Journal Share for Etsy shop!

Journal Share for Etsy shop!

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hey y'all it's Diane with shawl craft one in my own barn door and I just wanted to share another journal with you guys my other ones sold and this one is very similar to it so I just thought I would share it with you real quick I hope the lighting is OK it's dark outside so I hope that you can see it okay but anyway it's very similar to the other large journal that I showed on my last video so I just did some pieces on the front and I kept the hardcover this is from that same series of books that I used from the other one so it's 11 by 8 and a half and I just did some fabric on the spine and it was still wet because I've just now finished it so and then I just did some collaging on the back cover so we'll just go on in real quick and let you guys take a quick peek because I'm hoping to get this one listed on my Etsy shop tomorrow if I can get the pictures done so on the inside cover I have another one of those let me move some of this out of the way because I feel like it's distracting sorry I'm just trying to I'm in a different location because I'm trying to have enough lighting okay I may be just around a little bit so hopefully there's enough light for you guys to be able to see so inside the front cover I'll just put the another one in for my envelopes that's made out of an old book page and I left it kind of open at the top so it would be a little easier to get stuff in and out and then there's just a couple of little tags and some journaling cards behind there but this was in the book and I just thought it was really cool to leave that in the book because these books come a long way and I don't know if you guys can see that let me hold it up a little bit I'm in Tennessee this book came from Washington and so there's a story just behind the book I don't know how it got here you know how it wound up in Tennessee from Washington I just thought that was something cool to leave in the book because that tells a little bit of a story in itself and then I just have a little journaling card inside the pocket there lots of sewing again in this book lots of fabric in this book and I tried to put some cool different little elements lots of vintage book pages got some washi tape love love love this book page I just think that's so cool and then this one flips out if I can slot it over so it flips out and this is actually a card so you can touch something in there and then this is a card that folds open this one has three signatures two got little fabric tabs cards old book pages lots of sewing this one flips out as well some more that old book page this is from a children's book I think it's called child craft so it's got some cute little poems and stuff this is a pocket that I made from and a security envelope and so I'll just kind of tuck that down in there to show you that it's a pocket in that you know you can you can put a picture in there and have it a little peekaboo or whatever more fabric and then I just sewed on a couple of well actually just one piece for journaling and there's a little pocket with just a couple of likes some I think it's some of my recipes and then a tag tucks in the back this is doubled for it's glued together and then sewn around so just kind of makes it a little more sturdy for art journaling or whatever you want to put on there but in that pretty just love those pictures and then this is an envelope that's sewn on and I love the back of the envelope it's really really pretty and it actually goes it goes with this cart here so it matches and then this was just like a little card and it's actually a birthday card that still says happy birthday but I figure you can put a picture over that or do journaling over that or whatever you want to do and then you can actually this you can tuck a picture down in here or a journaling card or whatever you want to tuck in there here's the other side of that children's book page and then here's one of those big tags and I just tucked it around the side of the page that one's sewn on lots of fabric I've got some tabs that are stapled all because I love the look of the staples in there – this just got fabric on the inside of it and it just makes it a little more sturdy and that's from one of those flowering oh excuse me flowering but pages that I found it's vintage and then this page has just got a little stationary page that's sewn on so you can flip it open and you can tuck something in behind there you got to have Charlie Brown because that's just the epitome of vintage love me some Charlie Brown got a little tuck you can use this as a little tuck here on both sides there's some more but I think this is from that child craft book but I just love the colors in this and this one you can see it kind of has a floral theme to it as well so got some sewing with some children's playing cards that's from a game that I found it I think I found it at the goodwill and this one folds out and this is just one of my little tags that I made out of Foot page and a napkin and then I've got a fabric pocket with just a couple of things tucked in here an old book page for journaling and a Yahtzee card and and then this is just a piece of an old book page and I sewed it with some journaling peep pages in it then she looked my head for some reason to me she looks mad I don't know why she looked like she's mad at fairies but I thought it was cute page so I put it in here this one is a tuck that folds out love the fabric on the inside and then there's one of those little it's a game card this one's doubled as well so it'll take your art journaling and paint just so whatever you want to put on it this is just a little journaling card that I sewed some lace and some journaling pages – this is a little touch so you can put a little tag or whatever you want to put in there so – a piece of journaling page – that and this is just an envelope made on one of my recipe books I don't think it has anything in it I just love these books I'm gonna keep one I don't know which one I'm gonna keep but I'm gonna keep going these are from a children's book hot over in the meadow it's a little golden book from this one's from 1983 so it's not completely vintage but this is some vintage music from 1971 well it's like like this one's from 65 so this book is from either the 60s or the 70s not sure which love level of this this is from am Helen Steiner Ross book and it just hosts beautiful illustrations in it and I thought it went really well with the daisies with the yellow and then the butterfly I love the center of this one how does a tree grow and this was this one of the center pages and one of those child craft books [Applause] this is from one of my my flowering books and this is just a little tuck with a tag in it and you can tuck something in on this side as well I love the way this music page feels it's got a really good thick feel to it and then there's the other side of that children's book and you've got a music page and the music pages actually the theme from The Waltons Josh does that bring back memories some washi tape and then this one flips out and then this is another page from one of those flower books that I have which I love and then that is the end of that one and then on this end this is an envelope as well but I made it so that it flips out this way and then I just put you another one of those little journaling tags in it from an old book page with a couple of pieces of paper to journal on so and that is the end of the book so it's kind of thick you can see that there's there's also plenty of room to grow there's three signatures plenty of room to grow in this book and I did leave you know some of the threads from where i stitched things in and stuff I just like the look of that so anyways if you guys are interested go check out my Etsy shop this was this will be listed in my Etsy store if not tonight I'll get it listed tomorrow but if you liked the video go ahead and hit the like button subscribe if you're not a subscriber and give me some love and I really appreciate you guys watching y'all have a great night

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