Junk Journal Share from Pages Of Magic on Etsy

Junk Journal Share from Pages Of Magic on Etsy

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My first junk journal purchase πŸ™‚ Are you into junk journaling ? Don’t forget to share your videos in the comments section , thanks for watching!

Here is where I purchased this Junk Journal:

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I admit for my life mates thank you so much for stopping by today I wanted to do a not really an unboxing but I guess I wanted to show you when I purchased from Etsy so this video is a little bit different from my usual journal and like planner things I purchased an item from Etsy I purchased this junk journal from Etsy and I've been I don't know I've been really into junk journaling or I've been wanting to get into junk journaling for quite some time now I've watched a lot of videos but I decided to purchase this from Etsy the shop name is pages of magic and I'm really surprised at how quickly it arrived it arrived in 11 business days this is coming from Israel and it's shipped to Japan in 11 business days and this only cost me twenty four dollars including shipping so I was really really shocked at the price I've been looking online Etsy for quite some time and they're very expensive because of course it takes a lot of time and effort to make these junk journals but anyways I wanted to share you share with you what's inside I purchased this because I want to use this to keep track of my pen pals especially this month of February where I'm participating in ink Oh Rimel unfortunately this tag fell off but I'll just glue gun it back just as around the world and there's this cute eiffeltower charm and I'm just gonna quickly flip through because just a lot of pages I already I couldn't wait I already added some stickers there that says pin pals but I'm just gonna quickly flip through the pages and show you the different tags that this person's included you can see some of the pages are dyed I don't know if there's tea diet or I think your tea died that's that's of tuck spots and parts that slip out with lots of things inside and they're not just TDI pages there's also like some pages that have like this nice background just pocket here so this is a travel theme this is really really pretty it's probably not showing up but it's like it's kind of like shimmery it's perfect I can add my postcards that I received my pen pals just another pocket here with some goodies kind of go quickly you're gonna take too long and this is like this really neat plastic it's thicker than vellum I'm not sure where she got that I haven't seen a thing like that before lots of places to write in German well you can fit and she's also included like these photo frame stickers so you can insert your photos in there I'm sorry I said she I don't even know if it is a female that made this but it's really cute this is really cool this is like part of a photo and on top of that she included this huge pack of duties like die-cuts and scraps of paper like all this for $24 I just it just I can't believe it there's some nice ribbon I'm not going to go through every single piece but you can see like this person was added so much stuff so even if you're new to junk journaling like I am I don't I like you know you can use these items to decorate your pages and write or journal about on these little tags these are the paper awesome for collaging as well it's just unbelievable like please the amount of stuff really really pretty stuff doilies so all this for $24 I think is amazing I'm so excited to start with this junk journal and write about my pen pals I might I know for sure I'm going to add to this I'm gonna you know insert my pen pals letters and postcards and things like that so I hope you enjoyed watching this video I know it's a little bit different from my journals and planners like I said but I hope it was interesting and if you're interested I can share with you some of the processes that I go through with how I write or how I end up and journaling about my pen pals if you're interested I don't know but anyways I'm going to get right into it after I turn off this camera I'm gonna start like I already have a stack of things that I wander it put in here so I hope you enjoyed watching I will see you soon thank you so much bye-bye

25 thoughts on “Junk Journal Share from Pages Of Magic on Etsy

  1. Hi Mits! this store is no longer there. Maybe can you do a video on how you put together your own junk journal? I just watched the one you did last month, and i love it. That would be amazing to see how you get started making one. I have the leather journals to fill, i'm just not sure how to start on properly. Thanks for all you do, i love watching all of your videos! β™₯

  2. Wow, what a beautiful journal!! There are so many tucks and goodies, you are going to have fun filling it up. I'd love to see a process video, or a flip through of what you've done.

  3. What a beautiful journal! Wonderful purchase! I absolutely love all your videos and I get so excited when I find a new upload from you! Please do make a process video of how you fill up this journal πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful month of March, and happy journaling!

  4. OMG!! This is an amazing purchase! Not only is it incredibly pretty it is sooo inexpensive, I'm going to that store right now!! I'm so in love with it, I might end up buying one myself, haha… thanks for sharing Mits!!

  5. Lovely journal! I hope you show us how you use it, I love flip throughs. I love the papers they used to make it, I've never seen anything like them. Great bargain too!

  6. Wow so special Mits….I am so pleased you found Sali…I also ordered a junk journal from her….great prices and wonderfully generous lady. Love XOXO Ps I would love to see how you use your junk journal…

  7. I totally get the attraction to junk journals. I love watching the flip videos. I have no desire to make one because so many people make them. But I want to write in and fill one. I'm so glad you did this video.

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