Junk in the Trunk#9 (#3 revisited) part 3

Junk in the Trunk#9 (#3 revisited) part 3

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okay that's where I got to and that's all nice and dry now and that was like the pod the bottom part of the whole napkin and what I done with the top part has done these tacks I've literally just put it on and dried them that's as they are so yes Auckland clay and everything until I work with them and then I got a little envelope here so I thought I would finish off with what was left and the napkin so I separated this sort of flowers out and when that was quite a big bet and what was left from that bit was these so I've separated the flowers all right so I thought that would go nicely down there we've got this little bit here which sometimes can look nice just there but I might put some fabric on that one so now I'm going to put it there even if I put fabric there it's okay I'm going to do that and we could mmm I might put that under there actually so that goes underneath that okay like that and then perhaps put my fabric panel here on this one so yeah well ducky podge that okay yes potatoes and that and this campaign on that I actually quite like them I say I might just incur any edges on those I'm quite happy with how they're looking right I'm using vintage photo at now okay get some ink on this one first right tea first it's quite a light envelope so just start off gently and I also think the inside not line make it look sort of old really you could do the bidding on here put a stamp in first and then I might have to use a bit of gesso I'm not sure yet Stumpy's dumping something right I'm gonna go to dark so I'm going to use toffee crunch doesn't he use this one just got a few stamps out I didn't get very many out so no more numbers the tap stamp now okay see what I've done again I'm sort of and then creating a bit of negative space there for a minute trying to not get near that edge cuz I don't like the things just stopping I've got stamps actually where that don't happen but [Applause] in a postage stamp there that's some look tiny bit down there I reckon yep right we need a lion Ikey purple stamp I think I have to go change good I like that yep just round them a minute okay so got quite a selection there different ones that's gotten no sort of writing in at all so okay yep right let's do that one I think that is potting soil and I didn't worry about which way it's situated at all because nobody does that and the place to face and then I'm gonna do the lines across one more if that's what they would have done to make sure that stamp had marks on it once you could peel it off and use it again all right let's go Oh should we have yep because as you know I love this stamp the numbers on really do so I'm gonna use that down there I think I mean I was gonna put fabric there was nice okay actually really like the way it's looking that anything on that say doesn't seem to need it really now I'm going to put something down here not again though so I haven't used this one before so I will stamp on something first if I like it yeah it's lost its thicky that one okay where's my little pot yeah that's not sticky as it really but anyway needs some cleaning off the wet wipe sometimes you can get them back that okay and we need a little address in here which I usually do that when my total a circuit you can just pop them in yep I think that's nice right so I'm gonna just tidy up and I'll be back right I think I'm sorted actually I think these I found this little bit of sorry trim and I think that brightens up this because I find you know it's sort of because it's I think these would look better if the coffee staining was a little bit lighter alright cuz its dulled them down and there's such a vibrant flower normally so I I need to brighten these up a bit and so I thought these would be right do we want we need the whole reinforces on ready but that's okay just put those on not much there so yeah excuse me fiddle in there hopefully I don't break here I'm not pulling hard yeah okay and I'm going to actually stitch around here the cream all right and I'm going to go over that zone to keep that on and I'll do the same with this one yep it's nice and it's sort of matching in with that and then I've got one bit left here where I've got more but but it weighs and I thought that was going here right I'm gonna put this on the page I think and that's gonna be create a little flat for a pocket so I am going to put something up here but I'm gonna rush wish this bit up which I don't mind that it's not straight and I'm going to sort of put that along there just come in a bit so just see so you see a bit of blue poking through there so go ahead and do that and now I'll see you in a minute okay a stitch round both of those and I've typed on the address there and I've stitched on that so that's worked out quite nice because we've got a bit poking out there now and my dress is to mrs. J tunnel to cornfield crest meadow field England hope you made out right what was he gonna do a K right that was gonna go there right okay this is gonna go I thought that would go over there one of them in here like that where's my rusty rusty ones I saw I had some out I did let's go some here all I need to yeah we're gonna decorate those in a minute anyway so that one's gonna go there like that and we've got the envelope so we need to decorate that a bit and this one it's not gonna go there don't know what's gonna go there yet but that one I'm going to stick that one there but not until hopefully carol has said yes that was mine and then I can write her name on the back and I might just do it actually blew it down there so we can flip up and see it yep and then that one and that page there and I think some a little quote on the top of there something and maybe something sort down here hanging quite fancy that let me see my hands going actions right yeah like that right so I'm going to leave that for a minute because this is what I tend to do I'm only showing you my way because this helps me to well because sometimes when you start a journal you know it's all nice and full here and then you get towards it and then the back not a lot goes on because you sort of like almost finished and you don't put some out I don't think me personally I don't put so much effort so when I get to sort of light that done I usually skip to the back okay and I'll do a few pages you know like in words like that and then I will go to the middle of the book which I know we've already done that's all here right and then I'll work out our work from there alright and that's why I tend today and then I'll do sort of those pages go in towards there and then I will do those pages go in towards what I've done at the back to you know about there or something that's what I do it helps me balance everything because sometimes we do put loads in here and I think it just tails off so that's why I do that so I'm going to go ahead and do that so we need a tag which most properly I've got one already made that can go in there alright I look through my book okay that one was one of them ones that we made that I made out of my colored sheets wasn't that yes sorry I do forget my words a lot it's something to do with it's called brain fog I know we all get it when we get a bit older but I suffered through it it's under active thyroid that causes it for me and I'm about four years ago I was really quite poorly with it and I really forgot everything and it was all so awful until I was diagnosed with it I thought I was actually going mad you know have brain scans and everything and it they never found anything it was literally to do with that's not coming up and directed by Roy so once so you know got diagnosed and was put on four oxen and things really improved but I still occasionally I mean I couldn't even hold a sentence I couldn't even talk at all really because I just couldn't even think of the next word to come out of my mouth it was really quite scary so I still you know sometimes when I'm video and I do suffer with like just remembering names of things or my train of thoughts you know when I wander off I know we're all of it like that but mine was really really evident it was I was horrible yes I'm sure there's a few of you out there that have have facts it's quite a common thing isn't that and I've actually been a bit laps with my medication lately so I think I need to up here a bit I haven't been checked recently and I have been sort of keep forgetting because when you're well you don't think taking medicine do you I think that's what it is and then three or four days ago by oh no I don't take my four rocks in so I expect um you know but I'm pretty good now at the moment cuz I know I've got to take it every day really so that's what I'm doing okay so you have to excuse me when that happens and I forget things and need some threads in there so with again it's blue you see and we've got blue on the background anyway I think that looks nice there I put that's quite nice but that's a vellum butterfly it's been hanging around so he's got to go there has me okay we need some threads I don't know whether I got anything blue out I might just have a neutral color there there's quite a lot blue going on isn't there I've got one greens I need to change all this now really mm Oh still got a bit of that left look well these look like little corn flowers don't they they're not all forget-me-nots they forget me not to think don't quote me though I could be very wrong I'm guessing that's one of these as well it's quite nice got bit like left's go use that in here am I so I use that bit up he's been hanging around a while yeah need some more days alright I found the top of firm well it was quite a tall one so I cut the top off with one of the Tim Holtz dice okay and because I think that one is as well sorry I got these off Tina give me a load the other day so I have got these dies actually I just haven't done any ages so I thought that would look nice I'm gonna put too much on that quite like that white edge on that bit see I even use those little tiny bits I cut off because I hope you can see I bet you see me do this before I glue the back of my hand glue these down just pick up there it's haven't cause I run one of the things I didn't actually get it's going that way tiny bit glue there then where that come from right just I have shown people how to do this in a bit card or something okay and you see where that's not you know I've stuck most of it down okay and I've gotten a bit of a lift there alright and what I do sort of trying to fiddle putting glue underneath it I will put a bit on that card and then do that okay just needs hold you down bit and you don't get messy and I'll always like to put something here we've got all the crisscross is going on from the flowers shut up now quite like don't see a bit coming over the edge – the fluff just a little bit more over I think I'm holding there for a little bit and I think I'm going uphill here I was yeah it's all nice and stuck so I'm gonna put some of those champagne color gems in the middle of that butterfly I can find my my don't know where me other ones gone one that's blunt when I normally use I usually put three down cuz they quite snore these ones sticky's gone off of that one and we need some something up there what color we got in there got sort of quite not orangey color actually I might use nothing yeah we've got that brown sticking out at the top there Oh yellow I think yes I'm gonna be a bit wide yeah I'm gonna be stingy visit that Fred off a bit too much okay any words on that name I'm gonna leave that as it is for a minute that's fine yeah that's a bet page so now we go to here all right so we got we got the pinks and the green sort of greeny blue in the background there right I have this floating around this where I've tested out a stamp so I made that into a tag and I had one of me napkins and I just just decoupage that over so I thought I'd do another little tiny pocket here two pieces of coffee stain paper okay just cut the edge off and just tore down there and I thought I'd go there and just stumps a little bit not much just a tiny bit and we just make a little pocket out that really and to tuck that tag in just do me two sides and nothing was measured it was just all that do and then I saw it there include it's that page which I sometimes do I think the funniest is if it's sort of like you've finished and then then you go to do a video and you're like oh I think I'll glue that together right little bit of this I think needs to be done see what I'm gonna do so I'm gonna glue this bit down here I've got no bit of hair that way it's gonna glue this down too because it's not very big tag sort of fit in there I did have a bit of music paper somewhere quite easily disappear oh got use up right oh yes sure we did that Caitlyn yeah I bet you all saw that didn't you and you're shouting at me it's so blind as well as lose your brain when you're on them lose your memory and you lose your eyesight and sometimes you lose the function of your hands yeah but don't it you know what I'm trying to do pockets and things now that aren't too thick because it's still work look fair you know some chunky things going in saying I don't want anything – I'm not gonna stick that all the way down because it will stick I just need a bit of over that a little bit white knack in there so do that and do you need some laborers on the top and I want something quite fine because that one's gonna be lowered down so some delicate something delicate goodbye ohm such a thing a little bit of black running through that look go to the black around the stitching definitely need something else there don't think I've got much round that's blues at all that's two blue eyes not two blue bits the right colour blue turquoise no me have a ticket I think I come from the spring tap I think I have to put word in there they don't have it just with a ticket I need to have something saying inside not ticket it's more other sort of banner isn't it frame for something so that's a look I wanted that were didn't know but I'm not gonna get it oh I can do that right Tim Holtz let's have a look see what you've got that fits in there nice mate live in the moment or make today count cut them both out then quite fit that that one does I don't like it like that I like it over there and you does that or completely cover that over and put the words there yep I've got it it's fine [Laughter] sorry I think I am I need to stop now I'm gonna get the giggles I've been on my own too long oh now you see what I've done here okay I've got a bit of spotty there I got a bit of spotty here and that's still slightly going up here so I'm going to bring that down I need some spots told you I'm losing the plot I need a little bit of that one there oh I'm just gonna do a little bit so look no it's good okay that way right this is what I do my washi tape got to put someone there because I look at that page of it that's not right I'm not going downhill Andrea which it is at the moment you might find that looks really old to you but it doesn't to me it's that I've just got to have some of this going right okay what was like in the day oh yes that's how I look at this away from me it's really funny I think the top of the pocket is not quite straight that's what it's doing it because it is actually going along with that line of words there say just a tad okay because it's spelling it doesn't matter it peels off do you want to put peel it off I think I'll just keep having to look at that if I'm not careful so I am gonna make sure yeah I'm happy yeah yeah I think the top of the pocket is just coming down a bit so that's I can look at the words underneath and that is straight huh okay so we finished off there yesterday and I've gone ahead and just decoupage turn that napkin on there and let and dried it so I thought we would decorate this page to coordinate with that maybe a little bit bigger acetate there to detect the other work and I've chosen Lin dzasta melon no Chateau Rose I'm hoping I'm going to try not be a paper Perth I'm hoping it's quite subtle that's all I want let's see yeah that's fine just give a bit of shimmer to the page so we'll start with that some well that's just shake it a bit morning I'm just gonna dry that set the page curl in okay right well I've got to go on the page is the other piece of paper that I tore off from there and I thought I'd put that together and do I care I folded that over so yep I'm on it like that sorry that hanging over the page quite like that and then that's going to be tough spot here something just need to stamp a little tiny bit and tap stamp there it's all you need to do and then I'm going to ink up around the edges this is getting me ready for change into pink scene and I've got this little butterfly and I've just cut a circle out of this pink paper here so I thought that would go there and I quite like it if butterflies looks like slightly an angle might do that yep let's find I'm keeping it fairly flat cuz you're gonna have you know something tucked in there as well so no not too much dimension there at all I'm just gonna little tiny bit on there no I'm just gonna leave that yep so that's done there a little bit of pink going on yep EE right and I'm gonna carry on with a bit of pink over here because I've got this tag that's sort of pinky really and I've got the pink flower so gonna do a little bit more over there and right off I think I'm gonna put a little bit of darker pink as well and this one is pink ladies pink I'm just gonna check that it's not too dark at last me use that thing because if it becomes too overpowering I just sew it so just a little bit we want a bit yellow in here cuz I like flowers yellow that's all the dry okay and I follow true on to that page there for a minute just to give it a bit of color cuz it was pretty pale and wasn't much yeah I think the gold bits were already on it I was gonna say some nice gold bits coming through there anyway so I thought I had thought about this page here and I'm just going to sort of I got these Guffey no they're massive I've got me from scratch store these glassing sheets so I've quite thin I've been this sandwich thing for faint I'm not sure but they're great anyway and I've I'm gonna make an envelope there but I've sort of folded it half folded it to see where it comes and then I thought was left for this ayat or off I will show you how to do that in a minute but that's my thinking on this page because I thought that was left so I'm gonna make sort of a little pocket to go there alright the wish we can tuck something in but it has to be doubled if not before and I think that will be all right because it's ever so thin but with four together at this plenty and I quite like it actually if it's not all all straight on the edge you know I've got lines coming down here and there and I think that gives a little bit it gives the eye a bit of texture even though lovely implant yeah so I thought that was going to go there finished off my tag I was gonna Inc round the page here and then I'll just put some trim on the tag here but I don't know what done that many ages ago so no I didn't draw that well I sort of did I sort of copied it from something so it's not my drawing I would not think of being able to draw like that at all but I can copy things like that so that's why it's in my personal you know no way would I scam that in to sell it or anything like that because I just wouldn't so but I like to practice drawing and not very good at it well I'm find I'm better at things like that if you don't I mean that woman's are cool whereas if I have to draw something actually I drew a rabbit a while ago and I thought I actually think it look like [Laughter] I might be brave enough one day to show you that's like a kangaroo so anyway you know I have a game I'm playing around with water coloring flowers at the moment and oh it's alright it's okay I don't mind it's you know I try and do like 15 minutes every morning and I'm better in the morning because I do get tired at night so when I get up after the kids have gone to school at college or whatever I mean we're on half term now so it's alright but once they get off the college I'm there with my paints and I do a little like ten minute drawing that was something you know in my little book I may be brave enough one day to show you how bad I am but yeah I was like it faces I couldn't draw a face you know four years ago so I used to draw one every day you know to be honest I control them now and I started off really whimsical which I'm doing a bit with my fly noticed and then and is it progressed they got I got quite good at the whims of call and then I wanted to you know actually have them more realistic so they became half realistic and half whimsical which I thought we were quite funny but at least I can draw one now I don't think I'd ever be able to say look at a picture and draw that face exactly it becomes my own version of what I see so anyway that's my am art but I love me that's why I like mixed-media because you couldn't just go for it can't you in and that's it right so so waffling on again so now I'm gonna do the pocket and I'll show you how I come up with the pocket all fold it and I'm just gonna cut and sew sew sew so I measured it that way yeah and then I folded like that to get the size I want it and then I always fold over a piece there right to reinforce that edge there when it comes up for tucking things in alright so sort of put the envelope there and then I fold it up that way left about an inch away from the flap here okay so but this was you know right out here and then I thought oh I have a little bit more substance on the pocket so I folded that in again and just cut up there and then that's my flat so all I've got to do now I say totally different if I wasn't so in this I'd have to do flaps and everything and I've got I've got templates of that and that's gonna be something in a minute as well and then I'll round off these edges there wouldn't fold it over get those two corners to go back do that so that's the envelope like so it's new part of the way I need to start gluing a little bit down here I don't want to use too much glue because it's very see-through I'm just going to do that there open that out and do that flat there but I'm gonna do I think I'll do a black Fred and I'll show you why because I've got a bit of black coming through here so I'll do the envelope in black thread which I'll go and do that now and yes although I know it's made the lovely envelope okay so what I'm gonna do now though because it's not you know you're gonna blend in the journals it's very white so I'm gonna i'm going to spray up the team and see what happens I haven't used these before and you got these cut the weeks ago these ones because they're you know from the scrap store so it's other people's stuff that they put there you know businesses and things and we pay a subscription a year and then we can go in and have what we like really but you know within reason right so I'm gonna just I'm not going to worry too much about that so I'm sticking it down this is a bit of coffee watered-down coffee sorry might not even work I don't know so I just make it yes sort of worked yeah definitely if it yeah definitely so that that's better yeah like that but it was as you notice it wasn't clinging to it so it's quite waterproof so just put a bit here and then I sort of dab it off a bit scruffy up a bit more nice and I'm gonna stick down that what feels lovely I'm just wondering whether to have a pocket no I won't today because I think we've got quite a few pockets going on how amazing but I'm still not gonna put too much glue in the middle there just in case you can see it even though this does dry clear and it's very good that and it actually doesn't sometimes I'll put ribbon behind it for a closure but to be honest this is lying really nice and flat so I'm not gonna worry too much about it it's fine okay done that and then I put this in a decoupage just a little note so that's going in there that's quite pretty in there okay and I'm going to and oh yeah that's why that was the other bit of that and I've just stitched all the way ran that with some of them it was like a awful piece of material like I saw like an embroidery but I had laying around which I really love so I want to keep here and I thought that just looked really nice in there so that's what I'm doing there so I'm just gonna stick that in we're still good still make a pocket there so to exclude properly and that's that done yeah like that feels so lovely so I think we'll do that that's that's gonna be nice and quick isn't that so we do another page of kinky things going on there I think yeah and then what I'm gonna do I'm gonna bring a little bit of green into the background because I've got quite a bit of pink all around here so if I spray now with green oh snap some of that yep perfect just make sure nothing's gonna melt behind me so a little bit of stamp in not much because I quite like the way it's looking all my bitch oh there you certainly gave the mess on you there next sure but I love it wouldn't have it any other way and ink on the edges of the page yeah I'm not it's not a tech spot this one's just going to be a page decoration but I'm fast a bit straighter yep and today it's just let's put a little bit done I hope this has been giving you a bit of a insight on how I sort of like know in pages sometimes this goes a little bit dark which I feel it has and I've got a bit of a line I will then go in with gesso and I won't do that now but I'll go in and lighten it up again with a bit of Jetix I'm used any gesso on that page you know and I did and then I might go in again with a little bit more ink to blend it out so that's the sort of thing I do to get all the effects that go on in the background and my pages right on with the next page I actually don't mind the way that's looking so I think I'm going to leave that because of quite like that's fine and we go on to yeah okay it's getting fire yeah that's quite a bit to do yeah gosh can be ours so anyway but look this is already done so again I'm going to use green in the background of this one now so that's gonna make a tough spot or something there so I'm going to use a bit of green this is a flip-out I'm a bit away a little bit – their hair yep like so okay I finished the backgrounds on that one I just that's all they're done okay and I use the stencil on this one I think and that was the stump area right I'm not saying this was the one okay but there's all different ones that you can get I get mine from where do I get these from I can't remember I'll put the link at the bottom yeah but again it will be UK I'm afraid so I am going to stencil in here and I actually want some of it to go off a bit I like to blend in the pages if I can so I'm gonna start down here a little bit just go down like so like that I'm gonna most probably put that there I was going to put that on the other page but that blends really nicely with that so touch spot there and then I have an envelope they're not in play enough for a little tag there I want something over here the night stick you down then don't need anymore tuck spots like that and I'm not them what we're doing so I mean sometimes I'll leave that open so you can use that as a tuck spot as well but I'm not going to do it on this page this is gonna say it's for me so quite like that to come over the page there yep if in doubt which I think um no but if you do get glue you know you forget I tend to forget just put a bit of acetate under there and I'm going to glue up to here take that part of it now okay me something on here I didn't we got that bits too big I've become perfectly look got to you some of that I'm like I think oh well alright I'm gonna cut that off and use it cuz I really like that there I feel like I need something here is quite empty isn't it up to what's going on pick that got to use that somewhere I don't wait yeah I might put that up there actually okay I'm just gonna I think I'll do that just leave that open there that goes over that a little bit

27 thoughts on “Junk in the Trunk#9 (#3 revisited) part 3

  1. Love Love Love these videos. Thank you SO much!! And as far as the brain fog — whenever I watch videos these days, they are all doing the same, and I am as well. (Cell Phone towers?) Thanks again. <3

  2. Totally understand the brain fog, I’ve suffered my entire life with migraine headaches and that is an after effect. Of course I’m completely brain dead during a migraine. Now I’m starting to think I might have ADD or ADHD, I’ve never been able to stay focused on any one thing for too long. I’ve recently read up on it, and it would explain a lot. But your videos keep me interested, and anxious to play with some of your brilliant ideas!

  3. I just watched your last three videos to try and catch up. I have laughed with you and been awed by you. Your work is so inspiring. I love your eye for putting it all together. Your journal is fantastic! I love it all! I love the variety and creative way you use what you have! You are SO good to share your ideas and talent when you struggle with the health issues you have. When the time comes that I just want to sit and watch something, it is going to be the ARTYmaze show! I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!♥️

  4. Aw andera you are too funny lol. I really enjoyed each page you created and the effects and the detail on each page were so beautiful. Its going to be one stunning journal when you are finished. The different colours you used looked amazing and stamps to. Tfs another fabulous video.

  5. Andrea Sweetheart I finally got a chance this morning to see video I have Ra and lupus last summer I was livestreaming and I could barely get my hands to tie it in the Journal for the heat they were swallow I just carried on they all understood ❤️ I understand completely The ones that the follow you understand and enjoy Sweetheart I have to tell you your laugh start my day off great Hun thank you for sharing with us your process I am enjoying it very much take care of you and take your meds much love Sweetheart Denina ♥️👍 👍👍

  6. Andrea, on a serious note, I would like to say that I really can relate to you. About 2010 I could barely walk across the room and had a lot of brain fog. Not always sure I was sane. I had been checked for thyroid and other things. Tired all the time. I already was getting B12 once a month.
    Since then I get B12 every two weeks and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in addition to psoriatic arthritis. All of which are auto immune diseases. Just what you to know I understand where you are coming from.
    On a happier note, I did this journal when you did it back in #3 and thought I was finished. I wasn’t. Haha. I’m working on it again and so appreciate your wonderful tutorials. ❤️

  7. What a good idea about working in your book, front, back and then back and fill in the rest of the pages, thank you Andrea I'm going to try working like this, as I do nearly use all my items at the front…in excitement, thank you for sharing love your videos xxx

  8. Beautiful Book .. Totally get the brain fog, I was very bad a few years back. In our house it is called " Sally speak" . In the beginning my husband used to get irritated by it, but now he realizes I cannot help it and he works out what I mean.. One of my best was asking him to get " the thing that lays the eggs" out of the freezer 😂😂

  9. Understand the brain fog completely , I have MS and ‘cog fog’ as we call it happens often but your videos are great , love your style , love to watch you and your work is fantastic. Thank you so much for all you share.

  10. Andrea, glad you got a good diagnosis on your memory! That is so important! In many cases, if caught early enough, many conditions can be treated. Too late, and serious consequences may ensue.
    I had been feeling an awful lot of pain and discomfort when I tried to do anything, but, I just figured I had been really hard on my body in my life. I was always kind of wild! LOL I had always been physically active, yet, it strained me to no end to try to do anything!
    I took treatment for Hep-C last year, but, when the disease was gone, my blood levels were still whacked out! Turned out, I have aplastic anemia, which is a condition of the bone marrow. Basically, it is a lack of bone marrow. I have 1% of what I should have. I don't have many red blood cells, which carry oxygen. I got short-winded frequently! Also, I would bleed for longer than normal, too. I lost loads of weight, as low as 97lbs! It scared the heck out of me!
    I'm in with a good specialist in bone marrow transplant, now. He's monitoring my levels until such time as treatment is necessary. They don't like to treat until they absolutely have to.
    Again, I am so glad you got on top of that!

  11. That is such a great idea, going to the back and start adding. I have a couple journals that everything is great in the front and not so good in the back. Love your videos 🤗

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