Make Money Dropshipping From Etsy No Money To Start (See Proof)

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Easiest Way To Make Money Dropshipping From Etsy New Strategy!
Have you been trying to dropship on eBay or Shopify but don’t have the money to start? Or are you looking for some extra cash and want a way to make money online but have no money to start? In this video, I show you the easiest way to start dropshipping and making money dropshipping from Etsy onto eBay with no money to start. All it takes is finding a supplier and working with them to sell their products.

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in today's video I'm gonna show you how you can start making money online drop shipping products from Etsy onto eBay even if you have no money to start what's going on you guys and welcome back to the channel so in today's video it's gonna be another video about how you can actually start making money online how you can start job shipping without any money now I've seen other videos in the past and I've also made other videos on this topic in the past the only difference is is that you've actually needed money to start and again most of these videos don't actually show you how to do it step-by-step so just to prove to you that I actually did this I'm gonna show you some proof right now so you'll see right here that I have an order on eBay and this order is for some concrete planters and again they sold for $39.99 for each of them and I sold the four of them totally and that the price for all four of them came out to one hundred and fifty nine dollars and ninety six cents so just to show you that the order was real I'm gonna refresh the page so now that it's reloading you'll see that my ebay order page has just refreshed and again the order is still there now I'm gonna also show you my PayPal and you'll see that I see I received an order so I received an order from a customer for $159 in 96 cents again the first name of the customer is going to match the customers name on eBay so now I want to show you exactly how I did this step-by-step the first process is that you actually need to connect with a supplier on Etsy there are two ways of doing this you can go ahead and purchase products on Etsy by yourself without actually notified in the supplier and without actually coming to an agreement the only problem with this is that again you're gonna be working with lower profit margins and you're going to be struggling to actually make more sales if you go and you can actually connect with the suppliers and you create an agreement with them and you actually work with them you can get better profit margins and you can can again that you can make more money on the items that you sell so I'm going to show you the concrete planter right here and you'll see that it sells for $54 on Etsy with free shipping now I was able to work out an agreement with the supplier where I'm going to get a 50% profit margin so I'm basically getting this item for $27 and now if you put it into the eBay profit calculator that means per item I'm actually making seven dollars and 53 cents which comes out to about a 19 profit margin which is pretty good so again I sold four of those so now you just have to do the math and again for a nineteen percent profit margin on an item is not bad but now if you actually want to get started for this the way that I do it is I would just go ahead and I would search items so again you can go and you can search up popular right now if you literally just click the search box on Etsy it's going to bring all the popular items all the items are all the search terms that people are searching for right now again you can also go and you can discover unique finds every week so there are many different ways to search for items on Etsy but typically what I like to do is I just like to hit this and then it's going to show me what's popular right now on Etsy so now what we can do is we can just click a random thing and then it's going to show us some listings it's going to show us different sellers who are selling these items so now what we want to do is we want to find items that we can sell for a profit onto eBay so you're going to look for his different items and you're gonna you know try and find things that you think will sell typically I'll try and target items that are higher-end so again not items that are cheap I might go for items that are anywhere between you know thirty to a hundred dollars that's a good profit margin for me and then I also want to look for items that have a decent amount of reviews but not too many reviews where I don't think the seller will be willing to work with me so you'll see that this seller right here the reviews by the way are not for the item the reviews are actually for the seller who is selling that item so I would not want to start working with the seller right here because they only have one review so there's no way for me to actually know if they're a good seller and there's no way to know if if I can actually work with them but you'll see right here that this person has 411 and this person right here has 565 generally I say that you should not go for someone with more than about 800 try and keep it between 200 and 800 and look for reviews within those parameters after you have found your item what you want to do is you want to click on it and then it's going to bring you up to the listing and then from there what you want to do is you want to just briefly check the reviews and briefly check a couple of other things so again you want to just check the shipping times and you'll see that this one is ready to ship in four to five weeks and it's going to ship from Russia so again as someone in the United States who wants to find a supplier in the US and wants to find something that can ship in relative short times this is not a product that is going to work so I would say that you should look for products with shipping times anywhere between you know three to seven days maybe even ten sometimes and that's going to be shipping from the United States now I will say that when you're actually looking up products on Etsy you can go ahead and you can see the shop location and you can select the United States and then it will bring up all the listings where the products are actually located in the US from there you can just go ahead and you can find different listings where the products are manufactured in the United States you remember you don't want to get customizable items you just want to find an item that you can probably sell and then you're going to see the shipping times so you'll see that this item can actually be delivered within three to five days so that's pretty good and then you're going to see the shipping price where it ships from so again it's from Seattle Washington just read the brief description again you can also check the returns and you'll also see the reviews and now what you want to do is you want to check the reviews for the shop make sure that the seller is actually good so you want to do is you want to click on the store name and then it's going to bring you up to the store and then from there we can just garner a little bit more information so again they've been on Etsy since 2011 so they are a trustworthy seller they've done some sales and again there's a brief description and of course they have a bunch of different items so from there the last step is actually making an agreement with them and contacting them and making sure that we can work with them so what you're gonna want to do is you're gonna want to either press contact or you can go to the bottom and you can press contact shop owner from there you are just going to create an account you're going to basically just ask them if you can sell their items on ebay you're gonna work out the profit margins and all of the little details and then from there you're just going to list the items onto eBay and whenever you get an order you then just send it to your supplier and they will ship it out for you that is basically the gist of how you're able to do this again you can start doing this without any money and again we're actually having a product that's the beauty of drop shipping and you're going to be working with real suppliers so you're gonna know the item location you're gonna know that you're you know the product is good quality and that it's actually being made but these are handmade items that's also why I love to use Etsy so I hope that you guys enjoyed the video I hope that this was actually able to help you and that you can start doing this and start making money so thank you guys for watching I hope you guys did enjoy if you did be sure to leave a thumbs up I make videos every single week that talked about e-commerce and how to make money online and who doesn't like to learn how to make money online so be sure to subscribe if you are new and I'll see you guys in the next video

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