Katana x Shopify Stock Sync

Katana x Shopify Stock Sync

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In this video, Chris @ Katana explains how to enable Katana’s stock sync with Shopify feature.

Katana x Shopify stock sync enables you to update your product levels in inventory on your Shopify website, based on any stock movements that take place in Katana.

If you’re a maker, artisan, crafter or small manufacturer selling on Shopify, you can’t miss this!

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hey everybody this is Chris at katana today's video is a product release about our new feature that just went live in our katana Shopify integration this is a stock sync feature that enables you to update your product levels in inventory on your Shopify website based on any stock movement that takes place in katana to set this up log into your account and go to settings and under the integrations menu head to your Shopify store that's already connected and click on reconfigure on the second menu you'll see a new option below that says yes automatically synchronize stock levels from katana to Shopify what this does this is enables you to utilize katana as the point of truth for all of the stock levels that you push live directly to your Shopify website so anytime you mark a sales order as delivered a manufacturing order as completed a purchase order as received or a stock adjustment gets initiated then the corresponding products related to any of those orders automatically updates and then reflects on your Shopify website so just click yes click OK reconfigure and then katana will go through an update process once the update process is complete your new settings have been saved you can close out of this dialog box and go directly into your account to make any changes that are necessary to show how this works let's go inside of our Shopify store back-office and click on our all products section and look at some of the products we have in stock currently we have a Big Kahuna longboard here on my awesome longboard store and I have 0 of these items in inventory if I go back into katana on my manufacturing schedule under the make screen and I have a manufacturing order for 10 units of this item and I mark it as completed then what will happen is is the stock level will increase inside of katana to 10 pieces and this 10 pieces stock level will then get pushed directly into your Shopify store and update the product level after a nice refresh and now we have 10 of this particular item in stock so now every time you sell an item or change it inside of katana it will always reflect the most up-to-date inventory level in your Shopify store making less manual entry less mistakes and reducing the opportunity to undersell or oversell if you have any specific questions about the stock sync please feel free to visit our website and click on the chat widget in the lower right hand corner or write to us at support at katana MRP comm and I or one of my colleagues will be happy to help you and that does it for today's video have a nice day and happy manufacturing

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