Junk Journal Share for Etsy SOLD!

Junk Journal Share for Etsy SOLD!

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hey y'all it's Diane with shawl cup 1 and I just have another grunt journal to share what he does for my Etsy shop so we'll just go ahead and get started this journal is a hardcover it's made from an altered book and it's six and a quarter by nine and a half and then I just have the little title on the side here and I'll go ahead and show you the spine it's just got the stitch spine with the little tassel hanging down and then there's the back cover it's just tied with them a little ribbon so and there's extra ribbon to give you room because as you can see yes the journals priest chunky it's got alligator mouth so we're just going to do a real quick flip through also on the tassel I usually try to put my typos on the lanyard top attachment so that you can take them off if they get in the way while you're using your journal so there's the inside cover just get a couple of tags in here and this little pocket there's a tip slide trying to stand free there's a tech spot with a tag get a lot of the little paper clips the altar paper clips in here there's a bag and it's just got a few little goodies and tags in there and I try to put quite a bit of extra journaling room in the book I'm trying to make sure that you can see all of the book so I'm just going to do a quick flip through here's a vintage bingo card and it hangs the coffee stains paper on the back so you can journal I've got one of those cute little tab paper clips there's just a couple of journaling areas got fabric tabs for you to mark your places another one of those paper clips and a lot of the pages have the lace sewed on to them there's a little pocket with a journaling tag there's another pocket with a couple of tags there's a tuck the spot and then here's the Center signature and it's just got the little decorations on the on the signatures couple little tags and then this is a double pocket and I'll just kind of throw together let's have some washi to decorate the pages another type of clip to the tag and it's just a pocket with some extra drawings Fox and and I did put a few scriptures in in the book they're all removable so if you don't lock them you can take them out this is just a little waterfall for you to put photos or to journal on and then this here is a little pocket as well cut a little tag in it I left this open but you can glue here on each side and make another little pocket if that's what you choose to do there's another little tags it's a little um ultra paper clip kind of doily here with just a little binder clip and a journaling card and just the other part of that bag and it has a cute little envelope that I made out of children's book page and then there's a few few little goodies down in the envelope there's the first signature this book has three signatures in it oh and also I was going to show you and see if I can find it I've did a couple of bookmarks to go into the book so let's see if we can find the second signature there we go there's a pocket made out of old sewing patterns and it's hook spot there's just a little tuck and it's got some scripture on there here's a text spot with an IP card and there Chuck paperclip help you guys can see this okay there's another one of those cute little some tab paper clips and some coffee dogs just extra journaling sky I have to flip out and if you wanted to make it a pocket you could glue here in here attach it down it becomes a pocket for you and the tuck spot and then behind here is just a fold out for more journaling space and it's coffee dad paper as well and then I see a couple little journaling tags all of these tags are blank on the back so that you can journal on them there's the center of that signature another one of those page tabs and then this is just a it's a little envelope that I made out of children's book page I just really like the colors in these pages so I'm just making little envelopes to go into the book so that you can have places to tuck memorabilia or pictures or whatever you want to put in there you should never fold out that can be made into a pocket there's an envelope this just caught a little blank page in there for journaling made out of old book paper well it's not old book paper but coffee digest paper put it that way another one of those with a lace page tabs there's a tuck spots with a couple of tags in there this again you can either leave open for journaling or you can make it into a pocket just a little bingo card that I stapled on to the page see here's the third signature there's another one of those children's envelopes and I've just got it attached over the top of the page with a binder clip and some tracing paper more those paper clips journaling cards some washing some more lace I just think this paper is really pretty so I didn't do a whole lot to it it's just a more encouraging strip Scripture another journaling tag there is a lot of room for journaling in this book here's the second bookmark this is just a little envelope with a journaling tag in it made out of old dictionary paper and I made it into a pocket that's just a fabric pocket with a couple of little areas for journaling just a little decoration on the page there here's the center of this signature in here again you can make this into a pocket if you block lots of places for journaling and lot to touch spots and lots of envelopes and things like that there should be tags for journaling and just mostly for decoration this is one of those little double pockets and it has another sheets coffee bag sheet or extra journaling round and then just you just tuck the corners in and lace on the side some washi lots of decorations things that's movable that you can you know decorate your pages with here's another little pocket and it has one of those large tags in it blank on the back for journaling and then I skip card for journaling and a little journaling card you know tuck the spot little journaling cards and that is the end of the signature I also put a little tab on the book so that you can put your pin or your pencil in there and of course we can't get it in there because I'm on camera so anyways let me see if I can find a different pin it's not going to go anyway you'll be able to put a pen or pencil in there and that way you can keep that with your journal so that is this journal it will be going up on my Etsy shop hooks lease today so if you guys have any comments or questions you can leave them below like my video and if you're not a subscriber yet go ahead and click the subscribe button we do a lot of fun things on my channel and go check out my Etsy shop you guys have a great day

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