Make $300 Per Day FAST with Shopify | NOT DROPSHIPPING!!

Make $300 Per Day FAST with Shopify | NOT DROPSHIPPING!!

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what's going on guys welcome to the video Chanel Stevens here and I'm back again with another video if you haven't already done so make sure you subscribe to this channel because I'm gonna be trying to bring you guys consistent videos with tons of value so you don't want to miss it so subscribe right now turn your post notifications on so you're actually notified when I drop a new video but let's get right into it I got a special treat for you guys refers you to marketplace now let me tell you why this actual affiliate network is really really awesome now reversion marketplace is pretty much full of Shopify stores so yes Shopify store owners actually connect traverse your marketplace to their Shopify store and that allows for affiliates to come and promote their actual Shopify products so basically instead of promoting like affiliate offers or CPA offers or you know the offers like to deal with info products or lead generation and you know those type of offers you can actually promote ecommerce products what else that has two up setting up an actual ecommerce store or doing the customer service or you know dealing with fulfillment and everything like that you know the back end stuff that comes with e-commerce and we all know well I don't know how you know about e-commerce but you know it's really really frustrating trying to run a shop off a Shopify store because it's it's so much to deal with pretty much but this makes it really really simple you can just be an affiliate and just send traffic to those products and get paid for every cell that you refer so you can pay every cell you refer I mean it's really really simple I'm gonna show you the inside in a second like the types of offers how much you get paid per cell things like that but I just want to show you guys how simple it is to just get started so you just enter your first name your email your last name password and you register and you're pretty much you're gonna get into access to the reversion mark place you know they just approve you I think they actually like one question if anything is no like phone interview like it is or like CPA networks and things like that it's really really really simple to get started so this is something now I believe after this video if it should be a link down below if it's not even if it's not typing out but it might be a link below just get signed up right away and you know because when I make videos I want you guys to take action I don't want you to just watch the video and you know just get off and go to next thing I want you to actually so so this is what it looks like when you're actually inside the marketplace you see a list of offers as you can see – over 2500 offers so that's pretty much like even it's so many Shopify stores and so many different types of products that you can find I'm pretty sure you can find your niche so they also have long cookie day spans like you see a 5,000 day cookie day spend 30 day cookie neck span and for those who don't know what cookies are anything like that it's pretty much just for every visitor that you send to the Shopify store product page or to their website period that person will be cookie so they'll be tracked as your sales so if even if they come back let's say up to 30 days later for up to 30 days they'll be tracked and you'll be credited for any purchases that they make so that's pretty much really really awesome you can see some are shorter 15 days 30 days but my key tips are like when picking out an offer on reversion marketplace is to just make sure that it actually you know it's a good offer so let me just give an example I just got accepted to this offer right here a warm brothers I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing that correctly if you're the actual owner at Shopify store I don't know if I'm saying it right I'm just use it as an example but I actually just got accepted to this and you can see how great this offer is like they have the average sale is $200 and they give out 18% per sale so when you do the math on that you can actually see $200 times 18 percent so the average sale is making you 36 dollars so that's really really good because if you figure you could do that but get 10 sells a day that's 360 dollars a day now if you can do that for seven days you can make up to $2,500 a week and that's just the average sales it could be more it could be less I'm just giving an example of how good these offers is and how easy it is to make $10,000 a month with these types of offers so let me just show you more into the offer but you can also see something great here is that they also pay within 48 business hours so that's pretty awesome right there because a lot of you cpa networks they're like net 15 net 30 like it's like ridiculous how long sometimes you have to wait to get paid and what here you can see you can get paid within two business days so I just think you guys really should hop on here and take a look at these different type of offers and this these are offers are really really good for like Facebook traffic Google traffic they're really really white hat clean clean offer you don't have to worry about being bad because you're actually promoting physical products now let me just show you what to look for so you make sure you are promoting good products so you don't have to worry about like people reporting your ads and stuff like that because of that you know customer service and things like that so this is the actual site right here I run brothers I actually have the similar web plug-in installed on my actual browser but we can see they get a hundred and thirty one thousand people every single month and it's been consistent dating back to February and I'm pretty sure dating back even further than that so this seems like a really really good store we can also see on a geo like some states may be as popular in I mean some own countries it's popular we can see is most mostly popular in the United States and in Turkey and Canada so these are just some targeting options maybe you can put into Facebook you can see you know some of their demographics you can also just check out their products and let's just see exclusive designs and you can just see they have these cool awesome bracelets and that's what makes the price so high is because it's really jewelry and jury has a high high value perception so you can see yet most of these bracelets are going for like almost $200 this is just one collection but I'm going to show you guys like some special so say this was the bracelet I wanted to promote or something like that so say I wanted to promote this bracelet so what I can do is I could actually grab this product link right here and this could be something I run as a Facebook guy I could take this and make it you know add you know picture ad or something like that and you know maybe add some text you know to make it pop things like that but this could actually be my actual link so this is the links and actual home page of a Roman brothers so it take you to the actual home page but if you want to promote a specific product with each Shopify store once you get access to your links and stuff is create a link to a specific page and you'll just drop that link right here you just create the link and then boom you actually have a link that goes directly to a product page so you can see you can send our pre-sale pages landing pages and click funnels and things like that and like all the little methods I teach you like for CPA marketing and things like that you can actually apply that to ecommerce to Shopify products you know make a landing page for this product right here and if you want me to pretty much make another video showing how we do pre sell lenders and how a set up ads and everything for that then in this video we just have to get a hundred likes because I believe this is us that would be a special video so you know this video has to get a hundred likes and you guys want more this type of content want me to go more in depth on the reversion marketplace but let me just show ya so that's really how you do like single product offers and things like that but like I was saying you can say you just wanted to promote to men you could send to the men's collection by just grabbing a link whatever page you want to directly link to you can do that through this right here so that makes it really really cool and they also give you creatives so say you know you want to run on Google Display Network or something like that you can also you know they have banners and you know some other offers they have more creatives as well so like I said this is really really powerful you should definitely take advantage of these type of offers because it's so many and um right now people in especially in America are just in a buying craze everybody is looking to buy buy buy but you know holidays is a great time people are shopping and spending money so I believe Shopify products are really really good and hot to promote right now you know alongside all the other stuff that I go over in my videos and on my workshops and things like that so you could just see like how many offer over two hundred fifty two pages so guys I find you to get signed up right now you know make a funnel for the Shopify products and you should be able to really start earning money rather quickly because as you can see they pay they even have a I'm just looking right here to have a Bruce Lee so you could like take advantage of actual length trademark stuff where you can target people that are fans of Bruce Lee things like that and just sell their products and that's how simple it really is guys so I don't want to take up too much more time with this video that's really all I wanted to go over to show you how simple it was and like you know what to look for how to find a high offer make sure you looking for something that's actually something that's already getting traffic so you know it's already selling things like that so guys if you like this video make sure get it to 100 likes if you want more like this subscribe to the channel and also guys I'll see you in the next video alright so take care of peace

41 thoughts on “Make $300 Per Day FAST with Shopify | NOT DROPSHIPPING!!

  1. Hey can you check your fb messenger or snap. I'm really serious to get your teaching. I will pay you $5,000 to $7000 for one on one. I will not waste your time. I promise.

  2. I figured out how to apply to the offers. Got accepted into one but still waiting for approval for the others. About how long did it take for you to get accepted into the Aurum Brothers offer?

  3. With your strategy with CPA marketing or this type of affiliate offer, do you collect emails or just lead people to an offer through a landing page without grabbing emails? I see that you don't do email marketing? That would be cool to know that you get such amazing results without even doing email marketing!

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