I can schedule it and Pinterest on the other thing different platforms have different rules about how they allow a third-party app to attack like to to get into them and to schedule things for them and because of that it's gonna work differently for different things but this is really handy if you have the same content you want to schedule multiple times alright the last thing is if you're in buffer and you want to just you know upload something and this is my Instagram feed I'm not very good at uploading things to my Instagram feed but I have this picture that I thought I would put on there working on videos including one about wafer paper paper paper confetti on fondant okay and then since it's Instagram you're gonna do a couple hashtags cake decorating I'm not gonna really think through this too far wafer paper valentine cakes valentines cakes I'm going to put valentine cakes there's that and then I'm gonna hit schedule the post and that'll post it to Instagram for me tomorrow so this really saves you a lot of time if you can just go through and do all of your post once a week for the entire week I do it once every two weeks because they let you do a hundred posts per account so I can sit down and do you know a hundred posts on my Pinterest account I can schedule three months worth of Facebook posts I could schedule three months worth of Instagram if I wanted to now you still have to go back to these social media accounts every now and then and check in and respond to questions and that kind of thing and you know comment on other people's stuff but it does save time if you know that you're gonna be busy and you don't have time to do it that kind of you know just just to get it done that way you don't have to think about it on a regular basis give this video a thumbs up subscribe to my channel if you like the tips and I will talk to you guys later but definitely if you if you know of another scheduler that you really like and you think is worth telling other people about post a link I am NOT a buffer affiliate I don't get anything for referring them this is just the platform that I use because I can schedule to so many different platforms at once all right I'll talk to you guys later

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  1. You know I love for Instagram but I haven't really used it for other platforms. They also offer to schedule Pinterest, FB, Twitter, etc but I use it mostly for Instagram. It's free to use but the free option limits the number of posts per month that you can do.

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