Make $1,000,000 Dropshipping on Shopify 2018 | For Beginners

Make $1,000,000 Dropshipping on Shopify 2018 | For Beginners

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If you do not have any capital to start an online business, dropshipping is the BEST option to get started. You just need the internet to make it work.

Of course, something that sounds “easy” comes with a price. Many dropshipping businesses find it extremely hard to generate revenue. That’s because they are missing something important. Watch this full video as we reveal our secret sauce to achieve $1,000,000 in sales from dropshipping on Shopify.

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*Disclaimer: We are not “gurus”. Everything we shared is based on our real experience of building profitable eCommerce businesses. Our guides and tips may or may not work for you. It really depends on the effort put in.

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hey guys welcome back to another episode of moolah boss empowering your e-commerce success I'm your host Jeremy and today I want to share with you about how to drop ship on Shopify if you are a beginner so before we go into the meat of the content I want to talk about my experience with drop shipping so just to give you a bit of background in the beginning when I was still working for my for a corporate company brand marketer I actually doubled a lot into digital marketing in the beginning and I went for courses I'm in a study with like e-commerce gurus and Clickbank gurus and stuff like that so the first product I ever sold was an affiliate product called actually hiring my boy it's called but it's a weight loss program that that I sold through writing a single blog post on WordPress and that really changed my mindset when it comes to making money online because that was my first ever sale it was extremely exciting so if you haven't made your first sale yet when you get your first one it's going to be extremely fulfilling okay so stick with me if you haven't achieved a first sale let me try and help you achieve your first year so after that I actually went into dropshipping female fashion clothing Korean female fashion to be precise and so for those of you who don't know what a drop shipping model is it's a very simple yet very powerful model so there are three parties or three parties involved in this model there's you the entrepreneur there is the drop shipper and the customer when you market your product to your customers and when they purchase it from you what you do in this case is you order it from the drop shipper and a drop shipper will directly ship the products to your customer under your company name and your stipulated address so the customer doesn't know the existence of the drop shipper they think that they are buying from you so this is extremely powerful reason being I've run a drop shipping business before I've run a manufacturing business and also like a trading business before and what sets dropshipping apart is that you never ever have to stop inventory I mean how powerful is that the money that is stuck in inventory can like in the traditional business you can use it for marketing you can use it for design you can use it to improve your service but it's this that's what sets dropshipping apart and what makes it so powerful ok so without further ado actually I actually came up with a surefire way in terms of ICH in terms of drop shipping success and it's called aur BG model so it's made out of four parts each letter constitutes of one part you is understand are refers to research B B it's bill and then G is actually good role so if you split up your entire drop shipping business process into this you're going to have a very profitable and scalable business thanks to drop shipping and internet so when it comes to you first first and foremost you need to understand the drop shipping business ok you need to understand the supply chain and also the fulfillment process so it's very important that you know this so that you know how to structure your business and how to allocate your your resources efficiently so by understanding drop shipping just now whenever I've already covered that what you need to do is also understand the problems and the opportunities when it comes to drop shipping businesses so a common problem that people face is that they cannot they face a lot of problems when it comes to drop shipping like when a customer orders this product and then you use when you order it from a supplier your supplier your drop shipper tells you ok oh I'm sorry this provides auto stock how can you solve this problem like so you need to understand the kinks when it comes to drop shipping businesses so that you are prepared to solve it so understand drop shipping do a bit more research I can't cover everything in this video but do a bit more research when it comes to the best drop shipping suppliers the the best practices when it comes to drop shipping it's very very important that you do this because like you don't want to be stuck with over selling problems step 2 is the research portion you need to know and this and this part is actually split up to three different portions which is product research knowing what products they sell and also when it comes to products you need to understand which products are in demand and a very very easy way to do this is actually to go on Kickstarter Google Trends viscom these websites can help you understand whether the product in your mind has demand or not okay on top of that if the demand is there what you need to next establish is the profitability of these products you need to know if the margins are high enough are big enough for you to sustain your business and it's very very important to have at least 50% margins when it comes to drop shipping because of because if you understand the drop shipping business there will be kings there will be your drop shipper my watch orders and stuff like that which we will go into detail a bit later in this video so establish you need to make sure that your products in demand the margins are good enough and number three low competition products you need to do your research when when it comes to local understanding the competition involved in certain products just go checkout Amazon eBay look for the products see how many sellers are there and looked at the pricing and when you have achieved when you have met these three criterias which is the products are in demand the margins are high enough and there is low competition you are sitting on a goldmine and that is when you know you have a winning product and this step is extremely important so the second part of the research of the research part of the you are BG Mart model is actually researching the right suppliers you need to find good suppliers and homes and actually ideally you should have multiple of them supplying you the same products they need to have overlapping products why I say this is because you need to have a back-up plan you don't want your customers to come to your website places an order pays you the money and then you realize that supplier a asrama a stop and you're like oh how do i how do i fulfill this order now have a customer was not happy with the experience and you don't want that to happen so try to have a very very reliable supplier option a is to have a very reliable supplier that has your program in stock 99% of the time so you can do this by speaking to your supplier sales representative you know that manage a bit of expectations and also have have certain comes in place like okay if I want to place an order for this product and if you don't have it you have to compensate me like maybe two to three US dollars for example to make up for the losses okay an option two is to have two or three different suppliers with overlapping products that if supplier a dozen have you can buy it from supplier B as long as they're similarly close it doesn't have to be 100 percent the same product but as long as there are 90 percent the same and that should be fine okay so an easy way to look for good suppliers I usually look for suppliers in China because I doubt the product cost is extremely cheap if you buy from China you can check out these two websites aliexpress drop if I know not drop if I th get on top of that if you're using Shopify which I strongly suggest you do Shopify makes drop shipping so so simple you can connect with apps like uber low drop beside and they are actually linked with DHgate and Aliexpress already and you can upload products in a matter of five minutes actually so when it comes to drop shipping and dealing with suppliers you need to accept that there is a trade off you don't have to hold inventory your drop shippers hold it for you but you need to know that sub drop shippers unperfect as well most of the time they may Bunch of your orders like they might ship it to the wrong address and stuff like that and unfortunately you would have to own up to these mistakes because in the custard in your customers eyes they are only dealing with you they don't know that you are wrong that your drop shipper exists so it's very important to be aware of this you need to take full responsibility for your suppliers mistakes when it comes to customer service but always try to get compensation from your suppliers because they messed up they have to pay up for it right have all these kind of things in place and pre discuss all of these things with your suppliers before you work with them before you choose to go with them and the third part of the research section in the you are BG model is actually researching sales channels you need to know where which areas which websites or platforms are the best for you to sell your product so an easy way to do this again is to go on to Amazon onto eBay look for demand data so that you know how many people are searching for these products and a fantastic tool for this is jungle scout the link is down below in the description but it's and it's a fantastic tool for you to study demand on the demand for your product on Amazon or Ebay and stuff like that however like I always believe in building up a long term perspective for your business you should always at the end of the day try to sell it on your own website because because it's the only thing that you truly own like if you go on to Amazon and eBay Jeff Bezos for you know give a direction I think and double up commissions from Amazon and there's nothing you can do about it but if you're just starting out as a drop shipper I strongly suggest you go onto Amazon and eBay just to get some traction just to make some sales because in in the short term it's actually very beneficial to do so but at the end of the day you should always try to drive sales back to your own website right if you put it all up on Amazon any Tom Dick and Harry you can just come over sell the same product for a cheaper price and you don't control the experience you there's no barrier of entry to these platforms but with your own website if you do fantastic marketing you and enough value you're going to do a lot better on your own website rather than Amazon or Ebay right okay so when it comes to the B section I've already touched onto this a little bit like I strongly suggest you use Shopify because it makes dropshipping so simple hook it up with over low drop afire and if you're a creative person you like another taking taking drop shipping to another level is actually using apps like print full pillow profits where you can design your custom products this will increase the barrier of entry to a whole new level because if you are a designer you're a graphic designer or you're a photographer you want to print your designs or your work on the t-shirts and sell them print full and pillow profits are like the best apps out there that can help you do this so this is another section of dropshipping it's called print on demand drop shipping models whereby you create your designs you create your own brand you create your own products but when someone places an order from you you place an order with printful and print full prints it prints your designer t-shirt on a mug on a pair of socks on pillows and stuff like that and ships it directly to your customer this will add another significant advantage to your business if you're creatively sound or you have graphic designer as your business partner personally I think the print on demand model works a lot better than sourcing products from Aliexpress or DHgate because anyone can just come in with into the market with with the exact same product that you're offering and there's nothing you can do about it but with principle you can patent your design and you can copyright your design you can you can do whatever you want to do you know so that takes a bit a little bit more work but I really think it's worth it especially if you're creatively sound you like to develop your own brand which I strongly suggest you do print the print on demand model is something that you should look at as well so to top it all off is the G in you are BG which is to grow the wait to grow by focusing your efforts on drop shipping you're able to use all of your time of your all of your resources into marketing and SEO marketing SEO and customer service actually so you should when it comes to the drop shipping model you should always always try to add value improve the customer experience the shopping experience and the whole story that your company tells you need to tell story guys if not you're just gonna be involved in price wars and that's never going to be good in the long term you need to focus on marketing and SEO and I strongly suggest your you specialize and focus if you dropship home and decor products don't go into pet foods all of a sudden because the margins are good you don't want to spoil their brand you want to tell a consistent focus story that your customers can relate to and build a long-term business because of because drop shipping offers you the opportunity to free up so much working capital you don't need so much working capital you need to focus on providing outstanding service it's very important you need to tell a good brand story provide outstanding service make your customers love you not just your products they can buy your products elsewhere if you are if you're on the drop shipping the traditional drop shipping model not the print on demand model on print on demand model you at least get something very very differentiated and that's very important you can command a higher price point you do not have to participate in price wars okay and we just starting out guys don't get too hung up on details just iron them out as you go on you know if you have any questions at all you can always leave a comment in any of our videos and we will get back to you with with some insights that we have that can help you solve your problem and so that's it guys you guys should stop thinking and actually start building your business today so guys like that's it think of this you are BG model as your Bible when you build your drop shipping business and if you like what you see in this video remember to hit the like and subscribe button and we will be very very grateful thanks for watching peace out

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