Long tail Keywords, Etsy seo tips and Marmalead for Etsy.

Long tail Keywords, Etsy seo tips and Marmalead for Etsy.

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Note: As of June 2018, Etsy has said that they DO NOT weigh the front of the title as more important that the rest of the title, it’s all considered equal.

This one covers a few things…Some Etsy search results that don’t necessarily follow Etsy’s “rules,” why you should just stop saying that you’re trying to “rank for the front page,” and why long tail keywords have always been the way to go.

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hey I wanted to do this really quick to show you one example of how Etsy says what they want is not necessarily what they look for based on just your SEO because there are more things that go into where you're like being found in search and I'm really trying not to say how to rank on a page because that's a phrase you should just throw out just ignore it it's not even something that you should even worry about anymore because there's really no way to predict exactly where you're going to be because of the way that search is being done now and I will show you that right here I've searched for cherry blossom because I just sold some of these flowers I sold a lot of these flowers to one person in Washington and the reason I think is that the Cherry Blossom Festival is coming up and so they must be doing something to decorate some cupcakes is this listing here and as you see it is coming up in at its the second line after the ads the title of this is cherry blossom flowers that's singular and I do have the word cherry blossoms plural in the tags but not in the title all right so I searched for cherry blossom the singular here now if I search for cherry blossoms plural it comes up in the very first spot so Etsy is not just looking at exactly where your tile like the the keywords are in your title and tags because you know if you're if you're trying to structure the the idea is that you want to structure things in natural language so the customers aren't reading just a long string of keywords they want to see what they're getting so that's why I put 48 there way for paper cherry blossom flowers one inch across so people can see that in the first line here they see how big they are they see how many they're getting what's it what is it made of and what they are so if I was really concerned about matching everything for SEO I would be putting this in the front I'd be putting you know I'd be trying to make this at the very front of the title and the whole thing but I know that it's gonna get picked up this is not a tremendously competitive there's almost forty thousand results so it's competitive enough it's not so tremendously competitive for edible ones that I need to worry about that because if people are looking for edible cherry blossoms then that's a different situation than just the flowers but like here this is has cherry blossoms in it this is light so this is bringing up all kinds of different things but what I'm looking for is edible cherry blossoms because that's what I'm selling so what I did but I wanted to show you so so if you search for cherry blossoms plural it is not even in my title okay lost some is in the title so this comes up higher in search for the plural which is only in my tags than it does for the one that matches the title and isn't is in there so don't stress too much about that Etsy tends to ignore plurals but obviously depending on what you're searching and what you've looked at before it's going to give you slightly different results and this is this is an actually good example of well it's a different chart storage time wait a minute I think I have did I do this over here no I did something else I was searching for this yesterday in different browsers it was coming up in different places they were all the front page and they're all pretty similar but you know when they say you don't know what people are gonna see on the first page well that's true but it's not gonna be so tremendously different it things might move around and you might see some different things but for such a general term like this it's gonna pretty much give you the same thing and then they'll give you all these options maybe they don't always show you these but they'll give those to you and then people can click through there so you might want to pay attention to that because if some of these that your item you could put that in as a keyword now if I go to marmalade and I see that cherry blossom singular gets a lot more click there's lots more searches and engagement and this one doesn't so people tend to search in the singular for this term so that is what I would put in my title which I did however the blossoms is placing higher in search just slightly it's not so dramatic that I'm worried about it but I'm also not gonna go in and change my keywords because this one is a little bit better in my opinion so I'm not gonna worry about that this renews two weeks and this is one month you know it's this number of it's the same number of competition because Etsy tends to ignore the plural so they're pretty much bringing back the same listings but for some reason when people are searching with this they're buying it faster I don't know why that that is something that we don't know so anyway the things that have this research are being sold whatever that doesn't mean you should go and put all the you know the singular and there but that's just something to look at and say what the heck alright so what I what I do with this now see I want to put in wafer paper cherry blossoms because I know that people actually search for you know edible flowers they search for the edible flowers for wedding cakes that's something that people look for and that comes up in my stats and the other part of this is that you have to look at your stats now you can't just you know say oh I'm ranking on the front page and assume that you're gonna sell things you have to watch your stats and if you have promoted listings you can watch those two to see what kinds of things people are searching for does that gives you a good idea of the kinds of terms that people are using and Etsy is choosing to show your you're listening for so that's a pretty valuable piece of information but I want to use you know wafer paper because that's what they're made of I want to say the word edible and I want to put you know cupcake toppers cake pops cake decorating ideas just kind of general terms that people might use to search for this because that's what if they're looking for edible paper flowers and that's what they're they're looking for those are the terms are going to be using so that's why I did this title that way and I was going to look at okay and if you've seen my other video about the new marmalade search when you're looking at a short tail keyword which is one or two words you're going to get results that you can actually see now as soon as you do edible cherry blossoms and the reason that I'm doing that I think over here alright this is my this is the promoted listing stats for this listing and they tell you what terms people are searching for and edible cherry blossom has a high click rate so when this comes when people search for edible cherry blossom and they see that listing there it's a high as a high click rate I'm gonna go back to marmalade I'm gonna take this off because edible cherry blossom I just want it to be singular and we'll search for that now if I was just gonna use marmalade any time you're gonna get a longtail keyword in marmalade it's not going to show as much as he searches unless it's something that's in such a competitive category that it's going to have with a lot of searches but see this is giving me 0 to 100 and only 100 competition so that's alright but if I was just looking at this I would think oh that's terrible I'm not gonna I'm not going to use that buy in my promoted listings that was a high click term so you want to make sure that you have a good anchor keyword which I've been you know like the short tail keyword is your anchor keyword and then put descriptors on top of that to form the longtail keywords and that can be anything that's really relevant to your listing it's describing it it could be you know pink cherry blossom wafer paper cherry blossom if you're selling shoes you could describe the heel type of fabric what color that hold anything you want but you just want to describe your item to make the longtail keywords and that is what people are gonna be looking for but if I was just looking at this I would go oh my god that's that's pretty low so I'm not sure if that's a good keyword to use but that's what people are clicking through on promoted listings now the other thing I want to look through this listing okay so we have edible cherry blossoms is what people are clicking on and what Etsy is presenting my ad for they're finding me and they're presenting it to people there's edible there's cherry blossoms okay it's edible cherry blossom singular down here we've got cherry blossoms wafer paper I don't have the words okay I have edible here I don't have singular cherry blossom so I do have edible paper because I know that people search for that but I don't have the words edible cherry blossoms anywhere in sequence in this listing and yet Etsy still finds it and they still present it to people so when you know I see people getting all worried that they're not matching everything exactly you don't have to and that's just the way that search engines work and Etsy is getting more like Google they've always done this I with all the changes I haven't changed the way that I do my SEO at all and I'm still you know increasing sales over last year this year I'm still up 30% and last year I was up 30% over the year before that so you want to be found for the longtail keywords by giving Etsy a good number of you know opportunities to find you by putting different words in and you really you really don't have to be so tremendously concerned unless you're in a super high competition category to match everything 100% exactly it's a good idea to just because that's the best practice so Etsy says they like things that the title to be like the front of the title and they're like those two match in the tags but once you get past the front of the title you don't need to match your tags 100% and the way that you find out how you're doing is to watch your stats so you if you have promoted listings you can watch that this is the stats for this particular listing and if you look at that everything is cherry blossom cherry blossoms cherry blossom decorations cherry blossom flowers it's all okay and then this is something I want to show you later it's all other words that I have in there in combination with cherry blossom edible baby cake topper edible babies no but anyway so there's a lot of different combinations from my title and tags that Etsy has found me for and a lot of them have the word cherry blossom in them I wouldn't be able to take these and also there's only one search for each because they're longtail keywords and it's unusual that people are gonna phrase things exactly the same way and what did I want to show you whenever you see something like this this I looked at this and I said the words loose and press are not in this listing at all so how did people find me for that it doesn't it doesn't make any sense and then you start thinking oh it's he's doing something weird they're doing a test there they're inserting words into your search just go through and search it on Etsy itself and what happens a lot of the times says loose press cherry blossoms had no results so they're choosing they're not giving you this result they're not matching this they're searching for fairy blossoms it says this is what they you know showing results for cherry blossoms because what you typed in didn't have any results so don't immediately think that Etsy is doing something weird just don't just check it out before you do anything and as you notice an internet in Microsoft edge because this is the other browser this listing is at the very front even though blossoms plural is only in the tags but since that's e tends to ignore the plurals you could say that they're matching cherry blossom in cherry blossoms and since that is in the title in the tags and they do kind of look at that as a match because they don't pay them as much attention to the plurals then I am sending them a signal that that's a strong keyword for this listing but you need to look at your shop stats and if you if you start doing this the way that I say to do it is just to put a lots of different words in you should start seeing more longtail keywords showing up in your in your stats and you should start seeing this one one one one one one one that's fine because it's just that's how longtail keywords work so one one one one one and one one own one and actually the interesting thing see how it says Cherry Blossom had seven and cherry blossoms had two that's exactly what marmalade said it said that people don't search this one as much and they search the singular more so that's interesting to me also but don't you have to look at your stats you have to look at your promoted listing stats if you have those try to see if your being found for more longtail keywords and if you are then you should start selling things if you're not then you might not be using the correct descriptions for your items and all let's go back to let me see if I can find this is the actual this is the listing so the way that I've done this listing I have the title we went through that and then in the bottom at the tags cake-decorating DIY wedding rustic cakes edible paper wafer paper because sometimes people spell it together in one word cupcake toppers Pop's way for paper flowers cherry blossoms bridal shower birthday decor baby shower ideas so those are all different words and they can be put together to make different key words and if you don't believe me that Etsy does it this way and that you have to match everything just think of this listing or go into Etsy and do a search for anything and go and see where those words are included in the title and the tags and you'll see the longer the longtail keyword gets the more they hop around and just pick things out and the longer the longtail keyword gets the more specific the shopper is and the more likely they are to know exactly what they're wanting to buy so if you have any questions leave them for me I will answer them when I get a chance but this was just to show you that you don't have to be you do want to match for title and tags you want to put your best keyword at the front of the title match in the tags and technically I have because they they don't pay attention to the plurals so that's matched in the title as it is in the tags but this is not right up at the very front and you don't have to do that depends on the competition depends on your listing history they take so many different things into account now that the SEO is not the only thing and what used to be considered more important may not be as considered as important now because they're looking at different facets of your shop they're looking at different facets of the listing they're taking more things into account they're taking you know things about the buyer into account so the shopper is part of this now and you don't have to just don't stress so much I see people just like freaking out over this but if you do it if you do SEO this way you choose your anchor keyword and then you decide to put different descriptors on in front of it you'll start to see increased traffic to your shop and hopefully increase sales so there you go leave me any questions and I'll answer them when I get a chance

6 thoughts on “Long tail Keywords, Etsy seo tips and Marmalead for Etsy.

  1. Hi Kara – thanks for all your videos and help. I'm in a very saturated market – wall art – but I mainly make papercuts which nobody would search for – so I have to list most of my work as wall art or prints. My question is: I changed all my titles a few months ago and simplified them as recommended by Etsy (no commas nor different possible target word phrases). But I see that you still have long titles – do you think it matters? Should I add more words to my titles to increase usability of relevant key words. Thanks

  2. I haven't seen a video from you about promoted listings… maybe it's an idea for you 🙂
    I would really like to watch that and learn a little bit more on promoted listings, how to work around them.. not about how to actually set up things hehehehe but how to read the results 😉
    How can we use promoted listing results to say if we are on the good track or not..
    how long should we test it, when should we change things up because it's not working.. and so on and so on, your tips on that subject for sure will be very appreciate 😀

  3. Another great video 🙂 thanks for sharing!!
    I have a variety of the same item, I make amigurumi puppies so I can play around with each listing because the only difference between them are the breed! This sounds like a powerful thing, right? I could use a lot of words with so many opportunities, right? I wish it was that easy hahahahha still working my pan of gold 😉 LOL
    I still have work to do, I can be found for those specific words for amigurumi puppies but I still want to show up for anyone who's looking for a gift, something else! Not just target the specific search for amigurumi…
    So, now my question heheheh how would you approach this
    1) would you spread some high/low competitive tags in each, like 50-50
    2) would you pick some listings for the high and other listings for the low
    Which way would you go, can you share your opinion with me? 🙂
    And thanks in advance just for reading my long text!!! 😉 eheheheh

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