How to use youtube for your Etsy shop or cake business- Etsy marketing

How to use youtube for your Etsy shop or cake business- Etsy marketing

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Part 1 of a series showing how to do simple videos that you can use to show off your products for customers on youtube.

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hey guys I got a request from my Facebook group which you can join by going to the link in the description and that's the public Facebook group for home-based businesses and Etsy sellers I got a request to do some videos about starting a YouTube channel for product based businesses something if you sell things as opposed to services or that kind of stuff so that's I'm gonna shoot a real quick one right now and you can do the get started' course and creator Academy if you want and it's you know YouTube has a lot of videos that you can learn from so it's used it's worth going on there and looking at that what I've done here is I've clicked the profile and this is an account that I made to claim my business name because my main youtube channel that you're watching now is my personal name so I guess I did this one just so that no one else would take this name and that's a good idea to do so I would make your channel your business name instead of your personal name but it's up to you what you want to do with that let's see your channel somewhere on here it should say beta analytics let me go back to your channel it's probably here turn that off leave ok so if you are in if you're in your account and you click here it'll say YouTube Studio beta or you can go here which apparently says it right there and you want to set up the settings first just to keep it obvious that it's a business account and there's certain things that you have to do for a YouTube business account that you don't have to do per personal accounts and it will give you analytics and that kind of thing so go down to the settings and you just want to fill out all this stuff so it's the dollar it's YouTube studio beta and this is a beta now it's a it's they're developing this so this might look different once they take that off but the basic principles are gonna be the same so if you're looking at this in a year from what I made it and it's different it's pretty much the principles are the same so if the interface might be a little different but it'll still work so you're gonna go in and put some keywords that describe your channel you know what are you gonna be telling people about and that way YouTube can find you and I would put as many as you can I just build this out for it for as an example click on advanced to do other kinds of choices about that if you want to put a little watermark or a logo on all of your videos you can choose the image and put that there and I think I do have one of those on my on my channel your upload defaults is good to fill out because you can put like your website here and that way anytime you upload a video it will have that on it already and you don't have to go in and do the description over and over and over and write all your links 20 times I would make every video uploaded as private just so that you don't have to worry about things going live before you go in and set all the settings up and you can go in and change that later for extras it's more tags so it's keywords and YouTube works just like Google as far as search goes so people search for things you know that the search engine looks for a YouTube is a search engine for videos and information and stuff so you want to go in and change everything or you want to put in as many keywords as you can to describe your channel at this point okay and you'll be able to describe well this actually is for each video so you'll be able to go in and add tags for each video but if you know every single thing that you're going to be doing is a specific type of video you could put tags here if you want to do them individually you can wait and do them later but this just saves you a little bit of time if you're gonna be uploading the same thing all the time and advanced is let's say you check the video language community contributions I turn this off because no one needs to contribute to my videos I'm not sure what that is caption certification you would put this content is never aired on television in the US because you're not going to be uploading copyrighted stuff I would hope you can choose whether to allow all comments or kind of half screen them and YouTube will let you know if people post a comment so you can come in and see what's going on or if you want to approve all comments and if you want to do that you would click that but YouTube is pretty good at screening like for language and that kind of stuff so you could just click that and be pretty safe and whether you want people to see the thumbs-up and thumbs-down is this so if you don't want them to see that and the reason you wouldn't do that is is that trolls tend to like to come and you know give two thumbs down to your video and they like that so if if you don't show that then it people just move on to the next video where they can thumb down it you know so you can either leave that checked or not and for community let me see what that is this is if you have moderators and approved users and if you want to hide people who are trolls or whatever the other settings it says until all features are built you can switch to creator studio classic see this is still the beta version so this may or may not show up if you're in the actual version once they stop being a beta but you can go to advanced channel settings here and choose like disable interest-based ads if you have an adwords account that you want a link you could put that in here if you have Google Analytics that you want to link you can put it in here you can choose whether to display this number of subscribers or not and definitely allow your channel to appear in other channels recommendations because YouTube shows your channel to other people then so you definitely want to do that and what I was looking for is where to add your website information so you know just go through all of this and see you know they decide on what your settings are gonna be and that's the first thing you need to do for a business account because you want to make sure that people aren't coming and just spamming your channel and posting all kinds of weird stuff so you can put some settings up that will prevent that and then the upload defaults really will save you a lot of time anything that you put in here is gonna be uploaded to every single video though so you know unless you've got the same types of titles I don't know why you would put a title for an upload default but like I said for the description you can say you know go to my website and then put the website link and anything that you put in here is going to upload with every single video alright so that's the first part and I'm gonna find where to connect accounts and show you guys that in the next video

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