Is Etsy trying to stop International Sellers? Etsy announcement July 2019

Is Etsy trying to stop International Sellers? Etsy announcement July 2019

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Today, 9th July 2019 Etsy have sneaked in an announcement – so on a quick look what does this mean for Etsy Sellers, is it trying to stop international sellers, will it hurt our shops? What does it mean? Do we all have to offer free shipping?
Most importantly DONT PANIC
Announcement is here
And if you want to have your say and ask your questions the Q&A thread is here

is easy trying to kill off international sellers is easy trying to hurt us sellers let's talk about today's announcement and see if we can put some perspective on that so if you haven't already seen we wake up to howls of protest today eat see have released an announcement and I have it here hot off the prices I'm not even kidding I printed it out I'm so old-school a date and it's here once again talking about free shipping but what are they saying that is making people complain and quite so strongly let's have a quick look at this eat see unveil plans to make free shipping a core part of the shopping experience and the highlights at the top of this announcement which was released today the 9th of July eat see to provide sellers with tools and support to make it easy for them to guarantee free shipping on orders over $35 or more to u.s. buyers items that ship for free will get priority placement in US search results and it's an initiative to build a buyer trust and loyalty so this is from Josh Silverman it sees chief executive officer and he is saying that they're constantly hearing that high shipping prices deter shoppers from buying on Etsy so they feel that making free shipping the norm will help customers purchase more the goal of this is to increase conversion increase more people buying encourage repeat customers and drive more business for eat see shops so they kina sounds good what's the big deal here and what they're saying here is from the end of this month they're gonna be pushing this out that for us buyers items over $35 that have free shipping will be prioritized in the search and I get it there's been lots of howls of protest over this firstly yeah we know free shipping isn't free shipping yeah it sounds disingenuous you put up your prices to absorb the shipping costs but the thing is everybody knows this if you buy a buy one get one free meal you know you're not getting a free meal you know they're absorbing the costs their prices are probably a little higher they can afford to do this if you get free air miles on your credit card these are not free the credit card company has made a fortune out of you and or other people anyway it's all been paid for these are incentives but we know they're not free the money comes from somewhere and what I'm hearing a lot of is this is gonna push out the international seller it's gonna make it harder to sell internationally but but the thing is what they're doing what eats he is trying to do is what they've always tried to do show the buyers the items they're more likely to buy so if there were more likely to buy an item that's got cheaper shipping if price is a factor then that's gonna make a difference for them so they weren't gonna buy your item anyway now I want to do some real talk here yes this could be bad yes this could be good there's either ways but at this minute in time and probably for the full rest of the month people are gonna be spending a ton of energy on complaining about this on panicking some people will even shut up their shops and I feel sorry for them yet every single change is stressful I do want to say though that eetzi has been changing constantly and you can't look and say this is not fair this is what I'm used to it should stay the same I can promise you that what you're used to was a change that had people freaking out in the past I've been on it see for an Ellie 11 years now and I've seen a whole load of changes and every single one of them had people freaking out but every single one of the big changes has had eetzi growing year-on-year eetzi is selling more things they're not just making more revenue as people say because they're selling more to us they're taking higher fees they've got promoted listings all that the actual merchandise that's being sold on Etsy that volume that amount of money being made from people selling things year-on-year has been going up and for five years sues my revenue in my shop all these big changes year on year my shop does better now I know there's gonna come a day who and that's not gonna happen I'm gonna be one of these shops where again things crash when a change happens it happened to me before it happened to me in 2010 big change I crashed and I know and I understand and it sucks if that's your shop if the bad things happen because of this but I don't see this as being a massively terrible thing necessarily firstly okay if all your sales if you're relying on sales from a massive search term if you are ranking for the word ring you're an international sailor you're on the front page of the word ring yeah well you're super lucky you're super competitive you know you're super lucky you've hit a super competitive term and nobody has the right to be on that page something was gonna change that you were gonna get knocked down anyway but yes it could well be you were on that page and now with the free shipping if you can't or won't do free shipping or if they want a high ticket price like a ring I probably would say do free shipping but if you can't then it's likely that that front page will be dominated by sellers that are doing free shipping and that's simply because there's so many more salads there however if you're in a niche category if you're keyword that you're ranking for is super long tail is super specific to your item your steampunk bronze turquoise ring there's less competition there's less people with that so even if a tenth of all shops suddenly did free shipping you might drop down from ranking in position to to ranking in position 20 but you're still there on the front page you're still competitive and also although they're saying they'll get priority they'll get boosted up in the rankings if your shop is doing amazing if you're selling great you're still gonna rank pretty well in many ways I completely understand this if you think is a buyer if you look on eat see if you search for something you'll see all the items lined up now if I search for ring I'll see ya sitting at the top of that already all the items are mainly best seller or free shipping but the difference is I can't see what the shipping is for any of these items I have to click on an item to figure out the total cost if they're not free shipping so if I wasn't sure and there was a couple of items that were very similar to me and I looked at them and one said free shipping and the other didn't say free shipping and the prices are similar do I want to spend the time to go and click through the one to find out how the prey sees match up I might click on that and find out that their shipping cost is way higher than I can afford so I might just look and go do you know I like some both about the same I know how much that one costs and I can afford that so I would just go ahead and buy the item with Free Shipping and also when I'm on eBay and yeah you can't compare apples with tractors totally different thing I understand that but when I'm on eBay I filter for free shipping just because it's easier to see I know it's not free shipping but I get that and remember you are not competing against every other seller on the entirety of eetzi you're only competing against the people in your niche you're only competing against the people in your search so their items are a similar size to yours they're a similar weight they cost a similar amount to ship so they're either going to both to eat those costs you know increase their costs and put up the price or they're not gonna bail to offer free shipping in your niche it might be that nobody offers free shipping so you don't need to and if everyone else puts up their prices and offers free shipping then you're in the same boat as them put up your prices offer free shipping and and for his international buyers okay I don't want to laugh at the misfortune of Americans but their shipping prices went up quite significantly last month though so I know for me in the UK and my shipment braces are still competitive it's absolutely bonkers but it can be cheaper for me to ship an item to America than it can be for a person to ship an item from one side of America to the other so I'm not disadvantaged by that shipping price and if you are if where you live has super expensive shipping then you could perhaps look into options now we all know that certain countries offer free shipping on super cheap items and it takes months for the item to appear were used to that and we deal with that fact so what have you looked into not airmail shipping what if there was cheaper alternatives if there was surface shipping actual inner ship that cost less that was a good cheap price you could offer that and then it would show free shipping so you put up your price slightly to cover this that would offer free shipping but then you offer options shipping options where people can pay to get faster shipping so there's always ways around this so yes it's a change your panic it's horrible you think it's all terrible but don't panic too much spend your energy deciding on what you're gonna need to do personally I'm gonna spend my energy figuring out what my prices are gonna need to be today and then the next few days I'm gonna work on possibly putting up my prices and offering free shipping but also hang hang on listen and see it's he's talking about giving this tools to offer this free shipping I have no idea what this might be so let's wait they might be offering her something pretty cool and not only that right this minute eat see in the forums is doing a Q&A I'll link to this in the comments below if you have worries fears whatever else write to them in the forum right on that Q&A it's running for a couple of days and then the eetzi staff will look through and we'll answer those questions they'll shut down that post and they'll answer those questions so hop over there at their question and then sit back and don't panic about it nothing's changing today so wait until we have the answers do not spend all of today in a little negative spiral speculating on forums and complaining how terrible eetzi is this is not gonna kill your shop let's take a minute take a breath and figure out what we can do to take advantage of this to take advantage of the fact that a large chunk of eetzi sellers don't read up on the things that eat see send them they don't pay any attention to this a large chunk of eat see sellers won't even think about offering free shipping so if we think about so if we think about it we're ahead of them oh and one more thing that literally just came into my head you don't have to offer for free shipping on your entire shop you can have a few loss leaders are a few increased ones the major not all of your tags rank not all of your items rank in search so let's think up some loss leaders or if you can make more than one of an item let's make a listing dedicated to the American audience let's let's make a listing that we're wanting to rank in America with the free shipping and have your not free shipping listing as well let's have a few listings in your shop with a free listing see what happens no way does it say that a shop will be penalized for not having free shipping across the boards you can have some listings that don't ship internationally even if that's what you want so experiment with some listings it does not have to be the whole thing okay I hope that helped calm you down and potentially inspire you a bit or at least start getting you thinking if you have any questions queries you remember I don't work for eat see I don't know any more than you do but if you want to carry on with this discussion pop it down in the comments down below thank you so much I'm Pam Duffy don't forget hit molly face to subscribe and come back often for more eetzi videos

33 thoughts on “Is Etsy trying to stop International Sellers? Etsy announcement July 2019

  1. and again… in a case, there is experiment about the part shop on free shipping, is a little bit dangerous.. because on eligible orders as a seller you might loose a hard.. for example, the first item is chosen with free shipping and the second item automatically goes with free shipping too. but maybe the second item has shipping price 15$ so..need to be very careful

  2. it is a very huge and hard statement for the first time from Etsy side about FREE Shipping.. so it's pretty clear that will affect all sellers in a good or bad way… I have seen very good shops to drop down and opposite… so yes we need to learn to be more flexible .. and adopt changes. Good luck everyone 🙂

  3. I have always offered free shipping on all of my items (I have over 80 already), my shop has had almost a thousand visits to date and not a single sale… I started thinking that my products are not right for Etsy, though I did my research and know that other, longer established shops do sell similar items at similar prices. After this announcemenr I decided to wait untill the end of the year, keep adding new items to see what happens. Do you think there is still a chance with such terrible stats?

  4. Everyone is freaking out about this. No one is forcing sellers to stay on Etsy. And as I heard someone else say today, Etsy doesn't owe us anything. And my thought is that Etsy is a business. Etsy is going to do what's best for their own business. They are constantly improving in order to facilitate more sellers and more buyers and more transactions. They have done a LOT of research on shipping and they truly believe that pushing free shipping is going to increase sales.
    I TOTALLY agree with you. Don't panic and nothing is changing right now. There are much more productive things we can do with our energy than worry! “Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.”

    – Swedish Proverb
    If you don't like the direction Etsy is going, focus on building your own customer base and building or marketing your own ecommerce website!

  5. Wow! Several unhappy folks over this. I hope that everyone will find a positive way to make this work for them.

    Thanks for talking about this and for keeping us updated on things to come. It gives us food for thought to ponder and decide what works best for our shops and customers.

  6. Trying to figure out what your focus/point of view is. You seem a bit all over the place. You start off angry at the email then go on to agree with the email. I'm confused. But for me it's gonna be a shit-storm. It's probably gonna kill my business. Aus seller 90% customers are us based. costs $40 to ship the the us and $14 to ship domestically. If I put the $40 onto the print price then it's over priced for Australia. And regardless people just aren't going to buy an over priced product even if shipping is free.

  7. This would make sense if shipping costs were flat, but prices vary so much depending on where you ship to. How am I supposed to adjust prices to cover shipping that might be $20 or might be $30?

  8. People are right to freak out about this. It wouldn't be that big of a problem if it was possible to change prices per country, or per continent. But that is not the case. If shipping costs me 52 for shipping to the US, I have to add 52 euro's on it for every country. Even if I can ship it in my own country for just 5 euro's, or to a neighbouring country for 12. You are forced to rip people off.

  9. Sane and sensible, Pam: thank you. And now, if I may address any international sellers aiming at US buyers — I am a long-time Etsy customer who buys from international sellers. Being charged for shipping has never and would not deter me from buying if the item is what I’m seeking. I doubt I am alone in this. And as for losing a bit of a boost in search … well, Etsy promised boosts in search before (for adopting their policies, for example), and as an Etsy seller, I noticed zero boost. Etsy isn’t saying how much of a boost free shipping will give anyone. Maybe it will be as neglible.

  10. This isn’t a big deal if you ship small lightweight items. If you sell larger items, what happens is that you will have to price for California shipping because you don’t know who will buy it, which ultimately will piss off local buyers who have to pay Cali shipping prices.

  11. I am seeing Etsy warning me about charging domestic shipping in ireland but its 10 quid to express post something ANYWHERE. I want my customers to make sure they can track their purchase and that costs 10 quid in Ireland. its 15 international. I had to put my prices down a bit but it looks like I will have to swap my shipping prices for the entire total price to go up. Everything is expensive now im a bit pissed I want my customers to feel secure when they order and be able to track stuff. Should i be punished for that? I wish traceable post was free but its not.

  12. Apparently I was already thinking about this. I actually changed all my prices and added free shipping this past weekend. There were so many good ideas in your video. I just added UK and Netherlands to my shipping profile and I took ground shipping off. However, I like the idea of the feee shipping option and then the upgrade. I am going to do that. Thanks again. Always great content in your videos

  13. Thanks again Pam! <3 I can dig it. I offer free local shipping (Jamaica) but in order to offer free shipping internationally, I give a coupon for free shipping when 2 or more items are ordered. It actually made my first customer order 2 items instead of one.

  14. Very good video Pam, that is the thing if everyone does this correct you may even end up with more $$ on large orders since it cost less to ship together , you can't really refund the overage on things that say free shipping anyway.

  15. How do you suggest we price to leave enough room for sales? I can add in, say 15% to my prices to allow me to have a sale and still make money. If my shipping is included then I will need to add the cost plus that 15% of the postage cost in order for me not to lose on a sale. Or am I not thinking this through correctly?

  16. Yes, they are hurting US sellers. Say I have a $160 item weighing 7 pounds  
    Shipping cost to California ~ 36.00
    Shipping cost to Florida ~ $28.00
    Shipping cost to Texas ~ $19.00.
    So the item is now priced to $192. yep. I won't take the loss.
    AND you're not in the US which recently went to dimensional weight, you are comparing apples to oranges.

    Yes, you're right, they are selling more BUT They are selling more items under $25.

  17. After 5 years growing every year, this year i had a 70% drop. I live and create in italy and 98% of my costumers are in USA. Now, i have 70% less sells, and i sell 99% in Europe. And you think Etsy dose not had a role?

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