Intro to my Etsy Shop| Crafts for Sell on Etsy

Intro to my Etsy Shop| Crafts for Sell on Etsy

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Cozy Red Fleece Neck Warmer

Butterfly Fleece Neck Warmer

Soft Pink Crochet Neck Warmer

Super Cute Chunky Crochet Pink, White, and, Black Neck Warmer

Rosy Red Infinity Scarf

Cozy White Crochet Baby Hat

Under the Sea Baby Blue Hat

Reversible Quilt Top Fabric Napkins

Purple and Green Crochet Granny Square Coaster

Elegant White Knitted Scarf

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hey guys I make so many things all the time it's really hard to keep everything and I started to give some things away to other people but then I realize I can really make some extra money so at least that's what I'm trying to do so in this video I'm gonna show you some things I have made some things I'm gonna put in my shop if you have any questions about anything or if you're wanting to see something more detailed or want to know how to make something in particular please let me know I'm more than willing to help anyone out oh yeah and if he's just gonna showing you some ions I'd say in the past and some items that I am posting on my Etsy shop to say and I'm just showing you guys my Etsy shop I've been adding some things on here and I'm in the process of adding some more stuff up here but I want to show you guys a little more hands-on I know you're watching this all online and you can't really see the items are touch them like you would at a store but I do want to record a video some of the items I have online and some things that I am thinking about posting on my shop but my shelf is called Marian renee creations so if you guys are interested definitely stop by exes and all you do is type in Marion Marion Reneau creations in the search box and then you'll find my shop but yeah let's get started okay so the first thing I'm going to show you and it's my redneck warmers they're made of fleece fabric they're very warm you can kind of see how big they are that's why I have them in a grid they are all those things are finished I'm very soft very comfortable to wear great for kids going back to school or anybody love my school who wants to have a scarf on their neck but not have them hanging hello some people don't like them hanging low but he's a really nice so you can put them on your neck and when you're bending down you don't have to worry about scar just you know dragging the dirt or it's easy for kids that come in their book bag or something like that I can make them in different colors and right now is have to a little bone rape but if you Congo me on Etsy okay and definitely I'm willing to make more colors my next one is this butterfly kind of whimsical scarves very similar to the other one I think it's maybe a little bit bigger but all the measurements and prices of everything that I am showing you guys are online on Etsy I'm missing the link for each item and you guys can click on the item and see how much they are and I have measurements listed out there too as well so you guys can just get an idea of that but this is really pretty scarf very curly but again if you want something for boy or more gender neutral please let me know what colors are what plants may be interested in and I am more than willing to work with you on that one that's it scarf or Nick one more cowl-neck my no my other accoun ech is very small though Shan what color it's very pretty very pretty on hopefully I have a manikin next time when I'm doing these and I can kind of show you what they look great but I just kind of want to give you guys the idea of what they look like you can see them in the pictures but now you kind of get multiple views of the stitches and all that stuff but I haven't never very pretty very pretty on the very saw and I try to keep my prices very affordable that way I was not super expensive my other cowl-neck this one is crocheted as well is very very comfy very cozy it's really thick so this is great for those who get lots of snow and what's going to cover their face too as well this is perfect for that very cozy very warm if 3-yard is using this one there's a pink a white and a black so it's the same pink in this scarf here it's the black and white and I think it just looks really nice together very chunky it's just I love it I love it everything you imagine that you know how do your a petticoat sweater put that on over top you don't have to worry about wearing you know I have you watching this pretty big covers your ears too great for you have your out there you know children waiting a bus stop or if you're walking back up for the class and you're in college or even work girl a working boy I can make these in different colors too so let me know this is my last neck warmer I have on a shop for sale this one is so beautiful I don't know you guys can see the print yes you can you guys see that those are roses isn't that great Jesus brings all of the fabric it's very soft very soft beautiful very elegant all the things to finish there's no unfinished seams and I'm if you're interested in me showing you how to make these I can possibly do a video too as well for those who are DIY heads and do it it's tough but I wonder has some things and sound could I make stuff all the time and I cannot keep everything I make or at the house full of scars and turtlenecks and cowl necks and blankets and everything so I want to have this option for those who want to be interested in buying who may not you know be a crafty person it's not shiny I hope it's not coming up to shiny it's not really shiny but it is a very beautiful fabric very beautiful time my last scarf I have it's not a cowl neck it's a very simple elegant white knit scarf again the link to below so you'll see the measurements of how wide and how long this scarf really is but it's just a really pretty very simple white scar very simple next thing I want to show you some hats this hat I love the fat love fabric loathing yarn this is a crocheted hat too as well the yarn has a mixture of the blues the greens and purples so it's kind of my honor to see theme hat this is a white crochet hat it has some detailing at the bottom very simple but very cute as well this was not when a shot I'm debating what I want to do extra with the hat if it's too small but I think we really cute for a doll or a preemie so let me know you think this would be something that would be good to have on a shop I may throw it on the shop and see how it does but yeah it's cute the next thing I want to show you guys are these fabric napkins these are perfect for those people who like the idea of eating outside and want to have a really pretty table setting rolling up and be able to have a a table angle in there which is something else I'm gonna be doing fabric rings or whatever they are called the tie the the fabric napkins up together they're inspired by a quilt called turning 20 so they have the blocks like that same quote but a bit bigger I got the fabric from a quilt show a couple years ago they're a bunch of that quarters that I just kind of cut up in it as you can see I've used some of the same fabric throughout the pieces it's a set of four so when you order the fabric napkins you'll get four of them and they're reversible and two-sided and I have a blog post of these with some plates on top and you know I'm a good Catholic you know you can really change the look of your table very inexpensively by just adding fiber napkins doing small things like this they're very Victorian again the measurements are aligned and it's our prices it's very pretty let's think I have our constants sorry about that the coasters are not online yet so that's why there's some unfinished as edges but these are still be a set of three coasters there are very simple granny squares are they either key to have in the office or in a bedroom well you don't want to hospitals or even at your countertops or wherever you want to put them or if you have a small hot mug and you want to sit it down you can put it on there so you know those are the coasters right there the last thing I want to show you is an apron this particularly ate this apron is not for sale but I am interested in making more aprons first and whether this one and having them for so just want to know what you guys thought sorry about that the fabric is from Amy Butler I don't know if all the fabric pieces are from Amy Butler but with joy the five pieces are

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