Make Money With ETSY ๐Ÿค‘ Quick & Easy Things to Sell on ETSY!

Make Money With ETSY ๐Ÿค‘ Quick & Easy Things to Sell on ETSY!

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I just found an interesting new Micro-Niche Cheatsheet system to sell quick and easy things on ETSY, see it here

Learn how you can make money with ETSY by selling simple digital files (even 1 page PDF files) for $12 and more!

The best part is, you can create this page one time, and resell it over and over on ETSY! You don’t even have to create the file if your don’t want to, use fiverr to create the file and resell it unlimited times on ETSY.

If you want to check out Micro-Niche Cheatsheet system (includes strategies for selling on ETSY, Amazon Kindle, and more!), grab it here:

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hello internet marketers welcome to another episode from how to webmaster my name is Leon and today I want to show you some simple strategies to sell on Etsy for internet marketers Etsy is a huge marketplace for mostly handmade products it may seem like Etsy is not for marketers but I've been proven wrong by this ebook that just came out and it shows simple little strategies simple products such as a one-page PDF file selling for $12 on Etsy and I got really interested in how this works and so here are some examples this is a workout log printout and it says here it is a digital download file three-page PDF and it's selling for $2 forty five cents and this guy or this person selling it's called printable pineapple over seven thousand ratings reviews for printable things like this simple one-page files that you can sell over and over again and let's check out another example this is a wedding photography questionnaire and here is a prime example twelve dollars for this page one page or one zip file containing one or three pages again super easy to do and this seller already has over a thousand three hundred reviews and here's another example a pregnancy planner cheat sheet five dollars and this one is no longer available for some reason but your other prime examples that you can easily create like a baby log simple cheat sheets and even a laundry cheat sheet food dieting cheat sheets so not just cheat sheet you can do there are many other examples as well let me open up the e-book the etsy cheat sheet and it is a guide by Paul Coleman it's actually a series of other cheat sheet and guides for Etsy bestsellers kindle micro niche content so it's the entire package and it has certainly opened my eyes up to the world of simple short one-page files that you can easily sell on Etsy so let's go back to the e-book Etsy cheat sheet let's look at a few more examples so this is a funeral program template for passing out to people at funerals 16 dollars right here and these are just very simple designs you can easily change out the names and picture the photo and reach out to your customers and even if you don't know any animations or graphic designs you can easily hire somebody on Fiverr to create this kind of template and then resell on Etsy so we have here a funny divorce card and this person has a thousand three hundred ratings even though this one says handmade but you can just pretty much make a design and then have people print it out so you can make easy funny cards like this and send one on Etsy and a moving planner so this one seems to be a little bit more sophisticated with twenty nine pages so basically it contains like just two duelists what to bring a moving checklist and things like that so this one is a little bit more complex to create but again is a digital download files and so there are plenty of things and ideas and designs cheat sheets to do this you can create and sell to your customers as a digital download and there are certainly more strategies in disguise so I highly recommend Paul Coleman's cheat sheet guides and I'll leave the link in the description below this video has a lot of very interesting unique ideas for selling these short one-page PDF files and anyhow I hope this helped give you some ideas on how you can some unique ideas to sell on Etsy for internet marketers and designers thanks so much for watching please subscribe to you how to webmaster for more internet marketing tips and tricks and product reviews and until next time happy marketing

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