How to Use Shopify with oberlo

How to Use Shopify with oberlo

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In this video, I show you How to Use Shopify with oberlo in your Shopify store

one how's it going I'm gonna show you how to how to get top 5 with all it's really easy first thing you do is actually get a separate day soon well after that once you're registered in everything it really doesn't leave a long anyway you just come to the main screen here become the half-hour game perhaps this app is free online click add up it's loading all right we are in but in case you still don't you tell confuse I'll start on the top again so once a burl is installed I'll show you here oh yeah there's a brand new store like I haven't started anything just for the sake of the channel so you click on apps now you see Oboro is now installed somebody's gonna click over low and now now here are all the products that you can import straight into your store like you know what that's like you want to sell this watch is a cool looking watch ad to import list you want to sell this frosted water drinking bottle okay you got to import list you down here you can see how many people have imported this people have you reviewed it and how many people have ordered this you know cities are really mean like it could good metrics to keep keep track of just when selecting your products finding products and it's a whole topic on all on its own so I'll tell you how to do and do that a separate video so let's get this ceramic straightener to all right so you can you know actually just call input the import list straight from here you can just click this button over there or you can just click the import list on the left side over here over there and you can come from there yeah I didn't I didn't go from here on the import list I clicked it and then here are your products that we just imported so then you can change the title what collection you want to put it in what type is your description these are the variants you know like well how black white pink it's pretty cool cuz it tells us exactly like what we're looking at here if it caught it's gonna cost us I'm in Canada so it so it's also telling me Canadian dollars but also in u.s. dollars over here so and I have those cause and the shipping there's a price I'm selling it and that's my net profit you can always change this price it's cool cuz it also gives you like a suggested price so you can always just set it set it to that and then like it's pretty good like this information comes from a lot of data that they have so I used to like trust this price maybe like I might go up and down a bit on that and here the image is you know my license get all three and then walk I'm not you're happy with everything here your description variants images when you're when you when you're all happy click import to store and now it's in your store night then you can edit the product and chopped fine so just click Edit let's click that add a product on Shopify and it'll take you to the actual product page on Shopify so you can see everything it's like already imported all seamlessly in here so you basically had to do nothing you know and now you know you got your image got your variance got your SEO how on how it's gonna look on Google when someone sees in Google so you can make your changes here and then you can also view it from right there yep that's basically it this is how you would I get shop fly with over lo this is it thanks for watching guys if you have any question leave a comment below if this video was valuable to you come give it a like comment subscribe like all that good stuff and I'll see you in the next video you wanted me want me to make any more videos let me know – thank you

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