Lion Brand thick and quick  yarn review

Lion Brand thick and quick yarn review

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Wanted to do another yarn review for Lion Brand thick and quick yarn

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everyone welcome back this is the been dinner so I wanted to just say hey Happy Thanksgiving to all those that Silber did it but also if you don't happy Thursday yes so one quick little thing before we get going with the review I wanted to just say I will be doing live streams again I will be doing them this week Thursday instead of Wednesday I wanted to try a different day a little bit later just to I've had some feedback saying different day later time so Thursday nights around like 8:30 I'm gonna be live sharing I hope to see you there and we can come hang out I'll be knitting and working on the blanket so the review that I wanted to do that I haven't done before is from got it from Michaels and it was the line bring his homespun thick and quick um I feel good line Brent has like a lot of this type of thicker yarn variety but I was on sale I thought I'd give it a shot see what it's a um it's mainly a quill acquittal polyester net and it's 160 yards first game which is doesn't seem like tons of yarn about it is enough for a nice giant chunky scarf now one I really was drawn to this yarn just because it has a great texture to it so not as a chunky yarn um I like a lot of yarn skinnier and thicker are tend to be very smooth this one it does have a bumpy texture to it which is nice so it's a little bit something different and something nice but it also has a nice gray tone to it now with winter fur you know everyone in parts of the US is cold so this only took me a little couple of hours to do so it was nice to get a quick project done especially if you needed a gift or if you just wanted to make a scarf for you or someone else oh I definitely suggest using a larger gauge needle on it but it comes out really nicely B&C so I highly recommend this as bringing into your repertoire for chunky yarn it is a size six so super bulky actually as they categorize it as but I definitely recommend checking it out it is a little bit more expensive I'll put the price down in the description below but with Michaels like I always say always look to the sales and always look for the coupons highly recommended especially during the holiday times they're having a lot of sales so go check it out because it is some great colors and they do some great jobs with the coloring with it anyway I will see you next week and have a good week bye

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