How to use to Research Products (Shopify Video 3)

How to use to Research Products (Shopify Video 3)

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In this video I demonstrate how to use Wish to find potential winning products I also break down how to cross reference other sites to find new products to sell

what's going on and this is Shopify tutorials and first the foremost only thank you for taking the time what to watch this video and I think you're definitely gonna enjoy this one this is actually a live video that I'm actually doing I was actually like you know this morning I was like you know researching to find some new products that I wanted to put in my store and I thought I thought about I was like you know it would be better if I just like record the whole process and show like you know typically what I do or one of the the many strategies but this is one of my you know it's not easy I love to do like you know what I'm looking for product so I'm looking for ideas and one of the sources that I do like to use I like to use wish calm because um which calm is it it's a I'm not sure if you're familiar with it but it's a very very big ecommerce site and it's usually where people go to find like you know certain things like for cheaper and it kind of gives you a good idea of luck you know product you might want to like you know basically it gives you a good idea unlike you know what might be successful it doesn't work 100% of the time but like you know when I'm actually gonna run every time gonna pay money for ads I want to have a good idea or the best um you know the best idea of what might be hot and I find I find wish to be very very young useful in that process you know and I wanted to actually give you example because I was prior to making this video I did find a product that I'm interested in I'm not sure if I'm gonna actually um like you know put ads on it but you know it piqued my interest and um you know of course like you know what I like to do is I like to cross-reference it I'm gonna explain that to you right now so a cool product that I found if you look right here is this state branding and what I'm actually like you know doing product research one of the things the first test that I do is like I think to myself like you know what I find it interested that's not the only test but it's one of the things you know it's definitely cuz what happens a lot is that sometimes when you think that you know it's a cool product it might not necessarily be a cool product so you know so your customers but um that's my first initial test you know I thought but I don't stop there I want to make it very very clear that don't stop there that's the first thing I do I just like it does it piqued my interest and then so I'm looking at it looks pretty cool what it is it's like a steak Brander so basically what it does like you know I guess you heated up and you actually put it on the steak and it has like you know design or if you want to put some words and like it allows you to like personalize a stake so it's just like you know people like the cool things like you know the cooking niche is very popular you know especially with those those viral videos like you know um tasty videos and those those um those videos like you know where they show the person like you know with your hands and they're cooking something they're very very popular so um you know it's a very popular niche right now cooking home and garden you know that side play area so the first thing is like I saw it it attracted my attention and I wanted to get more information about it so I see here as I clicked it had a thousand people who bought this so that tells me like you know okay we're getting warmer it shows me that you know there's an audience that's actually interested in this and it interested me you know and taking money out it's actually buy this product so um the next process that I'll do like you know while I'm in which is I like to look at like you know some of the reviews and if we come here it says the boxes are a bit banged up bought too so be cautious if it's a gift but good quality metal parts yeah multiple people people are saying like the box was a bit roughed up so this will make me kind of want to consider another another person the source from or like I speak to the arm speak to the vendor ahead of time than like you know see we can rectify that issue but um what seems to be arm consistent is that all people actually like the product you which is very important but I like like you know I'm actually source of my product gonna make sure that they get you know they get a quality you know even I want to make sure the box is delivered properly you know there's no band of bucks I don't you know I don't like that if you look into build a long-term business so that's something you definitely wanna look into you know if you want to run a long term drop shipping business I'd like to make sure everything is on point from the delivery the box you know everything so um as you go here like you know the radius needs to be pretty good it just seems that people have a problem with like you know the box is a bit banged up so as we look at more ratings no specifically it says like you know having to use it but it looks awesome looks good quality perfect for steak lovers haven't used it yet smaller than expected exactly as I hoped and tried it but it looks cool nice Ottoman works very very well so excuse break consistent that people are like you know like in this item and it has 4 stars out of 5 which is um you know it's pretty good not the best but it's pretty you know it's pretty it seems that the vast majority of people actually like this product right so um I'm not to mid to interested in the store ratings unless if I want to like actually buy this product from them and dropship it and I'll look into that further but what I'm just doing is strictly product product searching I'm not really interested in that you know as much as we go further is I'm actually like to cross-reference it so all in all in like you know this product looks pretty good so what I like to also do is I like to cross-reference this product with on like other sites to make sure like you know just to get more about idea if it's really really hot so I'm one of the sites that I do like to go to is um Aliexpress calm and you know is very infamous with like you know I'll drop shippers we use this you know a lot with dropship and because like you know provides good prices and you know it's a good place to find a lot of products that you can actually like you know profit off of so um as we go further what I'll do is I go to Aliexpress and like you know I'll type in steak Brandon iron and one of the things I do do is like I'd like to go to orders you know to see like you know where's the most orders of the most popular vendor who's actually pushing this and um when I go here I show is that like you know this one is the most popular it has three hundred sixty-eight orders which you know it's pretty significant let's look at some more information because sometimes what happens like on one site it'll be more sales than the other so that's why I like to quote like what I'd like to do is cross-reference you know I like to cross-reference to see like you know just to get different vendors and to see like you know if it's a viable product and um you know as we go further I want look at some of the feedback here to see if it's worth it so um you know I see a good amount of recent orders I don't think anyone's actually dropship in this yet so um know as we go here we're a lot of recent orders so I'm you know look it's looking pretty good so far you know as a thousand orders in um in wish and it has 368 here however let's try to go back stay brand-name oops as we go back if we add up all of these like you know you know it's quite a few so it showed me that like you know if you add up all of these it's fun it because they can be some demand from this especially if you market it the right way especially if you use the right targeting interest it could be like you know it's a pretty cool product so another thing I like to use to along with Aliexpress is I'd like to use eBay but um to use eBay of course like you know I use this this powerful piece of the powerful site it's called watch calm and what watch cart does is actually makes it easier to look at what's hot on eBay it used to be better like you know I want to say like two years ago because what they actually used to do is they actually used to show you like you know how many orders like that you know each person would have or each um you know vendor on ebay would have but um it doesn't do that anymore it just shows you like the watching how many people actually watch the product but that's still useful but I prefer to have like you know along with the Watchers to have the amount of orders I want to know how many at people actually took out the credit card and bought it you only get a better idea of like you know how hot it is but um we'll be go here like you know the watch is a little bit low you know but um again it's something that you might want to consider you know so it looks pretty good like you know in Aliexpress it looks pretty good and wish you know a thousand orders here people seem to be liking it like you know both Express is getting pretty good like you know votes and um and and orders and feedback so it shows me that when I actually if it actually takes off and starts selling and people start buying it like you know it won't be a lot of problems and people won't return it or like you know won't give me you know negative feedback on it so this is something I might consider but of course like you know this is only one product I'll typically what I'll do is I'll do this process in the day and I spend like hours basically you know just nitpicking and finding you know which ones actually the best which one like you know which one is the closest which one room that the most informations like actually put my money behind you know so well say like doing it's just like basically cross-reference in between the different sites and the minister on one little extra bonus for you or I'll actually do another site I'd like to use it when L oh I found a lot of winning and punish from where nello so I'm also cross-reference with one of those we just do it real quick and see if it'll work if it doesn't give me a hard time okay so let's just see if we can find it when ello just to add a little bit you know there's gonna be a little bit more due diligence stake branding tool see what we see here okay alright see okay so tip what we do with them when I was that we actually look at the same because the saves actually can tell you like you know if people are interested in it but um it seems that not much people are actually saving it on Whannell oh so um you know it's not looking too good and with Nelo and it's not looking so good in eBay but it is looking good in Aliexpress and wish so you know something to consider like you know what I would do as I said is out um you know basically get a ton of products I'll put it in an Excel spreadsheet and just you know go through all the stats and clicking the idea of wish'd which product I want to put my money on especially like you know as I said I fear a new um you know ecommerce drop shipper I'll be like very very um I'll be very very like you know conservative with the way I spend like you know my ad budget because you don't have much money when you starting off or you might not have a big budget so I would definitely watch that so um you know that's that's this is one of the techniques that I use like you know I hope you enjoyed watching this video and if you have any questions I really want to encourage you it's like you know leave me a you know leave me your comments down below so I can respond to you and also you'll give me more ideas on what some you know put out later and um you know I'm definitely respond to every message because like you know that the channel is very still relatively very very small so I'm like you know it's very very easy me to respond to everybody so if you have a question please don't hesitate don't be scared leave your message and I want to encourage you to like comment and of course subscribe and until next time alright stratified tutorials peace

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