*How To Use Gearbubble & Etsy For Print On Demand Mugs & Stuff?

*How To Use Gearbubble & Etsy For Print On Demand Mugs & Stuff?

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*How To Use Gearbubble & Etsy For Print On Demand Mugs & Stuff?

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hi guys and girls today we're going to talk about how to use gear bubble and Etsy for print on demand products what is the print on demand product a print on demand product is something that you don't have to stock in your garage you don't have to keep in your closet and you don't have to stockpile in any way why because you don't even have to buy the article ahead of time you simply create the article or it's a mug it's a poster can be a beanie it can be leggings and you create you buy an image or you make an image you go to gear bubble and you create it and then boom you can upload it to either Etsy you can upload it to Amazon there's a news to new sites I found called Bonanza comm and the other one is wish calm and you can actually sell these items before you you ever make them so once you get an order you just go into gear bubble and you create the item and you put the person's name and address boom it's done it's that easy ok so what I wish I had done a year ago was upload more items to my store my mom's here visiting and I told her I wish I had done this a long time ago because by the time you it takes for Etsy it takes three to five weeks for the search engine optimization to rank your articles so you need to start right now Amazon has a searching algorithm they give you a little bit of ranking shoes when you first publish your your item for the couple first couple days it's like a honeymoon on Amazon then you have to make sales to be able to keep your ranking high okay and there's lots of ways to do that lots of ways to jumpstart your sales you can use Pinterest you can use a Facebook fan page but today we're going to talk about specifics how do you go into your bubble and upload an image so I'm going to show you how to do that uh but before I do I have to tell you that making these videos pays my bills so if you're enjoying it please like and subscribe and I'm an affiliate for the links that you see below but only promote things that either I've created or tools that I use myself okay with that being said let's go into your bubble and I'll show you how to upload a product SuperDuper easy okay so it's free to sign up for gear bubble you just go in here's your dashboard after you made some sales who get a star it'll tell you how many sales you've made this batch will be awarded if you have more than 10 sales so we're cooking right along so right here you would launch a campaign and you would choose traditional just start let's start with the basics choose traditional and here you can see on this page you have different choices coffee mug necklace bracelet shirt or hoodie phone case pillow case right now what's selling on Amazon the best is coffee mugs and pillow cases and travel mugs so you can choose the travel mug right there canvases are also a hidden secret online that these canvases that people can download and hang on their walls are selling like hotcakes on some other sites so that's another idea for you right there and depending on your design these sell – okay shot glasses and laser engraved necklaces these – you have to have at least a hundred sales on your bubble before they allow you to because it's hand-stitched and it's real time-consuming so let's just start with the easiest thing which is a coffee mug and we'll go to the next step now you have to either created your own design which you can do on this site called picmonkey.com you can create your image you could also do it on this site called canva comm both have free access and then upgraded versions which as you can see I use this every day I use these two sites so let's say I'm and I've also gone into at sea itself the marketplace and I've looked for graphic I put in PNG and you'll find the artists that allow you to download their images you just have to private message them and ask them if they allow you to put it use their image commercially and some of them require you to purchase a business license and some of them do not so you find an image that you like and then you know ask them specifically if you can use these on mugs and some of them have caveats such as if you have more than a hundred you know buy this business license and some say you can buy it um irregardless but see there are such cute designs on Etsy you also go to another just another side it's called fiverr.com it's FIV er are calm and you can get graphics you can put Ian's graphic designs for mugs right here and it's free to sign up and the this is another place where artists hang out where you can you know hire them to make your designs for you so you don't let anything stop you okay so you don't have to be a do-it-yourselfer you don't have to create the designs for your show himself if you don't know Photoshop or any graphic software you don't have to worry about it and look here so here's the guy says I will give you 25 designs for use on your bubble you know mugs and necklaces which is perfect okay so you might say well what if other people have downloaded it doesn't matter because it's all about promoting it not about you know the design per se alright so we're going back to your bubble and we're going to act like we're going to upload a design which we're going to do and I'm going to choose one let's see let's see okay here's one right here that's really cute the other thing is too is you have to make sure that see how this is white your background has to be transparent so I had the private message of the designer and asked her for a transparent background so let's go to one that I know has a transparent background already going to a PNG and this is where I have downloaded them let's see let's see let me find one from the past and it's so cool how care bubble makes it so easy for you okay here's one right here whoops okay so I'm going to delete that one okay then you see how this shows up without a white background you have to have a transparent background so make sure you asked your designer you want a PNG and you need a transparent background okay so then what you do is you take your arrow in your cursor and you just pull it out so that it it fits right inside this box you can hit the words Center to make sure it's centered and that is it now if you're going to add another color you'd have to ask the designer to give you you know – one in white one in black so you can put another design on the black cuz see here right here you can add other color let's just do that for fun and see it'll show down right here if you want to remove it it's gone okay so we're just gonna do the white Wimborne you can't force to work you can also since this is so amazing you can customize it especially for Etsy people like their name on it I see right here it shows name put go ahead and put a name in there Emily and then you would move it up here you can make it bigger I sure you like that you can come down here you change the font which is super cool let's see lemon cookie there's another one I really like what it's called looks like they've added some new ones I'm aiming just to play around with it doesn't matter I like that one too if you hit sooner it's gonna come back here so you can also change the color of the name C to personalize it green Emily that really stands out so that's good let's keep that okay and then the next step is we're gonna name this right here for into camp and then this is just like general information if you were to send them straight to this page you can use this as your own shop the only thing is you have to promote it yourself I mean it's like out there in the desert you have to promote this page on a Facebook fan page with an ad on Pinterest or share it on social media somewhere else okay so I'm gonna put family doesn't really matter cuz I'm not selling from this page I'm gonna do six days although it renewed automatically and then so don't worry about any of that and let your selling straight from this page right here is really interesting as you can see this is an 11 ounce mug if anybody asks you on Etsy what size mug it is and you need to put that in your specs on your listing you can say 11 ounce and look up here if it says already in use please try a different URL you know that somebody's already raised something similar so just keep going in you'll be a little check mark alright right here is going to show you your profit so if you sold this mug for 1995 your profit is going to be $15 – if you just drop shipping straight from gear bubble they charge a dollar for drop shipping and they charge 495 for the month but what you're going to do is you're gonna charge for shipping on top of the mugs you don't have to worry about that so right here it's a little high little pricey most people price their mugs around 14.95 posts for 95 shipping so right here I'm gonna put on 14 9 to 5 so my profits sale will be $10 – the $1 because the mug itself costs 495 put some $1 to dropship it if you're just a freakier bubble member okay alright then we're gonna launch the campaign now you see it's processing and it just takes a couple seconds and there you go done I mean it's so simple it's crazy okay and then right here we have boarding to camp now what you do is you go back up to your account and right here I'm going to choose add photos okay so we're going to cheat we just want to download this image and you can save it on your computer like this and there's your image there's your image right there for your first x8 and listing that's how easy it is now somebody buys it what you do is you go to your account my account right here you're gonna see view dropship dashboard and right here is where you would you would do an individual order you would choose the cup okay let's just say it's this one and then right here you go next step and then you would put in the name address you don't have to put anything here or here this is not necessary and then you would put next step and then you would you would just order it that's it that's all it is now obviously there's a lot more to making a sale than just creating the cup right I'm gonna come back so let's talk for a minute now once you've made the items you can have five hundred things created in your bubble and make zero sales the secret is after you've found out what's selling you create the item is you have to market it you have to actually get it they're out there in front of people who like born to camp who like camping mugs t-shirts excuse me beanies whatever it is you're selling posters right so the way you do that is you you can either with Facebook ads and there's a course below that tells you you know it shows you exactly how to do this with Facebook Ads this guy's name is William and Will has made a half a million dollars on with your bubble a necklace and doing Facebook ads so I'm gonna put that link below the second one is Rachel Rowe face she's amazing and Rachel has over 900 items on Amazon okay I don't know how many she has on Etsy she has some she has mugs and pillowcases on Etsy and she has them on bonanza comm and I think she has a Shopify store and maybe eBay store not sure about the last two but definitely Etsy presents and definitely Amazon on Mother's Day this past year is 2017 Rachel came out with a report on her website that she made fifty four thousand dollars just on Mother's Day because she found these cute little witty sayings for Mother's and I would tell you that when you're doing these designs you want to evoke emotion okay for example I have a mug that says something like arguing you know with a pig and an attorney you know turns out the end of the day you find out they both like to wrestle in the mud or something like that I mean just funny little things about professions about people who love their dogs you could do mugs about if you found a saying you know I love my Corgi you not so much I love my English bulldog you not so much things like that that people say in jest all day long that they think it's funny but they're gonna want you know on a coffee mug to talk about to their friends or family because I think it's super cute those are the things that are selling like hotcakes and that's how rachel has been so successful on Amazon and Etsy and again I'm a link to her course now in case you don't know who I am I'm a six-figure marketer I've been online since 2009 full-time and I'm going to show you some of my earnings so you can see that you know I'm a credible source so we're gonna go to this marketplace right here called warrior plus and these are my earnings so far and then on jvzoo marketplace as an affiliate these are not counting sales right here you can see ninety three thousand eight hundred forty three dollars now I have a course that goes hand-in-hand with Rachel scores and I wanted to show to you right here and it's how to set up a free Etsy shop and add instant print-on-demand items in a jiffy and it normally runs 297 but I'm offering a holiday special right now and if you order Rachel's course through my link you will also get my course right here so that's a super a bit of a deal and you can see a link to my course here with a regular sales price but if you get Rachel's course which is let me show you her page let's see we're gonna have a lot of tabs open this morning right here these are some of nature's daily sales right here okay this was taken March 14 2017 this is just from Amazon – for Eberly right here she's had 982 units ordered and 14,000 now this is gross this is not I don't believe this is net but Gina's thousands of dollars every month from Amazon look at this one this she said a hundred and twenty four thousand in passive income in December that was her biggest month right here she had over 8,000 units ordered and I think it was a combination of from reading on her on a report and her email that came out it was pillowcases mugs travel mugs some shot glasses and but mostly mugs I believe so one hundred and twenty four thousand dollars plus you know – I believe the product itself but still a great return on investment and I don't believe she used any ads okay so I'm EXCI right here you can see she is making a lot of sales on a daily basis she's also on bonanza which is another website I just found and she's also on eBay it looks like she's showing income from all of those marketplaces she's got so many testimonials and see here we go this is what I was talking about she says come up with a very simple phrase and you know what I don't think I'm screen-sharing so let's see yes I am okay so I'm screen sharing okay so here's one lady that said Wow Gigi said Wow I put up first eight months yesterday and just now got a sale so and this one's on eBay so she does use eBay put up nine months on eBay three hours ago and already sold to just plain ugly black and white ones so I'm trying as well – and then she said hello I listed eight months on Amazon over the weekend this was November 8 2016 made my first sale today excited about the possibilities and Rachel houses her low hanging system because she says it's so simple and there's only seven steps to it first this first step is to come up with a very simple phrase a super simple design idea okay so these mugs have all been sold thousands of times I'm silently correcting your grammar dear mom thanks for putting up with a spoiled ungrateful messy bratty child like my sibling love your favorite classy sassy and you can see that one's adorable too okay and you say why do these work so well they're just simple text-based designs that are constantly at the top of Amazon's bestseller list okay these same saying still on mugs shirts pillowcases posts or shot glasses necklaces and their impulse buys and they're cheap for people to purchase as long as you can make someone smile either because it's funny or it's not that hard to make a sale okay so evoking emotion is huge all right here she describes her her process take the mug for example I generally charge $14.95 for 11 ounce white mug and then $4.95 for shipping and handling people are impulse buying something for less than $20 that makes them feel great and they make very good presents and she tells you how to find ideas and she said you know look everywhere bumper stickers Pinterest Facebook commercials t-shirts and she said one phrase can become a hundred plus designs let's say you decide to have a phrase this is something like world's best pitbull mom you can do the same thing for poodles dachshunds rot Wilders cat breeds if you decide to make a shirt that says I prefer knitting to people then you can say I prefer scrapbooking to people I prefer playing basketball to people I prefer running to people in a zillion other niches you think about it if you went on Pinterest or Twitter and put in funny phrases you would have thousands of phrases to start with and Rachel also shows you in her course a way to do all of this without hiring a graphic designer and just using PicMonkey and canva where you can create your own text-based designs and you don't even have to pay anybody so it wouldn't cost you anything except for Amazon come is around $29 I believe a month to be an Amazon seller and I believe that's your only cost plus – you know when you order it through dear bubble for 95 for the cup and the dollar to dropship it okay step two create a very simple design I just showed you how to do that on gear bubble which is free and then she's saying these are two of 500 designs you can make set three as you put your design on the mock-up as I just showed you they mock it up for you and then you just download the image you can put this on bracelets tank tops pillowcases phone cases posters leggings one simple design becomes 20 plus products okay and here are some of her great testimonials Marlon said after reading here about sales on gear bubble I had a poke around my dashboard and found I made two sales without knowing nice and Jake said I finally made four sales just for my gear bubble store and you know I made myself by sharing finger bubbles straight from the gear bubbles store just sharing it on Facebook um let's see Rachel said I noticed I got something from there too Peter said I've got two buyers what do I do next and of course I just showed you how you you fill them through your bubbles certainly so easy right here Jessica said I got my first review on Amazon five stars – five star reviews on etsy one would the comment / perfect and another says super fast shipping okay so these are people really making sales so let's look at number four you find sales getting keywords to help you stand out in the marketplace step five you launch on Amazon okay and okay as part of her i'm course you're gonna get an interview with an amazon expert that makes five hundred dollars a day to give you a lot so tips she's going to show you how to do the sponsored ad you don't have to spend any money on ads but she's gonna show you how to do it in case you decide to do that and then step six is lunch on Etsy eBay and other sites okay cuz one of the most think one of the most important things you do is take one item create sick you know twenty items total from that one design or one text-based design and then launch it on all these different marketplaces okay don't underestimate those sites she said here's some experiences people have had three hundred and forty four dollars and 61 cents on Etsy in 12 days on eBay right here twerking in my kitchen I made my first eBay sell a couple minutes ago and I didn't even wine first for those who are interested I only have eight listings on eBay although I have 300 plus designs the mug and that sold was posted for two months I'll be uploading a few more to eBay tonight so I mean it really does work right here look at this for those who are not doing eBay here's a little inspiration all organic traffic I sell low hanging this is low hanging system that's the name of Rachael's program products on eBay so the last seven days three hundred twenty two dollars and eighty cents the last 31 days she made two thousand five hundred eighty eight dollars in twenty nine cents okay so the step seven process your orders you make sales you go in you order it boom that's all you have to do and you submit it to gear bubble okay now your Bobo has just recently come out with another feature where you can actually pay a really low monthly fee and I did and they will actually put your items on Amazon for you or eBay amazing okay so right here what's your investment you can see it's two hundred ninety seven dollars one time that's it okay look right here let's check this out you get the low hang you get her course you get the used gear bubble dropship program we don't have to pay for them to send it out for you like I was doing Amazon integration you don't have to pay for that it comes with it so so so worth it Plus remember you're going to get my course for free right here how to set up a free Etsy shop in an instant print on demand items in a jiffy okay so that's all for today for this video let me find you here we come back to you dear so if you have any questions please be sure and put them under the video I'm going to list Rachael's course and I'ma list a couple more in case you're interested in branching out and this is for you if you're beginner on Etsy and your bubble is for you if you've always wanted to sell on Amazon we've got you covered on all accounts okay so make your Black Friday really different this year and get your mugs your t-shirts your designs up and running this is Kristi talk please saying bye now

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    I was wondering if I have to ask permission from Etsy to use gearbubble and redbubble if I want to use them to make and ship my items I design and add to my Etsy shop? Thanks for any help!!

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    I get so excited when I see your videos and how easy it looks. I have opened an account with Gearbubble but I am very nervous because the reviews are so bad for that company. They have earned a C with the BBC and lots of angry reviews. Have you had any issues with them delivering your items on time? I do not want bad reviews on my Etsy store. I am in Canada and they have the best prices by far. With the exchange and shipping costs, I won't make a profit with other company's prices. Thanks for any advice.

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  10. Hi Kristie. This video has been very helpful. I just signed up for a gearbubble account, launched my first item. However, when a customer buys from me on Etsy, and I go to fulfill the order on gearbubble, I follow the instructions as you have provided. I go to my Account, but it does not say "View Dropship Dashboard", in that slot, it says "Join Gearbubble Dropship Program" and it wants me to click on a site to join, such a as Amazon, ebay, etc. Etsy is not listed. When I click on one of those options, it tells me I have to pay a monthly fee. Is this no longer free to use as a dropshipper for Etsy?

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