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Decorate the Christmas tree with me, pack with me, and shop with me online for stocking stuffers in this DITL of a working mom vlog! Thanks to Ring for sponsoring today’s day in the life vlog! Get Ring at a special discount for your home here:
-Brianna K xoxo @bitsofbri

White Coat:
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hey loves my name is Brianna you might know me as bit Sabri I make videos for moms and homemakers on my channel and I'd like to thank ring for partnering with us for today's vlog will be decorating the Christmas tree and pack with me and do some online shopping with me for my kids stocking stuffers and I've got some good ideas for you and make sure you subscribe if you're new I would love for you to join us this holiday season and we're gonna start off today's vlog by decorating our Christmas tree wonders Ally got the prettiest eyes for everyone to enjoy standing up close by the Christmas tree bloomery light I am right where I want to be home for a couple of days I wonder around with you you and me in the cold be true wherever I go I got you since my husband Adam had surgery and my best friend's daughter's birthday is on Black Friday that's today we normally decorate our tree we just realized we wouldn't be able to get a live tree this year even though that's our tradition so we decided to get an artificial one for the first time because the kids were begging us to put up the tree I had been dreading putting up the tree a little bit because I knew that ornaments from my dad would make me super emotional but I'm sort of glad that I didn't have that anticipation for any longer than I needed to since we did it early and just got through it and honestly the kids had so much fun decorating the tree this year just what a difference a year makes because presby was so into it this year but I hope that you enjoy decorating the Christmas tree with me for 2019 and let me know in the comments while you watch do you get a real tree or do you have an artificial tree to get out in the snow Guiding in life with you choirs will sing and the joy bells will ring nobody loves you as much as I do it's a wonderful feeling from floor to the sea it is that time over you drinking I have no idea what happened to our star or our tree so we're gonna have to get one of those later but may can do with the artificial tree this year and it's my live Christmas trees this is what it is it is the next morning after we decorated our tree last night and I just have so much to do I was up so late last night – normally my bedtime cutoff is 10 p.m. and presidents with my father-in-law in the other room he was helping us today because I'm going out of town for work I've got a pack and that's why there was just so much I had to do last night before I went to bed I think I was up until 12:15 it's crazy for me and I still get up at my normal five times so I'm running on like just over four hours sleep bad but but tis the season I guess right so I figured I would just take you along for kind of a working Monday so I'm traveling out of town for work and I'd like to thank ring for sponsoring today's vlog bring us a doorbell security camera so when someone rings your doorbell you can answer from the ring app and speak to anyone over your phone in real time this way you also know when your packages or holiday gifts arrived and it notifies you when it senses motion so you can deter package thieves and ring just gives you peace of mind while you're away or traveling like I was later on in this video because I can check that security camera at any time and I really think ring is perfect for this holiday season to give the gift of safety to your family and loved ones I'll have a link in my description box below so that you can check out ring for your home now you can pack with me for my trip to New York City I was invited to an event there and I'll be able to share a little bit more about that in a few months but it had been a long time since I'd traveled solo for business and I figured I'd share a few of my packing hacks for my carry-on with you so I always make sure my toiletries and makeup our travel size and in waterproof bags so that nothing can leak and I'm using my to-do list that you can get for free if you sign up for the letter on my blog with your email it's business free blog com I will send this to you but I wrote down my packing list on this to make sure that I didn't forget anything now for the plane ride I plan on wearing something comfy that could double as workout clothes in the morning and I packed a workout tank to head a built in bra so just one last thing to have to pack little hack I also brought flat shoes that I could wear to the airport where to workout we're walking around the city so that I would be super comfortable I have learned my lesson the hard way that comfortable Footwear is just a must and I try to make just one pair work or two at the most so that I have something that can go with every outfit and I always have my outfits and make sure that I have everything from top to bottom including undergarments and accessories so that I don't forget anything and I thought I'd do a try on haul us in the outfits I was packing because I know it's hard to see what they really look like when they're folded up okay so I just tried on the outfit to make sure that I liked it and I just like tucked in the sweater all around I'm gonna have black tights on with it but I just kind of wanted to show you I was trying to do something like fun and I thought this other skirt was sort of different and here's that white coat I seriously I'm so in love with this I'm so happy I got one I've always wanted one and I feel like I finally found one that was what I was looking for and I also got six red guards which I thought just looks so fun or Christmas time but really cute thanks to the white coat and even though Adams dad was watching Presley I wanted to put her down for her nap in between getting finished packing because if she slept even though she hasn't really been sleeping lately she would be asleep at the time that I had to leave for the airport so I just wanted to get those last cuddles in I'll pay in here I put my travel outfit on before I finished packing and I forgot to show it to you so heritage and seriously these leggings they are so soft like butter I love they have a pocket – this is so cozy and see how the hardware is rose gold so I had to have this but I seriously love this luggage set I have a large suitcase that matches it – and these are hos gold packing cubes I feel like everything it's just so functional with all of the pockets and these zippers help make bulky things sort of get the bird down so much easier than – so I would highly highly recommend this I know I put it on my holiday gift guide for 2019 on my blog because it seriously is such a good worthwhile investment for somebody who travels miss mieze dad putting her jumper now because I feel like I can't really give her a proper goodbye because I think if I told her I was for surely be like she knew I was going on a trip we talked about this morning that she was going over Gigi's house but if I said a proper goodbye she probably would have freaked out and not gone down for her nap so she'll be fine I mean she's in the best hands in the world I just I'm gonna miss them and so funny it's like I already missed them because Landon's at school so I said bye to him this morning when I dropped him off and since they like said goodbye to her I'm bye do you like listen um but I'm so excited and kind of makes me feel like my old self when I was traveling for work all of the time like packing my suitcase and stops so I think this would be good for me I think I need just a little getaway because there's been a lot of stress like good stress and I feel like we always have like a lot of good strata there's a lot of good business stuff going on and Adam surgery obviously that was hard and stressful and just with the holidays coming up and stuff I love this time of year so I'm really excited to see New York this time of year too because I've never been there during Christmas time I'm assuming they probably decorate early like everybody here on YouTube so I can't wait to see okay and last things on my list I've got my carry-on bag here and cell phone and charger I've got my cell phone here I've got my sunglasses in there my wallets in there and I'll just throw this stuff on when the uber comes I'll miss you be good girl no thank you for the kisses I'll miss you sweetie I'll miss you oh and I did not have time to get my nails done so I'm hoping this color can just match enough so that you know unless you were looking really close up you might not notice that I've got some chips in my polish a busy mom or lazy mom hack I don't know you see you [Applause] what insecurity – real adage God we don't care about the items you're my heart I just love you just wanna I'll take me Yui I want you for myself every single day Wow never I don't know what I do without you before the make me smile like sugar life was great you added color and it might be boonies I love you you're my checked in it so I figured I would do a little hotel room tour quickly of my home away from home for just the next day here so modern see what the view is like is it a room with the video oh yeah look at the city I can't really see it cuz of the lights on welcome to New York oh my gosh I've never seen anything like this before hilarious shake it like spray can one of the things I always try to do when I travel is order something super healthy if I see it on the menu I'm like that is super healthy and I would never make that at home I tried up further it to then make myself feel better about probably the junk that I'll consume the rest of the time but I'm traveling and I'm so embarrassing I just realized like those lines in my forehead from my snow hat like clearly so dehydrated being on planes always dehydrates you but the Lord drank a lot of water no I can't wait for the weekend I can though this you okay so here is a couple of the stocking stuffer ideas I found and I was just searching here quickly okay so these bath drops the kids are obsessed with these Leslie loves lip glosses so I love this little Disney Princess set she also loves getting her nails painted and they have a piggy polish set called mistletoes in Christmas colors that is so cute they have a ton of other he gets like every season or just different color schemes those are so cute and then she loves these Taconic earrings also Disney Princesses and I'm gonna get her this set because I think even though I like putting bows on her sometimes I think it's easier just to have the elastics match what she's wearing some so like those nice little pom-pom ties just to kind of change it up from the bows too and then I was looking at some different watercolor sets because Landon and prezi love doing those so much and there's this huge jumbo gift set so I was thinking that one but you'll have to let me know you have any really good stocking stuffer ideas No in the comments down below now they keep looking here a little bit maybe they'll turn to a blog post with stocking stuffers I still need to figure out some for Adam as well so if you have any really good stocking stuffer ideas whether it's for kids or for him or for her just let me know in the comments down below because I'm always looking for ideas good morning from New York City since I got in so late last night and it was rainy and foggy I had no idea I had this view so I have to share with you guys so I think my little polish trick I think it at least like I have it on my fingers but I think it worked enough to like cover up that chip I know it doesn't look great but from far away but thank you so much for watching this vlog and make sure you're subscribed and notifications are turned on and I'll see you my next one ciao


  1. Love your vlogs! I get an artificial tree. The scent of a real tree absolutely kills my sinuses. Both my son (3) & I have a terrible sinus problem & scents are one of our main triggers. But even if that weren't the case, I still prefer an artificial tree, it saves money on having to purchase a tree every single year. I'm quite a frugal gal, lol! Plus the artificial tree lasts much longer. I like to put my tree up from the 1st of November and leave it up straight to the end of January! I like to hold on to the Christmas season for as long as possible, lol. I love my artificial trees!

  2. We have artificial over here in Australia. I’ve never had a fresh one but think about it every year. Emily Norris share that you can get pine Christmas tree scent sticks. I thought I might try them

  3. We were all real trees until this year. I am done with paying $70 for a tree that dries up in 2 weeks, vacuuming needles constantly, remembering to water… so I got an artificial one this year. My husband was mad but it looks lovely and if we need the scent, I use Christmas tree wax melts or Fresh Balsam candles.

  4. I get the hubs beard care stuff, funky work socks, and sometimes a pop (he's very into fandom stuff). I get the kids mystery packs of stuff (like legos, slime or putty, mini pops, or imaginext), candy canes filled with candy, pez, bath bombs, play shaving kits or bath crayons/paints. I always get Disney and Harry Potter stuff (key chain, earrings, minnie ears, other jewelry, car deals). Stuff like that.

  5. omg Bri thanks for explain about the bell of the house, my husband wants to put one home and I'm really paranoid about opening doors so this will be amazing, hopefully I can use your link to UK too. xx

  6. We get artificial ones… here in the Caribbean, the Christmas trees look a bit different from those abroad… but we did get a real one a few years ago. We decorated it and put it outside on our porch and we got the artificial one for inside because it's way less mess.

  7. We have a artificial tree, but out tree my inlaw has the year me and my husband started dating and we had our son and this yest we had to but it up not only is it our 5th Christmas 2nd married Christmas we have a new baby so shes gets the some tree soppy over a tree I know

  8. We love real trees, but we have an artificial tree because a lot of times we are traveling for the holidays so it feels like less time to enjoy a live tree and it's dying so bad when we get back and we can get it set up in way less time than a real tree.

  9. Your tree looks beautiful 😊. Enjoy New York, it looks like you have a nice view FYI my daughter had stick on ear rings and one accidentally went into her ear – went to the doctors to get it out she didn’t sit still her ear was bleeding, they try to dilute it with water and the sticker expanded – long story short she had to go to the OR to get it out. Just thought I would share . 💕

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