LEAVING THE HOUSE TO DRAW?! - Koi Watercolor Travel Kit

LEAVING THE HOUSE TO DRAW?! – Koi Watercolor Travel Kit

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I sure love leaving the house, too bad I don’t do it often!

GAH! I forgot to mention quality?! They aren’t GREAT… the darker colors are quite chalky, but for travel and practice, it’s not bad. 7/10

Fran Meneses (Frannerd)



Sakura Pigma® Micron® pens, black (02)
Sakura Koi Watercolor Travel Kit (48 set)
Strathmore® 400 series 140lb. coldpress watercolor paper (5″x7″)


PO Box 5394 Victoria B
Victoria, BC V8R6S4


hi everyone today I'm going to be talking about this coy watercolor pocket filled sketch box or travel kit because I've been taking it everywhere I go and having a lot of fun drawing from life and drawing on the go so as you can see this is sort of a traveling watercolor kit where if you assemble it you can actually draw and have everything you need right there and I find this so handy because I find myself traveling a little bit more than I used to because now that I live in Canada my family is back in America so it is nice to have this little kit to travel and take with me it's also just fun to take it places like cafes or parks so that you can draw from your life that's right kids you can leave your house and draw so let's talk about this travel kit and then draw something in public so this traveling kit has a few features that I really like and of course the first one is that it has a palette where you can mix multiple colors and that's really handy when you're traveling because you can't you can't carry a bunch of palettes and stuff with you so having one that fits nicely this little box is perfect the next thing I love about this kit is the amount of colors now this is the 48 set and it does come in a variety like 12 24 or 36 and so on which makes it a little easier to carry it with you because they are much smaller I don't know about you but I don't like to mix a lot of colors when I'm traveling so having a lot of different colors already mixed and ready to go is very convenient and also it just looks pretty next we have the very compact water brush now I don't normally like water brushes at all but having this one in a travel kit that compacts like this is very handy especially because you don't want a cup of water while you're traveling so having a brush that has water in it is very handy all you do is unplug the base and screw the brush tip on and you are ready to paint it's as easy as that and I like it I do like it next we have the easel which I normally like to keep my color chart on but when I'm painting I like to put my blank sheet of paper on there and color on it I also like to keep pieces of tape under there so I always have tape handy if I do need it so it's easy to store things back there but I also roll a piece on there stick on my piece of paper and I'm ready to paint so it's really handy to have a surface to draw on because sometimes you don't really have a flat hard surface to paint on so having this little easel bit is really easy easel easy easy easel either way it's been very handy especially in places like painting on the bus or up where there's no sitting to trial it's probably not something that you think about until you are stuck in a situation where you don't have a hard surface to draw on so a plus good job easel good job the next feature is very simple yet very useful is a sponge it's simply there to wash off your brush but when you don't have paper towels handy it comes in handy handy handy in the last feature is the ring on the bottom of the pallet which makes it easier to hold and draw with that way it's not slipping about and you have a better grasp it's a simple feature but it's very important to not drop your watercolors all over the floor while you're drawing so that is our koi watercolor travel kit it has a lot of features that make it easier to draw on the go so where exactly did I go when I drew well let's take a look at some sketches shall we so the first place I went was the aquarium and it was an unplanned trip as we were just in Vancouver and we went to the aquarium and I thought hey I have my travel watercolor kit with me so I'm going to draw me some fish this isn't the first time I used the watercolor kit I used it on the bus to Vancouver but it was the first time that I had really I guess embraced drawing where I was so it was really fun drawing fish from reference in real life and not just googling the picture so I really enjoyed that aquarium visit and honestly I wish I'd spent more time there drawing the second place I was was an airport and this isn't the most exciting place but I thought it would be really fun to do a very quick sort of background thing it's very crude it's very quick but it was a lot of fun especially waiting at a boring Airport the next place I drew I was the most excited for it was on an actual airplane so it was really fun looking down above everything and drawing what I could see and it's one of those things where everything is passing by so quickly so the landscape changed but it was still a lot of fun and quite challenging next up we have a bus drawing it was very very shaky but this is my favorite doodle that I did while I was out I was on the bus traveling to Vancouver there was an old man in front of me and I said heck why not I'm going to draw this old man unfortunately I was too shy to show him my drawing but it was a lot of fun and I loved this doodle next up was an unexpected visit to the Vancouver Art Gallery takashi murakami was there and I was very excited to see his art but I very tired so I didn't want to stand up and do a study of his art and there was no benches on his floor so I was very sad about that so I just sat my butt down and just drew some background area so this one's kind of boring but it's a doodle the next doodle was done on the SkyTrain in Vancouver and I didn't really know what to draw on the SkyTrain so I just looked up saw an old lady sitting there and thought heck why not I'll just doodle this old lady so this is probably my least favorite but once again it's just a doodle I'm just trying to I don't know stretch my drawing muscles in the last doodle I have is on the ferry between Vancouver and Vancouver Island you passed a lot of little islands when you're on the ferry so I thought it would be really fun to just do to leave mountainous hilly little island things and it was fun doing the landscape thing I don't do a lot of those and it was fun and I do like to do them so yeah something to do on the ferry okay so let's go out to a cafe and just doodle something so this morning when I went out to doodle I thought it would be nice to go out first thing in the morning to do it a lot of cafe while I drink my coffee it was a fun warm-up a nice walk to wake me up and I simply felt more productive that day by leaving the house it's very simple but getting out there and moving and doing more than just sitting at your desk all day can really feel good especially if you work from home there's a few things that I especially like about leaving the house to draw number one it gets me out I don't leave my apartment and that's really sad I basically wake up in the morning go to my desk work on drawings and videos I rarely leave the house unless I'm like mailing something from my store checking my p.o box or going grocery shopping so when I go out to a cafe to draw a bit it just feels really good because I'm going out and being productive and drawing I'm socializing even just a little bit even if it is just my barista and she's rude it is nice to get out and pretend I'm part of the community in civilization right when I'm not cooped up in my room all day so it's nice to just get out and I do enjoy it it's almost like a field trip when you're working at home all day and then you go out it's really exciting you're actually going out and doing things whoa something else I really like about going out and drawing is that you draw from real life it's really fun and different from drawing from a reference picture it moves so you don't always look at the same thing it's fun to do it fast and maybe just do it from memory if they're gone seeing things with your own eyes is just it's just there's something different about it and it's just something fun to look at someone walking down the street have to draw them as fast as you can or draw them from memory or do gesture drawings rather than doing the same old thing sitting at your desk drawing reference pictures it's fun it keeps you active it mixes up your drawing habits a little bit as you can see I'm drawing much much more sketchier than I normally do and I think that's fun to like experiment with things do things differently not just do the same thing every day sometimes you'll even find maybe a new style if you do something different so you can get inspiration for things you never thought you would by going out somewhere else so the change in your environment can get you to draw different things so again looking at what I'm drawing right now it's obviously inspired from a coffee shop because I'm in a coffee shop I thought it would be really cute to draw these little ants interacting with different coffee shop items because I'm in a coffee shop and I wanted to and that was my inspiration at the very moment I had no plans for what I was going to do till when I came here I came here to sip my coffee and stare out the window at the sidewalk at the people passing by surely something would come to me or I would see something inspirational maybe someone would wear like a weird outfit and I really wanted to draw it but in the end I decided to draw a hints they're fun and cute and maybe I'll make these new stickers on my red bubble who knows so I like to go out and draw I talked about this a bit in my Starbucks video but I've been thinking about making it into a series going out somewhere to draw from referencing and talking about it in a video something Fran art has been doing if you don't know who Fran art is she's a youtuber she has really cute stuff so I'll put all her links in the description she has been going out to draw but she'll focus on one thing to practice so in her most recent drawing camp video she focused on drawing old people who draws old people right nobody draws old people so I think it's a really good idea to go out there and draw something you don't normally draw go to the park and draw kids go to a cafe to draw middle-aged men working on their laptops go to the zoo to draw animals there are so many places to go to go out and draw something from life so as usual I have to ask would you guys be interested in that being a video series I'll probably do it no matter what you guys say but I think it would be fun to go out once a month go somewhere draw a specific something and make a video and talk about it it would be fun so here's a poll why not anyways I want you guys to go out and draw something from real life if you're too shy from people watching the only time anyone interacted with me was when I was on the bus but this lady was really annoying and she was butting into everybody's conversation so just remember everyone else wants to avoid interaction as well and people will probably rarely talk to you before I go I did want to say thank you to Sakura for sending me this travel watercolor kit this is not a sponsored video but they were so nice to send it to me so thank you I will be using it more in the future all right thanks for watching get out there leave the house and do some drawing thank you so much to all my patrons including Michael Young Jonathan Chihuahua Zach abstract Lexi s Shelby Teresa Megan Lowe's Oh Danielle firecracker Chris side and Moony if you want to shout out at the end of my videos access to my sketchbook coloring pages and more become my patron by clicking the link in the description thank you all so much for the support by

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  1. I got the 18 color set of this. I was able to get my dad to buy me this set. ^w^ I was originally planning to just get the 12 color set but when he brought the 18 color set to the cashier, I shut my mouth.

    This is also what happened when I was getting him to buy me a graphucs tablet. He got the bigger one instead.

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