How To use Wax Seal Stamps

How To use Wax Seal Stamps

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I’m so excited to share this tutorial with you guys! Today we’re up-ing our hand lettering game with the use of wax seal stamps from Uniqooo. Wax seals add a beautiful, vintage touch to your snail mail and hand lettered pieces. See below for supplies and additional tutorials.


Items listed are the art supplies that you see in the video or a very similar product.

Wax Stamp (Bee):
Wax Stamp (Pineapple):
Wax Stamp (Snowflake):
Uniqoo Hogwarts Wax Seal Set:
Uniqoo Flying Unicorn Stamp w/ Wax:
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hey guys I'm shada and today I have another calligraphy tutorial for you sort of I'm going to be showing you how to use wax seal to seal your envelopes in your snail mail I think you guys are going to love it so let's just get started adding a wax seal to your envelopes is a beautiful way to add a finishing touch to your hand lettered pieces and this is a really fun crafty process that's completely out of another era now all of the supplies that you're going to see me use in today's tutorial are from a company called eunuch ooh and I will link them in the description below they're a small funky company and they make these classic stamps as well as all the colorful black PSA's that go with them now there's a few different methods for applying the wax and that's what we're going to talk about today I'm also going to share my favorite stamp designs and there's even a giveaway so stay tuned to the end of the video for info about that so i'll start today by lighting a candle it's just nice to have a source of flame when you're doing this project and the first method that i'm going to show you is the wax stick that has a wick inside of it so it looks very much like a candle and you're going to light it start by lighting the wick and then you're going to rotate the wax stick in your hands a little bit or in your fingers and you'll see quite quickly that it starts to drip and you're just going to keep the stick tilted towards your paper I'm just using scrap paper to practice here and you'll just rotate the the wax and let the the wick heat the stick and it'll slowly start to drip and pull on the page now I must say this is a very slow and meditative process really is something out of another time and it's sort of fun to sit there and pretend that you're in a tower castle somewhere and you're writing a letter to your sweetheart and you don't have an inbox full of emails so you don't have a cell phone beeping at you but just have fun and be patient with this you may take the wax stick and sort of do what I'm doing here and rub the wax and sort of help it to Poole outwards and form a circle on the page but once you get the wax to be somewhat circular and about the size of one of your stamps you can set the stick aside and then grab one of your stamps I've got a whole bunch here that I'm excited to try and you're just going to take it and press it firmly into the pool of Wax nothing special here you don't have to press really hard after a moment after its cooled you can take it off and it should look pretty much like that now this is one of those times I know I always say this but it really is a time for perfectly imperfect every stamp will be a little bit different every seal will be a little bit different and that's the beauty of it here I'm doing another one on my scrap paper just to practice and I'm going to use my bumble bee stamp which is a really classic design and I love the way that looks it just turned out really beautiful okay so here I'm moving on to a real envelope I'm going to take my gold wax and I'm just I've got my envelopes sealed and I'm putting some wax on the fold there letting it cool and then pressing gently into the wax I'm using my pineapple stamp and you can see for this one you know I sort of missed the top but it doesn't matter they're all going to be a little different that's what I like about them so here's the second method for applying the wax you have a wax stick that doesn't have a wick inside you take a little chunk off just use an exacto knife to cut it and you've got a little metal bowl here that you can hold over a tea light or over a candle and once the wax has melted completely you just pour it onto your page in a circular motion to make that little circular pool of wax and then of course the stamp is the same you're just going to press firmly and give it a second to dry this is my F design for shada s pre shada oh I think I did it upside down but that's okay I'm just doing it on scrap paper that one turned out very nice I have a little extra green wax here so I'm going to do another one on scrap paper and with this one you can really see I don't get a perfectly circular shape with my wax puddle I've got some drips there but when I add the stamp it all sort of comes together to create a really nice look and that's my snowflake stamp and even the drip there it creates a very beautiful feel and I think the snowflake would be lovely for a winter or holiday invitation now I'm going to take some gray wax and melt it and I'm going to try doing this on a real envelope so I've got my envelopes sealed and I'm just applying the wax at the fold in a circular motion now when it comes to these two methods for applying wax I think you have a little more control with the wax that you pour out of the bowl but that one you also have to do cleanup so once you've applied your seal you're going to heat the bowl up again and then wipe it out with a little paper towel which is not a big deal but I sort of fell for the candle application it is like I said a very slow meditative process but you sort of don't know exactly what you're going to get and the results are really beautiful and very wabi-sabi so yeah that's my fleur-de-lis I love that design it's so classic and that one's a little smaller than some of the other stamps as well so I really like that I'm going to do one more envelope here with a little of the sort of gold bronzy wax I'm just trying to get enough to drip off there that I'll be able to stamp it and you can always go back and relight the wax stick if you need to and there I'm going to finish up by doing another fleur-de-lis now there is one more method of application when it comes to these sets and that is a glue gun sticks and you put them in the glue gun and I imagine they would be a little less meditative and and a little more and you would have a little more control so you might want to try those as well well that's everything for today guys thank you so much for watching I'm going to link these único products on Amazon below as well as the unica website you can also find stamps on see and there's a lot of makers out there that will make you personalized initial stamps with the monogram for you and your partner or something like that so there's all sorts of fun applications for these gorgeous wax seals and stamps I hope you'll give them a try I know I've just fell in love with this very timeless process so thank you so much for watching and if you enjoy today's video please hit that subscribe button now let's talk about the giveaway if you would like to win this wax sealing set which includes the tree stamp and two wax sticks all you have to do is find me on Facebook so go to my official shade Campbell Facebook page and then find this photo and like it that's all there is to it international entries are welcome and the contest closes Monday and the winner will be announced on Facebook good luck

36 thoughts on “How To use Wax Seal Stamps

  1. I want to send wax sealed letters to my friends but does the wax break when you open the envelope or does it stay together so you can keep the letter looking pretty? Sorry if that’s a dumb question haha.

  2. Comment comes a bit late but anyway: you could cover blending wax colors in one seal plus maybe adding needle-drawn decoration on the empty parts of seals if they are plain by themselves. Adding strings and ribbons for actual closing of the envelops or for decoration would be a nice addition, too.

  3. Hi Shayda, does the wax stick to the stamp at all? My wife and I are trying to send some cards out to immediate family for Xmas and wanted to make it a bit more interesting with our family initial. I guess we're gonna have to do some practice on scrap paper to learn at first, but thank you for the video.

  4. I tried this tonight (the wick one) for my wedding invitations…than god i practiced first! The wax caught on fire 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m going to get the glue gun kind tomorrow

  5. I notice here (and everywhere else) that usually once you press into the wax, most of the wax builds up into a large mound on one or more sides of the signet… wouldn’t that compromise the envelope staying closed? If something were to catch that large edge of the stamped wax, would it not pull it off? Or is the wax extremely brittle to wear only that large part would come off?

    I was just extremely curious why people don’t just take an exacto-knife or other sharp edge to those large mound(s) of was that can build up on the edge during the stamping process.

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