I Love Etsy List 10 Series, What's selling! Episode 29 Vintage Beauties, Gemstone lot for Resell

I Love Etsy List 10 Series, What's selling! Episode 29 Vintage Beauties, Gemstone lot for Resell

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hey guys Anita finita here how is everyone okay so today I'm gonna be doing the nyle up at sea list ten I'm not sure which episode we're on but I I'm thinking – maybe it's 29 so I'm gonna show you the ten items that I listed and the ones I'm gonna be showing you today are at fixed prices so I did set them at lower prices they're not going to be on sale at least not not this coming week or today so I'm just gonna tell you what price is that they're gonna be priced at today okay and they're very low so it's fine okay so the first one we have is a flower a pearl necklace here this is very pretty I keep forgetting what this flower is called and I want to thank everybody in the chat and in the comments that did comment about you know how to untangle the necklace I did get it untangled I'm gonna keep it and for a giveaway that I'm gonna do soon and yes and thank you very much for all the comments from yesterday – I did you I'm using the blue one again I will go back to the white one the reason I didn't use it today is because it's still it's still drying I live in California it's raining here and I usually when it comes to tablecloths I do hang them outside to dry and you know it's since it's raining and it's inside the house is not really drying and I don't like throwing them in the dryer so that it'll take maybe until I'm hoping it'll be dry by tomorrow so let's go hit him back back to the pendant I went to a different place okay so this one is necklace flower again I'm not sure what this Laur is if you know please put it into the chat I keep forgetting what this one is called I know it's not the Hawaiian flower what was that one called Leigh Leigh it's not that one and this this part here is nine to five and so is the clasp it is 17 inches and I listed this one for 25 dollars okay so that's number one and I am reading them off the paper because I can't remember nothing okay okay this next one is a set here it's this one and the necklace and the necklace is 21 inches it's kind of like the swirl around medallion it does have a few dents here and there but you can't really tell it's as you can see over here there is one down here but you can't really tell because of the swirls it is marked and tested and I'm not sure if these are turquoise and coral but that's what they look like to me so this one this come with a matching bracelet and the bracelet is a stretch bracelet it's a pretty it's a really good stretch condition so this one I listed for listed oh okay so this one is for descent I listed it for $20 which is pretty good for both for oh this one here okay guys this is a pearl it's a really large pearl very beautiful shape it has and I did put it on a sterling pen necklace as well which is 16 inches it does have a marking over here on on the bail and this is how it looks in the in the back there again very pretty piece here and I listed this one for 20 22 for this one okay next we have turquoise pendant okay this one here and this paper 4 and I can't see okay here it is this is a beautiful piece I love the prongs on here very nicely made I listed this one for $30 and the necklace on it is 17 inches it is marked and tested this one should bring it closer so you guys can see how beautiful it is okay next we turquoise and okay this one here it's turquoise and tiger's eye beads and very pretty this one is 17 inches with the 20 sorry two inch not 22 inch extender it's a very beautiful piece this one I listed it for $20 can very nice piece I love how they they put the beads here very pretty kind of looks like a tassel down there okay oh this one I got a lot of comments on this one so I did go ahead and list it it's red it's a red glass brooch with gold flowers in here very pretty very old clasp here was very old and it does have some wear to it but then it is it is an older piece and the glass has no cracks nothing and nothing is wrong with it it's in great condition the glass it does have somewhere around here as well but nothing you know too bad it can probably be cleaned up with some ketchup okay so this one I listed it very low I listed it 4:15 this one here is a Tommy and I know I'm gonna say this wrong again Hilfiger cuff bracelet they're very hard to find Tommy Hilfiger jewelry pieces especially cups I couldn't find anything under under cuffs it is enameled over here they are not stones they're enameling it does have marks I mean the signature over here it's very hard to see in the corner on the screen but you will see it in the pictures and this one I listed for 20 it's a very nice piece one of the Ring so I decided to go ahead and make it into a lot this drink here with the blue stone it's not sterling silver it is a costume piece it's very beautiful and it is in really good condition and this one is a size 6 over here and I did lot em up with other rings and I added this one here as well it's an ammo ring and what size is this one here let's see this one is a six and a half and I did add these ones as well this one here is adjustable and I'm wearing the other one I will throw this one in too and this one here again when enamel and it is adjustable and I did add I was gonna put this one separately but I did add all these rings together and I added the Eagle as well and so I listed all of them for $10 and I will add this next we have religious messages on this one as well it's three and a half inches I'm not sure what it's used for I don't know if it's a pendant so I just brought medallion it's very it's gorgeous actually beautiful piece this is how the back looks and I listed this one for 15 next rosaries that I put together for $15 okay this one here came out the car yesterday this one so this is one this is another one here it's purple beads on this some of them are plastic some of them are glass there it's a mixture that's why I said mixed so we have that one we have this one here three and we have one with blue and gold for we have this one here with pink this is very pretty this one and I lost count bye and then we have these two little ones okay this is number six it's a tiny one here smaller one I don't know I think this is a hand rosary and then we have this one that's numbers okay so all of these I listed them for $15 for all seven okay next we have a what I'm gonna call this one as next one is a crafters lot and I added gemstones crystals glass all different beads some of them are most of them are stretch bracelets that need to be very strong some of them don't need to be restrung I'm calling it a crafters lot because that way you know you can use them okay you can undo the you know stretch ace and use them this one was Jade jadeite or Jade it did go to the Jade jadeite when I tested it with the what the gem tester so we have this one here I'm just gonna show you some of them here we have see this one is all stretched out that this one is a labradorite I don't know if you can see it the flashes in here let's see here yeah this is a labradorite here I don't know if you guys can see the flashes but it is a labradorite stretchy here I see it stretched out so this one here and then we have some died how light pieces here these there's nothing really wrong with these you can I'm just adding them and I'm just going to show you some of them this one here I'm just showing you the gemstones first just mixed this one here some crystals and look at how pretty this one is this is beautiful you could take this apart and make whatever you want with it we have some real pearls here Oh wrong one the Sun some real pearls other gemstone gemstone to and crystals and I'm going to show you some glass ones here which have glass beautiful look at this and here two flowers beautiful glass beautiful butterfly you can wear them the way they are or you can take them apart and make something else these gorgeous it's missing something here still just put it in here as well here other stones these are gemstones as well these are all gemstones here and these are really beautiful look at these definitely these need to be really strong but I really love the ones on this and then we have some these are all on bracelets okay we have some another night hell light here I'm not sure what this one is gorgeous yes there's more okay these are glasses well sure look at these look at this one gorgeous like the mill for really for really you guys know which one beautiful and we have this one over here yeah this is a lot of stuff here a lot of beads and I'm adding here and more gemstones this one comes with you know I didn't even Trixie if these were sterling or not they probably are and there's nothing wrong with this one because it's has gemstones I did add it in here we have these over here they're pills in there this one is glass as well okay this is really beautiful I'm gonna add that in there put them in my hand so I can show you and I will add a few more here we go okay so this huge rod here is gonna be I listed it for $45 and and I'm gonna put $8 for the shipping because I have to put it in the and padded envelope or I might even put it in a box depending on where you live if you live closer by I will put it in box me so today okay guys that's it for for the 10 listings for today I hope you guys had a great weekend and I hope you guys have a great start off to the coming week thank you very much for watching this is Anita finita saying goodbye

22 thoughts on “I Love Etsy List 10 Series, What's selling! Episode 29 Vintage Beauties, Gemstone lot for Resell

  1. Anita,im interested to buy the 10$ rings and the very first necklace pearl with a huge flower….that was a gomamela flower here in philippines….how can i avail the items…pls txtback..thank u…

  2. Hi Anita!🎄
    Happy Sunday to you!
    I enjoyed watching the jewelry jar last night, but I didn’t make any comments. The fashion ring with blue stone and rhinestones, reminds me of the ring that Prince Charles gave Diana when they got engaged and now Kate wears it, as William gave it to her when they got engaged. It is really beautiful, and I remember thinking when both Charles and William gave it to their future wives how stunning it was and what beautiful taste they had!
    Also that first necklace you showed us today, the one that the viewer commented on… I don’t think that was a plumeria flower. Plumerias have a petal that is more pointed at the end. I believe that it is actually a dogwood blossom. The petals on that flower almost have a little heart shape, not a point. I think if you look at pictures of white dogwood blossoms, you will see the resemblance.
    Either way, that is a stunning piece!
    Thanks for ALWAYS brightening our day with your sunny personality, even when it’s pouring down rain!❤️🌟❤️

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