How to use Etsy Shipping Labels, new system June 2019

How to use Etsy Shipping Labels, new system June 2019

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NOTE: At 4:25 I forgot to add that you can edit the package weights manually by editing the individual boxes. And at 9:25 when you’re looking for refunded labels to get the order numbers, there’s a section for “refunded labels” where it will show up, duh!

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hi guys let's talk about the new NZ shipping system it's it's not as bad as I thought it was gonna be honestly because I was in the beta group for a while and it was terrible and they've made a lot of improvements so it's actually not that bad but it does take a little getting used to it's slightly different and they have gotten rid of all of our presets of package sizes I think unless there's notes are hiding them somewhere I can't find them but before I get started please give this video a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and that way you'll get notifications when I go live on Tuesdays and I do that probably every week on Tuesday around 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time so sign up for that and let's get into this now so that you can figure out what the heck you're doing when you go to print labels alright so the first thing you're gonna see this is on my open orders page I have like redacted a lot of this because I don't want to show customer information so you're gonna see the full page obviously but when you're deciding which orders to to choose labels for you can either choose all of them and then press get shipping labels or just go down to the ones you want to order and click those individually but you're gonna click whatever orders you want and then click get shipping labels and that will take you to the next page alright on the next page it's going to show you all of the orders that you chose over here and when you click on one that opens up the information over here to buy the label for that one so don't worry about this invalid weight or additional info required because that those messages is kind of show up when you haven't finished something so if if you're ready to buy them and it's telling you you need to fix something you can just glance over here to see what messages are showing and you know which one to go and fix alright so this lets see and then there's also there's gonna be a little X at the top of each box when you hover over it so if you decide you don't want to buy that label at that time just click the X and it'll be taken out of the queue so that works pretty well now over here we have labeled presets and you have to set these up it's not that bad you just all the presets that we had the box sizes are gone as far as I can tell but this way you can choose the box and the weight and it'll fill the whole thing out for you with the weight included so that's pretty good and I will let me see what else on this page you can change the shipping date okay this add another shipping label this is only for this order okay so when you're done with this label you don't want to click this thinking that you're going to go to the next order this will add another shipping label to this order so if you have to send things in two packages that's where you do that but otherwise you just go over here and click the next one alright so I'm going to go on to the next page now and this page will show you the drop down if you don't have any preset set up already but you probably don't if you haven't used this system yet just click on package type and you can choose the package type that you want so if it's just a regular package click that you know the mailing if you have a flat rate envelope if you have a small flat rate box click that and this customer asks for priority shipping so I'm going to click small flat rate box and that'll fill this out for you alright so this opens up Priority Mail and the small flat rate boxes here Priority Mail and what you can do is save as a new label preset okay so anytime you fill out that section with the Box information you can save it as a new label preset and that's where you're gonna save your information because if you have things that ship in the same size box and the same weight a lot this is very handy so this will save you a little bit of time and we all know that's good so click Save as a new label preset and you give it a name so there's small flat rate box that's pretty straightforward and hit save and what that will do is it will save in the presets that you have and then you can use that later without having to hunt for it in the list alright so let's say I'm up here and I'm just starting one and I want to I have some label presets so what you do is you select this click over here alright so this box will open up with the presets when you click select and it'll show you everything that you've saved before alright so I have boxes where I send butterflies a lot and it's all the same size box and it's all the same weight so I've set that up as a preset I have full size wafer sheets I set that up as a preset and then this is another type of box that I use a lot and it's usually around nine ounces so I just guessed on that one and you can change the weights in the settings later for individual packages if it is going to be different all right so for this one I've chosen the wafer sheets which is a twelve nine one six ounce box and when you click this it fills all this out for you so you don't have to worry about that all right now you want to check over here and make sure that they've chosen free shipping or you know first-class or priority or whatever it is if you have to change it you can change it here just click on that box and all the options will open up but if that's okay just click done or whatever it says on the bottom and it'll take you to the next screen now if you still have labels to buy what you do is you go down to the next one over here and you click on this and it'll open up a new screen and you just go through and do the same thing for all of them choose the box size if it's a new one you can save it as a preset if it's something that you already have you just click on this and it populates it for you just make sure that you're checking that there you're buying the right postage and it doesn't hurt ever to go back and just double check because sometimes I've sent things first-class but it should have been priority and then you have to go back and refund the label which is a problem and I'll talk about that in a bit but you you definitely want to go back and just double check or just go slow enough that you're checking your work as you go along right now if for some reason they're telling you that the address is wrong it's going to show up here okay so here's the address and you know how sometimes it's just a formatting thing or the post office says it should be this when it when it's that so Etsy will tell you this is the suggested address and if you want to change then just click use address here and it'll change it up here in the ship to now something else that's good is that if a customer says can you please change my address I put the wrong shipping address in you can click Edit here and it will edit it right there alright so that's that's where you do that and I think it might even save it I'm not sure if you want to edit your note to the buyer you can do that here so it's pretty much the same stuff it's just moved around a little bit and they've added a little bit more functionality to this but you know it just takes a little getting used to okay and like I said make sure you're checking the shipping if you want to change the shipping date then this is where you do it here and you can apply the same date to all of the labels by clicking here and it'll apply it to everything that you have that you buy at that time so if you need to print things ahead of time you can do it there and you can still print the scan form as long as you don't do it ahead like once just it's the same thing with the scan forms if you print them once you're done so don't print the scan form until you're completely finished when you're finished you click purchase labels it takes you to this page and then it'll say you know confirm and you click purchase and then you're done and it's the same thing they'll sit you know it'll show you the options let's see print shipping labels you can print that you can print the packing slip so it's the same thing you don't I I never print the scan form until I'm ready to walk out the door because I don't know what's gonna happen and like I said once you print a scan form you can't print it again so I do the shipping labels and then I click done and you know after I'm done printing them and then if I need to print the scan form later I go to the completed orders and if you click on that it'll open this up go to purchase labels okay and your purchase labels window will open up it does look a little different it's just got them in a row and if you go over here and click on purchase labels the same menu opens up and you can find the ones that are available for the scan form and you can choose that and just make sure that you are choosing all of them because if you have more than 20 I'm not sure how many on the news on the new thing on the old form it was more than 20 labels you had to go to the second page so if you only print the first page then you're missing some of your packages so just make sure you've chosen everything just click here to choose them all click print USPS scan form once you've chosen you know available for scan form it'll come up and then you can print your scan form out to take to the post office so that's actually pretty convenient you know I mean there's there's things the one thing I would be careful to tell you is that if you cancel him let me see if there's a place on here to cancel it I think once you've if you cancel if you refund a label it what it did to me was it it took the new order it would used to take the order and put it back into new but it just disappeared the order disappeared completely it wasn't in knew it wasn't in completed and what you need to do even though the order wasn't showing up I was able to go to purchase labels okay and here it says like all your purchase labels you can find it here you can find the order number in your purchase labels in the past hour or past day or whatever but you have to have obviously like a something printed out to tell you what label it was but if you have the order number you can go and put that into your order form like right at the very beginning on your orders and shipping page when you have all your new and completed orders take that order number put it in here and the order will come up so then you can buy another label but I don't know if that was a glitch or something but I had an order that completely disappeared out of both of these sections so just be careful if you refund a shipping label that you're paying attention to the order because you might not be able to find it and you have to go back in to purchase labels find the order number and then search for it here now if you if you've printed out packing slips ahead of time then that's not a problem you can just go and put the order number from the packing slip in here and it will bring it up but just be aware of that because if you rely on Etsy to put that order back in the new then it might not and I'm not sure if that's something they're gonna fix or if it was a glitch but it just completely took that order out of my system I didn't see it and either new or completed so that's the one thing to watch out for at this point I hope they fix that because it seems like it will be a problem alright so there you go and I will also say that I have been using pirate ship for about a week just to see how that works and it works pretty well it's the same kind of thing as this system you have to pay in advance and if you pay in advance and you don't have individual charges on your credit card so it's there's a couple tricky things about it and I really can't do a video about that because it does show the customer information everywhere so it's it's really difficult to mask but you can try that out I would just be really careful that you're paying attention to what type of shipping the customer ordered because you have to toggle the columns and it's not necessarily one that comes up as a default so if you toggle the columns on pirate-ship to show the preferred shipping method then that's a little safety net because I do tend to ship things first-class when they should go priority and then I have to refund orders light labels all the time so all right so leave me any questions and I will talk to you guys later make sure to give this video a thumbs up subscribe subscribe to my channel and I will be here on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. Eastern Time for lives talking about home-based business topics and etc etc

3 thoughts on “How to use Etsy Shipping Labels, new system June 2019

  1. This has taken me a while to get use to, I really do not like it. I wish it easily showed the arrival date before you print the label. If it does, I do not see it. Hey kara, I keep getting a lot of preorders for weddings and they buy my product and then request for me to ship in 3 or 4 months. Etsy only allows 2 reschedules at 21 days each, so about 42 days. I am always needing more time and I end up clearing the order and then shipping a month or more later so it does not show late shipping in the system. I do not like doing that because I have to remember to ship it and sometimes I have to go and pay more through click and ship, and then sometimes because the date is so much later, the customer can not even leave a review. Any way to extend the shipping for several months and keep it in the system?

  2. Hi Kara. Thanks so much for walking us through this. I have a plant shop on Etsy that I opened in April. Figuring out shipping has been frustrating to say the least.

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