I'm going to do Etsy shop critiques live on youtube!

I'm going to do Etsy shop critiques live on youtube!

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I’m going to force myself how to use youtube live and do some shop critiques once or twice a week. This isn’t going to be super thorough SEO work, but I’ll take a look at some shops and give my general impressions. POST YOUR SHOP LINK if you’re willing to let me use your shop live on youtube! I’ll choose some at random.

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hey guys I'm live in my kitchen well I'm not live but I'm going to learn to use YouTube live streaming and now that I've said it I have to do it right so what I'm gonna do is once or twice a week depending on you know what time I have you know my free time I'm gonna do some Etsy shop critiques just kind of general overviews I'm not gonna go in and do your SEO for you if you want me to look at your shop post a link to your shop in the comments here and I'll just choose some shops at random and you know go go kind of go over quick give you guys a quick once-over and that's also if you also if you want to be alerted when I do go live click the little bell that will give you notifications for my channel and subscribe to the channel I think you have to subscribe before you get notifications I'm not sure but do that and if you want to sign up for a good business course you can go to my website to work with me link in the description and I'm also going to link to a new article that it's you just put up today about Etsy search it doesn't tell you anything new but it does link to their podcast and you can listen to them talking about it it doesn't it really doesn't say anything new but it's it's always good to read what they say because it's good to keep up alright so subscribe and click the bell to get notifications post the link of your shop if you want me to look at your shop at some point and get ready for me to go live and we'll see what happens alright I'll talk to you guys later

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