I Can't Believe Someone SOLD ME THIS... | Etsy Wishlist #2

I Can't Believe Someone SOLD ME THIS… | Etsy Wishlist #2

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hello friends and thank you for joining me yet another day if you're not subscribed already ask yourself why and hit that button down below BAM you're a slot family member and you've given a gator its wings we are here today okay I really have to stop with this hair honestly I just did this for a thumbnail and I thought it was kind of cute but I probably just look crazier than I normally do and I really don't need any help in that department we're just gonna throw our hair up in a sassy bun it only takes two seconds to do and then you're gonna look amazing for the whole day maybe not this one came out a little drinky that's not a good sassy bun it's not even very sassy I thought with all that extra voloom it was gonna really pay off but I guess not today is another Etsy video because I feel like you guys really enjoyed my last Etsy haul where I bought things that have been on my Etsy wishlist for years and years and years and now this video series has given me an excuse to buy things isn't that lovely we also have a giveaway in today's video as well cuz I'm not just trying to show you guys things that I buy without giving you something in return so today's giveaway is going to be a luscious necklace which is provided by Bella Lilly she is one of my absolute favorite jewelry designers and she just came out with this gorgeous design called Gemini and it's two skulls sterling silver and I forgot what the stone is in here I don't remember what it is but she designs amazing pieces look at this this uh you guys have probably seen it's a little hairy right now why is everything I show you guys I feel like my hair is just always falling out which should be concerning to me every time I show you guys an item in a video which is hairy this hairy skull is also from her store and I've got some other stuff it's amazing check it out but one lucky winner is gonna win a beautiful Gemini at necklace of their own and it will come on a vegan cord so don't forget check out the details in the info box down below the dates what you gotta do all the optional ways that you can enter they will all be in the info box down below all information that you need to know the only thing is that you must be doing as always is be a subscriber here to my channel at graveyard girl anyway let's get into the Etsy things that have recently arrived and just like last time I will link you guys to all of these shops many of these items are one-of-a-kind but some stores have some things similar I feel like every video I record now I just have like all this info faux to give you before we get into the video I have one final question before we get into the actual MIDI bone of today's video like for me to do buying my eBay wishlist yes/no do you want me to start click feeding you with eBay again let's get started should I show you guys the most disturbing thing or the cutest thing disturbing cute disturbing cute will say disturbing for a while I will show you guys something that is cute because I freaking love Monchichi do you know who Monchichi is do you love Monchichi I'm kind of torn this might be a faux Monchichi I have a lot of collections I feel like some I've shared with you guys before so I have snot shared with you guys before and Monchichi is one of the things that I love I feel like I got into Monchichi through one of our trips to Disney World because in Japan they have a lot of cute imports that are not necessarily like a Disney characters or Disney items like you can find Sanrio there can find Studio Ghibli Ghibli Ghibli sounds like a part of a chicken I guess that is owned by Disney now Hello Kitty is not an Monchichi is not but they sell Monchichi there and I found this one which is supposed to be vintage from the 70s I actually got this little guy all the way from Sweden and I was so shocked how quickly it arrived to me in the mail I feel like it only took like 5 days look at the little tail so cute it looks a little bit different than standard Monchichi dolls which is the only reason why I'm like a little bit torn like is this a fake Monchichi or is it really vintage and they've redesigned the face since then but it does have a blinking motion so little Monchichi does go to sleep if you if you lay him on his back so cute look at the little blushing cheeks and then of course so here's the tag and it does have like a pretty realistic looking label it says Toho Japan on the back so I don't know maybe it's real and it's just really old but he looks so well-loved I showed him on snapchat the other day so some of you guys may have already seen a Monchichi and then the other really cute thing about these guys is that they can suck their thumbs but so cute speaking of the snapchat the other thing that some of you guys may have already seen already and I'm hoping that you guys are enjoying I'm really enjoying posting it is the poem of the day and when I bought this book I don't really feel like I fully comprehended what I was purchasing it just looks like a really cool old antique poetry book to me it's from the year 1900 and it's called round the year with the poets and I loved the cover it just looks amazing nothing on the back lots of good stuff on the front and then when I got it and I opened it up I was like oh my gosh there's actually a poem for every single day of the year so you can literally read it year after year it has these um you know awesome like plate illustrations in here of lots of different authors and poets and then there's just a poem for every single day so I've just been posting that and hopefully you guys are enjoying it I of course I love poetry I was a poetry major in college but I'm actually trying to rebuild up my old book collection cuz I I feel like I've told this story a million times I just need to stop it's not that big of a deal but I had a really large library of old paperback books and old books like this and I had him in storage because I hadn't moved them over yet it was a crazy year last year so I just didn't get to move it over and unfortunately it got swept away in the hurricane so I'm trying to reel up my library with all these really cool vintage books so I found this one on Lord Byron who might be my favorite of all time I don't know what to toss up I also do really love William Blake I went through a whole Percy Shelley period but it just doesn't get any better than Lord Byron I I would I should get a Lord Byron tattoo I feel like that would be really awesome but anyway it is Byron days with the poet's and this just looks great does it not it's actually dated in here which is so crazy because it just says 16 and we've already had another 16 so this could be eighteen sixteen nineteen sixteen not eighteen sixteen I'm really being full of it right now there's no way this is that old with this type of printing oh look it's falling apart as I turn it literally falling apart as I turn it I feel like you got to be really gentle with stuff like this but there's so much I bet this came out in 1916 honestly because just looking at the art that's inside it does look very like art deco so it's just a lot of excerpts poems that he wrote but I just thought it was so cool and I'm just I don't know I love Lord Byron so kind of like any unique Byron item that I find snap white the next thing which is awesome Lord Byron related did you come here for a Lord Byron wall cuz surprised you got one does anybody remember the time I changed my Twitter default picture to a picture of Lord Byron that's how much that's how much got a Lord Byron patch yes because I wanted to start making a little bag and if you guys have been here since the ancient days and you'll remember like my first what's in my bag Hall was this black canvas backpack that I bought from the thrift stores literally holding on to life by the threads but I would always like stitch it up and repair and I had all like patches and pins and stuff and so I wanted to recreate that this little canvas bag here and it's very Airy there's lots of a Zeppelin fur on it see what I'm saying it's like everything in my house is just covered with like my hair dog man's hair dog hair it's just Boris hair but at least his hairs black so it doesn't really show up on anything very convenient got this little bag it's just like a little tiny canvas zipper bag and I want to like cover it with pins and patches and all kinds of cool stuff so I got this Lord Byron pin it's a patch I got this Lord Byron patch it would be kind of cool to cut it in at a cameo shape yes no next thing the white box is a Game Boy and this is a old Game Boy Color classic let me get up we're gonna do a side-by-side comparison I'll be right back the next item is really cool and still a little bit tragic there's a little bit of backstory with it so let's get going on that I've always wanted this exact Game Boy Color it's supposed to be translucent but it's that kind of like purplish blue looking translucent it's a Game Boy Color and I went to a local game store about a week or so ago they have like a lot of classic games new games kind of everything it's a really cool little place they had this gameboy color the color that I always wanted and I was like oh yeah so I came home I turned it on and literally I think I'm going blind because I don't understand how anyone ever played this like do you see how freakin dark this is I mean this came with a Harry Potter game cuz it came with this game anyway I don't know I was trying to play Super Mario on it but there's no way to adjust the brightness and like literally I guess if you kind of hold it like this exactly you can see it I don't know I was just a little bit bummed because there's no brightness adjustment so when on Etsy and saw that people were refurbishing or kind of like redoing game boys gameboy colors and supposedly adding like a much newer brighter back screen all of that kind of stuff so I found this transparent orange one which I thought was really cool I feel like orange I love orange because of Halloween tell this person on Etsy who was doing it there would be a way to adjust the brightness but it's kind of I don't know like you can see it is brighter by comparison but like not much this is the bright one and this is a not bright one under these bright lights it really looks a lot brighter but in person like I still am struggling like I thought I could play this at nights like before I go to sleep in the dark but like even being in like almost pitch darkness I still not bright enough for me I don't know I'm so torn because I'm not like giving this shop like a bad review at all like it's a problem with my eyes it's amazing it plays amazing and they are the ones who send a free game with each refurbished game boy so they send a Harry Potter game just shocked with how much I feel like spending maybe too much time under super bright lights or being in the Sun a lot or something has just like literally because I feel like clearly people play these games like people have to play them and like not struggle to see them because there was like a whole generation of people that play game was I feel like maybe I am just spoiled because I had a Sega what was the little Sega handheld it came out at the same time as a gameboy I don't think it was a Sega Genesis cuz I feel like that was the whole system for the TV but it was a little Sega handheld and it like you could adjust the brightness and it would get like super bright and it was so easy that's the one I need to get that's what I'm gonna buy on etsy next anyway moving along I have a couple of t-shirts one turned out really good and one is a little bit shocking okay we're pedaling into disturbing territory the first vintage t-shirts that I got which did I say last time I just love it when the sleeves are missing when someone has crudely cut the sleeves off of a t-shirt I just want it ten times more its goal Huey Lewis and the news does anyone here even know I I feel like I shouldn't say that because I feel like I recently said this in another video but like my demographics are like neck and neck like it's like almost everything is like the same so there are a lot of people my age who probably obviously know who Huey Lewis and the news is but he did the theme song from Back to the Future which was the number one song the year that I was born the month that I was born to I think it was power of love which is the theme song from Back to the Future so this one's great it's great I love it um and I feel like I love this one too but it's just so shocking and I know I know a lot of you guys are gonna be like oh you're a germophobe what's going on like how can you not be bothered by this was I I am a little bit Bob but also in my mind once I wash something with a sanitizing wash in the washing machine with hot water there's no germs left on it you know what I mean or at least there's nothing that I feel like would give me an infectious disease plus it's anxiety okay it doesn't have to make sense it's just the way that it is in my brain like is it does does it make sense no but it's how it works with me so I'm just here to tell you what's going on in my mind but I found that this totally thrashed shredded van Halen shirts but I mean it's like so dirty looking it's paper-thin it does look awesome look at that yes and there's also a back surprise this shirt does have a back but I just want to know what was going on here when this happened okay this looks like I don't what's that what's that movie like grindhouse or whatever people are just like do you know what I'm saying it's like some kind of like what is this what is this I've washed it already so that's why I can like do you know what it's clean in my mind it's good I'm gonna wear it I should try it on we should see what it looks like can i model it right now pretty good that is this something to be modeled whoo I had one other little thing and it's babies where did you go babies how did I lose babies it's not something you should lose anyway let's put this shirt on let's see how it looks I haven't tried it on yet I save this moment and from you guys we're gonna share this moment together one minute 37 seconds later never mind this oh the cringe oh my god okay now now I feel unclean I don't know what's happy you guys we're not gonna be trying this on today I don't even want to disclose to you guys how much this was okay because sometimes these old concert t-shirts and stuff then she okay nobody's selling this for a dollar you would think with the amount of holes in it it would be a dollar but it wasn't a dollar um and and that was touching it to about to close my body with it right I touched like something um hard and crusty I know I wouldn't think rusty a lot unless channel right now I'll cover the floor what are those like calm breathing techniques because I need them right now is this what is this and how did it survive washing is it poopoo is this the poopoo I don't know someone identify is this poopoo is it poopoo how did it not come over the wash there's many spots up perhaps football – fine maybe it's just a like a lighter burn it might be like just um like fried fabric I don't know it's either poopoo or fried fabric oh oh here's a big chunk Oh what is this Oh literally ha I'm filled with a regret I don't know if this will ever be clean enough for me it looks so cool but it is so bad what is this what are those what is bad monami what is that Oh burn it with fire okay okay oh and I've got this tail I didn't even do a sassy bun well okay I gotta wash my hands I have to wash my hair now I'm having a bit of a cosmic meltdown okay gee do you say that I'm saying it's cleaning my mind until it's not okay clean until proven unclean that's how we operate in my brain this has been proven unclean I now have to wash everything with bleach including my skin I'm just kidding just kidding okay I'm kidding about the skin everything else is gonna be bleached I just want to know what kind of Filth defies washing seriously I'm gonna have to go back and read the listing again because I do think that they were trying to stress in the listing in all fairness that it was extremely disgustingly like stained and stuff which in my mind like stains is different than poo poo just let that belong to like a party hog do you know what I mean like just lowly party yeah it's like maybe like rolling around on the concrete or something that's all acceptable stay niche to me I never in my life did I think I was a post Stein but now the cringe is just too strong and I don't even feel like I should link you guys to their store because I feel like that could just create something bad like do you know what I'm saying like I'm clearly being stupid here okay buyer beware I'm taking on the you know I take on the responsibility but also what kind of poop who defies washing I'm a little bit disturbed right now also why didn't they try and like wash that before they sold it just so that I wouldn't know like if I don't know doesn't hurt me all right what I got two teeny tiny little plastic baby charms and I got this from the same store if you guys watched the Etsy mystery box unboxing I shop a lot from this one store called Cove table curiosities they sell a lot of really acute awesome vintage stuff like this and I thought what would make a better earring ivenna baby so I'm just gonna safety pin something to my ear which is this baby uh cuz that's how I just wear my jewelry I just safety pen things to my head and I think it looks great does it look great ten out of ten for fashion now I feel like the baby can maybe like whisper life tips into my ear and I can take come in and say oh yes what what little baby what little baby don't buy anymore poopoo covered shirts great nice very last thing which I only forgot about because it's down here on the floor is this thing Oh what is that gigantic air sac what are these called where you put something inside of it and then you suck all the air out of it space saver sex I feel like that used to be an a/c on TV they know anyway this came all the way from China surprisingly fast as well it is a pillow and it's supposed to look realistically like a stack of money also uh coming in the mail I bought this really cool skull chair eivol gonna say for now is skull chair because I don't want to ruin it when it comes that will be in the next video oh it's all fluffy now so this is supposed to be right came out or that was a little clip off the back oh this is funny I don't know why I thought this was funny it's funny this is this funny it smells different anyway I feel like I'm like away back away it looks like a really real clump of money yes but when you get close you can actually see the printing or the weaving I just thought it was like really unique suddenly I realize like just holding up a giant flap of money just kind of maybe makes me look like a jerk I just thought it looked to me I don't know it reminded me of Forever Ago the swamp family member who sent me like a stack of prop money one laughing emoji if you think this is funny if not I'm sorry I also just thought it would be a nice fluffy pillow yeah anyway this Etsy store has a lot of like really hyper realistic printed pillows they have money they have a bigger a log a lot of cool stuff but anyway this video has been very long so I'm gonna go but thank you guys so much for hanging out today and for watching wish me luck with the rat poop o shirts what should I do with it should I throw it away should I try and wash it another thousand times how am I gonna fix this situation I kind of forgot that I had discarded it on the floor behind me I was feeling so much better about my life and now I look back and I saw that I'm gonna have to pick it up with some tongs anyway thank you guys so so much for hanging out today and for watching if you're not already and you'd like to be hit that button down below subscribe become a member of the swamp family and give an alligator its wings also if you want you can like me on facebook facebook.com slash graveyard girl or you can follow me on twitter tumblr or Instagram after a dead girl same way it's spelt here also don't forget about the giveaway for the lovely Gemini at necklace everybody say thank you to Bela Lily for hosting or for sponsoring this fabuloso giveaway oh so I you guys so so much and I will see you tomorrow goodbye

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  1. I would like to suggest you check out the poetess Charlotte Mary Mew, I think you will love her. Old, underrated and very incredibly. I have good luck getting great older books from Abe books online.

  2. bunny i tried ti reach you on fb i think was a fake you. im so glad you are back. i got injured and my depression took over and watching you has helped i laugh and smile. i even have a distressed tshire now lol but i want merch from you and wonder how. i want to support you however i can please tell me how.

  3. Awww I had a girl munchi chi that I never put down. She sucked her thumb like me and sucked her thumb when you press her belly lmao. I still have her somewhere actually. I believe mine was an original from the 70s since I was born in 77. 🙂 so cool watching this. Thank you!

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