Integrate Sendlane with Shopify Theme - cheapest email marketing service - sendlane review

Integrate Sendlane with Shopify Theme – cheapest email marketing service – sendlane review

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– Integrate Sendlane with Shopify Theme – cheapest email marketing service – sendlane review

Sendlane Landing page Email marketing is good for your business. This app fully integrates your shopify store. This is why, as an entrepreneur, I believe that building successful email marketing campaigns has never been more important than it is now. Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email.

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hello this is Dan fashion Bauer from video pizzaz today I'm going to show you how to integrate your send lane autoresponder with your Shopify store I've logged into my send Lane account we'll come down here and click on integration come over here next to Shopify click on setup and it says you don't have any shops connected yet so let's connect one so we will click on connect shop we need to enter the URL of our Shopify store click connect with Shopify and to make this easier I already logged into my Shopify store before I started this process so it says here this app is a listed on the app store Sandling doesn't appear on the Shopify app store make sure you trust this developer before you install the app so we'll scroll down here click on install unlisted app alright so now it says your Shopify store is now connected with sin lane and it shows up right here then click on manage and with the basic setup you can choose to put your customers in your basic newsletter segment them out into only customers or segments out into abandoned the checkout customers or if you click on advanced you can actually do some more advanced segmentation by putting people in a list of collections types tags I'm just going to do the basic so I'll come back here and click on the basic tab and I've previously created 3 different lists in my sin Lane account so I'm just gonna use the pull down here and I will select my yoga core power list for my main Shopify newsletter and then for customers I will put them into a customer email list and then for people that have abandoned by checkout I will put them here and abandon checkout and by default that says here remove customers from this list after any purchase is made and I'll click on save and I said settings updated and note on the bottom here says your data is synced from Shopify every 15 minutes so this update does not take effect immediately so you might want to wait a half hour and then check to make sure that this is working fine so now when people enter in their email address here on my Shopify store it'll go directly into my send Lane autoresponder all right so I hope you found that useful and we'll see you next video bye for now you

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