How to use Holiday attributes correctly on Etsy. Etsy 2019

How to use Holiday attributes correctly on Etsy. Etsy 2019

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How to use the holiday attributes correctly on Etsy.

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hey everyone I wanted to talk about attributes today because people use attributes incorrectly all the time and Etsy does use them as tags and as a filter so you want to use these correctly so that your listings are coming up under the right search term so that when people click on them they're seeing what they expect and they don't just keep being shown and then not clicked on and then Etsy says well there must be something wrong with that listing we're not going to show it anymore so to make a long story short if your listing has something directly to do with a holiday that's what the attribute is for this listing is a Christmas tree mold and it has the attribute holiday is Christmas okay holidays optional occasion is optional set is optional you don't have to fill these out there using these as kind of additional filters it's good to fill everything out accurately if you can but for example this primary color I put yellow because it's yellow silicon and sometimes that makes a difference in people because different types of silicon have different have different qualities and people know that yellow silicon does a certain you know behave a certain way I could put know for the set this really does not have an occasion that goes with it and it doesn't have a secondary color so I'm gonna leave those blank it is a Christmas mold and people use this for Christmas events like Christmas items they're making jewelry they're making soap embeds they're making fondant cupcake toppers so I would put Christmas for that I would not put Christmas on something else that's not Christmas related even if this could make a nice Christmas gift okay so if you're going in here and you're searching for red sweater okay there are a lot of red sweaters that are Christmas sweaters there are a lot of red sweaters they're not so these could be Christmas sweaters but if you're going to put Christmas in this listing put it in your title or tags where you can switch it out the attributes would not be Christmas for these even though they could be used at Christmas time to wear to a Christmas party where you need something red just to go along with the theme okay you want to make sure that the attribute has something directly relating to the holiday if that's what you're using so example for Mother's Day don't put Mother's Day is the attribute for every piece of jewelry that you sell or for every gift item that could be a Mother's Day gift item you want to put those on things that are like Mother's Day cards or a a gift set that says you know Mother's Day engraved on it or something you know just whatever if it has a direct relation to Mother's Day then put that there but if it's something that could be a nice present for Mother's Day don't put that as the attribute you can put that in your tags or title if you want to do that that shouldn't be the attribute okay but that's how attributes work it's just a direct relation between whatever the holiday is and whatever the occasion is and the thing if it's something that could theoretically work for that like this red sweater don't put Christmas or Valentine's Day or whatever as the attribute for these because that's not really what the attributes are meant to be okay so give this video a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and sign up for notifications if you want to get notifications when I put something up new or when I go live on Tuesdays you can join my facebook group if you want to ask direct questions and I will talk to you guys later

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