Korbanth Starkiller Lightsaber Hilt and Add-on Part 1

Korbanth Starkiller Lightsaber Hilt and Add-on Part 1

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Korbanth Starkiller Lightsaber Hilt and Add-on Part 1

Korbanth Hilt –

7 Chambers Hilt –

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7 Chambers Add-on’s

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all right in today's video I wanted to go ahead and share with you guys my star killer lightsaber this is more of a part one because there are currently zero electronics installed at this point in time so hopefully in a week or two I'll be able to get this back once I sent it off to khyber installs for the electronics but I wanted to go ahead and showcase the hell it's basically some of the stuff that you get with it and some of the add-ons that I have going into this build so if you guys are interested and having a custom lightsaber and you wanted to go for this particular build maybe my video might be a guide for you and I'll have links and information in the description down below so first let's go ahead and quickly talk about the hilt right here now when it came to looking up empty health's there was all kinds of different options and as you guys know this was pretty much my first custom lightsaber just me dipping my toes to see what I personally liked which I found out I love CFX and I like me a pixel and so I wanted to go ahead and do a step-up I want to top that one by going and getting a store killer one which is definitely one of my personal favorite looking a lightsaber hell's out there on the market when it came to the empty health's option there's actually two that I've seen there was the one encore banthas website which is what this one is and there's also another one which is the seven chambers option now the 17 wares option does come with a few extra accessories and these health's are going to be around the same price tag between 280 to 300 dollars give or take over on that area and with the the seven chambers one you actually get some additional parts so for example you notice that this is not a hundred percent in-game accuracy there's some slight differences because for example and the video game this area was copper if you deal with the seven chambers option you actually have those additional parts to make this one copper if you want but it mainly comes down to personal preference and there's also some additional things that you can change towards the top area as well but for the most part the hilts are very similar to one on one another just maybe some slight variations here and there so give you guys a bit of a closer look here with the weathering detail and I'm actually pretty excited and I need to fix up this bottom area it looks sloppy but the rest of it looks pretty good but I'm definitely looking forward to when this is complete because this is definitely going to be my new favorite custom saber for sure so what's cool about this particular saber are in terms of what I like is that for one it looks really good and it feels great in the hands and the overall quality of this piece with all the accessories that you get is definitely top notch for sure the other thing that I like here if you have a custom chassis to go with it you can actually unscrew this bottom section like so and you can go ahead and install a custom chassis right in here which I actually have off to the side here which we'll get to in just a moment and there's the bottom and then you have all the additional holes and cutouts so you can run your cabling and that way you can go ahead and why your crystal chamber and then bring the wires over here through the areas in the bottom of your you actually get to remove this panel here and to install your switches speaking of switches actually this one's a bit different because what you guys have seen from my saver you have these large LED buttons here you don't actually have those large buttons you actually have these little tiny black tactile buttons just go ahead and click it they have a clicky sound to them so definitely interesting but those actually get installed in this area here and you'll be using that for your powering and cycling through the different things that you have on your saver so it's going to be pretty cool you do get also this piece here this is pretty much like a little cover that actually use on to here you're gonna have to believe that into place and this is pretty much meant to one help cover the switches a little bit more and it actually hides all that extra stuff that you have going on here especially that groove there lift this on here and a hides it gives it a much cleaner look you also get this little jewel piece here which is basically I think it's called a graphics glass eye this is more of a plastic though it's not actually a real glass eye but this will actually go into this area and you do get two of the tactile buttons by the way when we get to the crystal chamber for one you actually do get a Kyber crystal which is a clear color and when you have electronics properly installed on here what's neat is that done correctly this crystal will actually be the same color as your blade so if your blade was red this will be red if your blade was blue this will be blue if you have a blade with an effect going on this will also do the same effect which i think is pretty cool you also have this piece here which pretty much installs on this top section of your crystal chamber and this will pretty much come down touching the tip of your crystal and then you also have these two pieces these are pretty much like railings and these actually you into here like this and when everything is installed properly you pretty much get an image that looks like this on screen I do note that for that image I actually have it with my add-on crystal chamber which we'll get to you in just a minute and last but not least you also have this little bottom section here which will pretty much go into the bottom of your Health's pretty much pop this down into place and just like that so the additional add-ons that I have here to give with this for one is that we have some couple items here that are ordered through shape way now the first item here is a crystal chamber Atta specifically for the Corbett version of the Starkiller hilts and this is a polished bronze steel which definitely helps bring out the details in the crystal chamber because he will look right now crystal chamber pretty much looks plain and yes I know there's nothing in it but even if I did have everything in it this would still look pretty plain back here but you go ahead and add this piece in here and now you have a lot more detail within that crystal chamber just that little piece makes such a big difference and then even if we were to add this stuff here and now without putting everything in that already looks a hundred percent better now the crystal chamber add on as I stated was order through shape white a link is down below I spent about $40 on just the crystal chamber itself now what's neat about the crystal chamber is that there is a ton of different options that you can get as you go down the different price range – then we go ahead and find the most expensive one so the most expensive option for the crystal chamber is silver and it's a polished silver at two hundred and seven dollars you could even get 14 karat gold plated 18 karat gold plated you can get plated brass natural brass polished brass I mean all kinds of different things of what you personally want for your bill but I thought this is simple enough I mean it's $40 they also have it in plastic if you want to go with a cheaper option but I think spending that extra twenty bucks to get something that's actually metal is going to be worth the investment if you do want to get one of these and the other item that I got is also this chassis which by the way the all of these 3d printed option are actually made by goth 3 designs but again ordered through Shapeways now this is actually chassis version number one there's two different options you can go with now the reason why I went with the version number one is because this actually supports a much larger battery which I'll have the battery info right here for you guys to check out so hopefully as you read that so that is why I went with version number one so your battery will install here which let me go ahead and kind of do that right now to give you guys the visual demonstration here you also have all your holes and slots for all your cabling and wire then your board will get installed onto here on the bottom of the battery and this section is going to be for the speaker and then right below that is going to be for the recharge port and what's neat about this is for one when you have this installed which again fits very snug by the way and the other reason why I like this as a chesty is because again when you remove this this slides right out and you have easy access to your your board unlike my current saber where I have to remove the pommel a little bit carefully remove the chassis to get access to the SD card here you have much easier use I do have this extra piece here that's meant for this which is for a CFX board and this may or may not be needed but pretty much more install here but again it's pretty much going to be up to my installer who's gonna be doing electronics for me if he wants to use that or not and but anyways what's neat is that when you have everything together here on the bottom here you also have a slot down here because with version number one your recharge port is going to be on the bottom right here if you deal with the chassis version number two essentially with that one you actually have to use a smaller battery and then you also have an for a kill switch and also to recharge pour and all that fun stuff so again it's all about personal preference on what you want but let me know what you guys think in the comment section down below I'm actually really excited about this one you'll probably notice the other thing that's currently not on here is that there is no cover tech will or even a spot for it and there is no d-ring attachment I did look online on some community forums and ask questions about a potential cover tech if I wanted to add it on there how would I go about it basically they stated to add it somewhere within this area here but whether or not I'm actually going to add it I'm not a hundred percent certain I would like to do a d-ring option but I'm not sure that's possible or maybe I just won't do any of that at all maybe I'll just make a separate pouch to carry it in but again let me know what you guys think in the comments section down below so again for the hill itself the core breadth version is about three hundred dollars if you deal with the weathering options about 360 the crystal chamber add-on is another forty dollars plus the chassis which is about 50 60 bucks somewhere around there and then the battery is like an additional twenty dollars so it's already a pretty good amount of money and there's no electronics yet this will be installed what CFX and it's also going to have a neo pixel which again I'm going to be super stoked once it is complete but once again let me know what you guys think in the comments section down below and if you're looking at our custom sabre what kind of options are you going to be getting as for is what's gonna be my next custom saver I'm not entirely sure yet but I guess you could kind of say that you know getting into custom savers this is starting to be a bit of an addictive hobby and an expensive one at that but until then I'll see you guys on the next video

26 thoughts on “Korbanth Starkiller Lightsaber Hilt and Add-on Part 1

  1. Great choice for another custom lightsaber I have a revan hilt from kotor coming in next week by Saturday hopefully after everything clears in PayPal which is taking way to long lol.

  2. Can you please buy me a darth Vader lightsaber and send it to me through the post I will pay you. Darth Vader is my favourite Star Wars character and I cant afford to go to America and especially can’t afford to go to America and Disney land and then buy the lightsaber and what if they don’t have it in stock. So I would appreciate it if you would buy me it and as I said I will pay you for it.

    Please reply to this if you can do this we can discuss my details later on Instagram.

    Thank you.

  3. Do you have a link to the glass eye "jewel?" I couldn't find it offhand in the links. Sorry if I missed it. Also, do you know it's diameter? I'd need one that is 3/8". Will light pass through it? I'm adding a "jewel" to my Savi saber switch plate. It's just a cheap plastic flat back bead from Jo Ann's. There's a silver coating on the flat part so it won't allow light to pass through. Not a big deal, but I'd rather have something that will do with from the kyber crystal inside. Thanks.

    Btw, yes it is a very addictive thing. I totally agree. I'm almost done customizing my saber and I want to make more. But, I don't anywhere near either park. Maybe I'll upgrade and do a full custom and not just a modded one.

  4. Hello James, nice to see a new enthusiast in the custom saber hobby. Since you're so into the look of your saber I recommend checking out etsy and search for SkyWampa. (No affiliation) He sells stickers for batteries to basically make your battery look like an actual star wars component! You have a great taste and skipped a lot of beginner steps in the custom saber world. Enjoying sabering! ^-^

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