Making of Berries and Briarwood Cold Process Soap | GYPSYFAE CREATIONS

Making of Berries and Briarwood Cold Process Soap | GYPSYFAE CREATIONS

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Nothing like getting a fragrance Accidentally sent to you that brings back bad memories. I think this being my favorite soap of the release makes up for the past. There’s so much going on in this soap! It really inspires me to want to do more tops like this.

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hello everyone tea are here with gypsyfeet creations thanks so much for tuning in and welcome today it is a shop update day there are lots of new fun bars in the Etsy shop and you should go check about I'm just saying we've got the castles in the sand there's the berries nice cream all the different watermelon slopes I did there's the Lannister cabin a in there and then there's today's so which is going to be the final soak in that collection and it's a bit of a transition into thought it's not quite summer it's not quite Falls like that in the middle part where you're like it's so close fall is almost here this sub also was like a spur of the moment a naeun and I didn't draw this design or buy this fragrance because it came to me on accident I had received a fragrance I didn't order so I had a come up with an idea of what to do with it and I thought maybe I try doing a little piping on top with like some roses and some berries I'm not the greatest at it but I think every time I do something like this the soap just turns out so pretty on top this one turned out I just can't stop admiring it and smelling it and I'm gonna be sad when they're all gone I'm really doing this is my favorite bar in the whole entire collection I also added a new ingredient to this of tussah silk I've never used that before so let's get started let's make a berries and Briarwood soap we wanted to start off by showing you one of the new additives I'm putting into this soap today never used to tussah silk always wanted to one of many additives that can be added to soap like it's an endless possibilities the different things so this is what it looks like it looks kind of like hair but it is silk fibers it comes from the silkworm after it has left its cocoon it adds lather it adds shine and it just feels really amazing on the skin when you put it in your bar words of advice when you put this into your soap how to add it to your soap as you pour it you pour out your water for your live solution you chop this up really really fine it may look like it's already very very fine but you need to chop it up even more add it to your water pour in your lye and then it will all melt and dissolve this off as you stir it into your water so really excited about putting this into the soap today so let's start making soap so my live water I've already cut up that tussah silk when I poured out my life solution and I cut it up really finely like a cotton ball size of it I did it to my water put in my lye I started it's cold I've had some sodium lactate in there and here are my oils left at room temperature there's also some coconut milk powder in here you get the bubbles out of there and some kaelin clay in here so lots of fun additives in here that we are going to be mixing up all right let's put these colors up I'm going to leave a little unboxing at the end of this video I love fun stuff from soapbox the Micah's one of those being this deep sea purple so I've never used this before but I really liked the way that looks so I'm gonna add that into my big bucket into this guy I have some Maya gold mica from nurture soaps and into this guy I have some blackberry mica also from nurture soaps those are gonna be my accent color so let's just split this off for the fragrance I am using black raspberry vanilla it is a bath and body walk work stoop it came from wholesale supplies plus don't like it well okay it's not that I don't like the smell of it if you guys have been around you know my past with black raspberry vanilla when I was first learning how to make soap I had a horrible experience while using that fragrance I don't even know if it had anything to do with the fragrance it was just a bad experience so I have kind of shied away from using it even though it is a really good scent very popular smells really good I've gradually gotten over that fear when I bought a small little sample of it and made some black raspberry vanilla donuts and it went well so I'm getting over my fear of it after I made that soap I got a package from wholesale supplies plus and when I opened it thinking that I was getting the beach scent that I ordered and you guys have seen me use that fragrance so I did eventually get it they just sent me the wrong one what did they sent me the black raspberry vanilla they must be right next to each other in the Shelf but out of all the sense in this world they could have said to me they said black raspberry vanilla so I was like alright I guess I'm gonna have to find a use for it and I'm sure it's gonna go well so far so good right I know what I'm doing now this also has no valent in it so will not discolor my soap and it does smell a lot better than that Virginia supply candle company one I will say that so let's get the mold over here and start pouring I'm going to start by doing it in the pot swirl then just pour these colors in from way up high I know black raspberry vanilla has nothing to do with fall but I'm hoping that the look of this soap and the design will have fall tones to it and then it isn't really about the black raspberry Millicent it's just a very berry and twig type of fragrance that I'm going for here so that's where the idea kind of stemmed from is by getting that fragrance and having to find a way to use it not going to scrape these out just yet I will start pouring into my mold and then I need to add more color to the base in case it didn't sink all the way down to the bottom of the big bucket all right and you go stop there I still have some left in this bucket but go ahead and scrape out these little guys and then continue to pour it into my mold so when I realized I wanted to do a fall berry bramble kind of twig like design with this soap I thought about this headdress that I had made and it has berries and some pretty flowers on it and I wear this to the Renaissance Festival and so that is where the other part of the inspiration has come from I want to recreate this on top of a soap so what I have here are some piped blackberries or raspberries whichever you prefer to call them I have some soap soap balls that I rolled up here and some vintage rustic looking roses and for the lack of a better word and how I really feel about them I just think it has a better ring to it when I call them rustic so I'm gonna be adding these on top of the soap I also have some soap icing here and here I have some elemental earth by soap box Mica's in a small open tip I also have this Moulin Rouge which was a sample from soap box Mica's that it was discontinued so I thought I would just use it for the top of this soap and that it's in a Carolina crumb let's see here for B that is a 4b just to make some flowers and machine or just some sort of design to fill in spaces and then I have some enchanted forest also so much soap box Mica's and it's a green and a leaf tip so I'm going to put all of this stuff on top of this soap up so I'm gonna start by putting on with squid oils like twigs or branches on to each one of these bars is just gonna have something that resembles a branch archway and then I will fill in these spaces with my embeds my flowers my leaves and so on until it looks how I want it to so it is about a hundred degrees out and the humidity just stifling right now and I can't believe I am making any type of fall soap so that's why I thought this would be a nice transition even though I'm gonna have to get started on my pumpkins and my cinnamons and apples and all of that stuff and then I have to jump into my winter so it was like Christmas and snow and all that and it'll be fall so it's so weird being a soap maker and having to jump around so much but I love fall when I think of fall I think of September we get all the seasons here in Maryland and fall is my favorite my birthday is in September so I associate my birthday with home I associate it with our wedding anniversary the Renaissance Festival I don't know just all these all the fun things happen in September in my opinion and I love September it really is my favorite month in the whole entire year so when I celebrate my birthday it is always at the Renaissance Festival it is a must it is an absolute must and I have to dress up and is one of my favorite places to be and go and just spend the day and I love dressing up and I won't go unless I do dress up which is why I have that headdress the outfits that I choose to wear for Ren fest are very detail-oriented they're all handmade they are very expensive like they cost hundreds of dollars per piece it is ridiculous but I love it so much that I have about eight pieces or stones that I really treasure but that doesn't leave me much of a wardrobe because I love going to the Renaissance Festival so I have to kind of change things up and switch it up a bit which is why I made those head pieces and I have more than one I have one for like every season I have summery ones that I wear in the beginning of the year and then and when it starts and then beginning of the year and the beginning of the season when it starts in August and then in the fall and it goes into October I will wear all the other fall ones that I made so Bradley on the other hand he'll dress up sometimes but I can't usually get him to keep it on the whole entire time all right let's stick on some of these embeds before it is too late because this is already starting to set up some so randomly I'm gonna start placing the roses because they are the biggest and then I will go back in and put in all of the other bundle fillings I think I'm happy with how that looks I have some gold in a blush holographic glitter that I got from the soap box mica order as well and I'm going to sprinkle this on top if I can get it open I'll let it sit for 24 hours and come back tomorrow and cut it and hope that it looks as pretty as I imagined so that's pretty I love glitter all right all right I was rubbing alcohol up close look before I bring you back and cut it super happy with us you guys let's cut into it I'm really hoping I get some nice wispy swirls in there or something along those lines I am digging those colors that purple is fantastic it smells so good happy accidents that is what it is thank you wholesome supplies plus for accidentally sending me this black raspberry vanilla fragrance because this turned out so cool I'll have to do a leather test on it to show you guys that there's Tessa soaked in there and all the other additives and how much bubbles and lather it creates so I'll leave that at the end of the video but I am super happy with that especially the top of it the top in there very very pretty and the swirls in the pots world I love it even the side of it I love I'm super happy with it all right got a couple more as you guys probably well know from the beginning of this video I'm sure I've mentioned it there is a shop update today so be sure to head on over there and see you know what soaps you gonna buy I'm just sayin go check it out there is all the watermelon soaps in there and there's the beach soap in there yeah there's just lots of soaps in there right now ice cream so so much stuff last of the summer scents before I get started on fall and it's about it's still hot out I know I said it when I made this up yesterday this weekend is killer it is about 98 degrees outside the heat advisory is in effect and the humidity on top of it is about in the 70s so it is miserable sign can barely breathe out there don't even want to go out we do have a couple parties to go to but you know it's going to use someone else's air condition right using the parts that is the plan today hopefully when you guys see this because it's the third week of July right now and you guys see this it'll definitely be cooled down by then but I just feel like there's no point in going outside today unless you own a pool I have a feeling it's like not just here it's all over the country right now are really getting hit with a heat wave alright I hope you guys are ready for more fall scented themed soaps I know I am ready for fall weather not rushing anything at all believe me but I am tired of this hot weather and I could use pumpkin everything right about now thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed in this video as usual please hit that like button if you like this video if you haven't subscribed already be sure to do so stay tuned for all these fall soaps and my mom to release and any questions or comments leave them in the comment section down below until next time I hope you guys have a very nice day and I will smell you later all right let's do a little unboxing just got back from the creek and this is visiting my mailbox for a couple days and I have been itching to unbox it and I thought I would wait and show you guys I haven't unpacked my suitcase but I'm going to unpack all this stuff my goodness what is this hey you guys we've got some glow-in-the-dark powder oh I'm so excited about that because you guys know I like to make moon soaps in the last batch of moon soaps I did did not have any glow and dark powder we've got a a little middle scoop please got lost these little spatula spoon looking guys there's even a little shovel in there so a couple months back Terry over at soapbox Micah's had a 65 percent off sale and so I put in a small order with her and she of course sent me a whole bunch of different goodies look at that that is really cool mix and lip balm and put it in there a little popsicle that's really neat of course I'm gonna keep it for myself cuz there's only one of them but if I ever if I like it and ever wanted to buy more just head over there we have got some princess pink and some deep sea purple in here we have got a konjac sponge I am excited to try that I've seen a couple videos about using this and like washing your face with it that's really cool we'll have to try that out we've got a whole bunch of different glitters here some mermaid dreams some kaleidoscope golden blush some Blue Lagoon glitter turn on that light that might help we've got some ruby slippers oh that's really pretty they've got some jojoba beads murder scene guilty pleasure wedding toast and some tears of heavens lots of glitters we've got some titanium dioxide we'll have to figure out if that's oil or water dispersible they've got a neon glitter central pack here two more spoons all right so this is strawberry peach sunny-side up that is adorable brightest orange and green eyed monster neon glitter look at that look at those braids glitters and I'm going to assume what I ordered is in this guy another spoon we've got some Moulin Rouge might go some red rosebuds and petals doesn't look good on top of some soaps we've got some sour grapes mica another boom it's more brightest brightest orange neon glitter some indigo powder I've never tried indigo powder I'm really excited about that and some tussah silk I've never put that and stuff either we'll have to put that in something there we go so I ordered some golden brass mica I've got some blue honey some marcasite there's a couple other ones I ordered I thought these would be really pretty for fall these colors here we've got some monarch I love this Colonel Mustard yellow that's a must-have for me and some Sunkist olives so those are the things I ordered I ordered these lovely packs of mica here and then she sent me all the stuff in here so now I'm gonna find a way to organize all this because that's how I am but if you guys are interested in any of this stuff go check out her website I'll link it down below I've used a lot of her Micah's and I've been really happy with them I mean look at all these goodies I mean that is a lot of things she sent me and a lot of things that she offers so go check out soap box Micah's guys

32 thoughts on “Making of Berries and Briarwood Cold Process Soap | GYPSYFAE CREATIONS

  1. Hi T, see I kinda disagree when I think of black raspberry vanilla I think the very start of fall. Some berries are considered fall berries. Even though there harvested a little towards the end of August beginning of September. I just consider a lot of berries like a fall fruit. So this is beautiful and it must smell banging! The dark berries and that warm vanilla. I love vanilla. Vanilla and cinnamon will make almost any fragrance smell like fall. Pumpkin as well it will make anything smell like fall!

  2. The top of this soap is fabulous! I literally love everything about it! I’m also glad you accidentally received this scent because otherwise you wouldn’t have made this soap. What was the name of this glitter again? It really ties the whole thing together!

  3. Beautifully done Tierra! Love the soap and chat. I have a beautiful dress I had made as well. Mine is Regency style and love to wear it for October parties from time to time. Oh yea they are expensive. LOL. The Renaissance Fairs sound lovely. 🛀Jen

  4. Tiara! This creation is amazing! I have watched all of your videos! You incorporate just the right amount of talking with your artwork! You are one of my top 5 favorite soap makers! Can’t wait to see what you come up with in the future! Anticipation…

  5. Holy moly gurl! This is my favorite of all ur creations! And I have seen all of your videos and all the soaps you have made and sold. This is the absolutely most beautiful and original and just awesome soap ever! I can go on and on. Good freakin job girly!!!♥️😁

  6. I don’t mean this disrespectfully but u are beautifully talented n u have a great speaking voice I like when u speak regularly but girl as soon as u get talking about soaps and how ur making it and how u came up w the idea and what u ordered u sing every single word u say. I love watching u make soap but I end up having to mute it. U go from speaking clear and intelligently and then u star talking about ur soap and u sing every single word u say. N I really wanna watch n enjoy. I’m sure u don’t realize u do it it’s probably nerves but I just wanted to share that with u cause I don’t want anyone to turn u off and switch to someone else or not subscribe cause it’s driving them nuts. Gorgeous soap!!!

  7. September is my favorite month too! Our 2nd wedding anniversary is September 18th!

    Gorgeous soap as always. 🙂 love the colors you chose. The little rustic red piped dollops look like acorn tops!

  8. Absolutely lovely soap, my bday is in Sept also on the 12th 😀.. I live in San Diego its always some kind of sunny here, I do wish our fall and spewing was more Luke other states but I'm glad we don't get those snowy winters..

  9. Tierra, your top is stunning! It absolutely is an exact replica of your crown; you are such an artist! The colors are gorgeous! Your swirls are so whimsical! I love the fall feeling; I am so ready for Autumn to be here, already! 💚💙🧡

  10. I use bamboo silk which is also wonderful. I love black raspberry and vanilla, I love the fragrance and I personally think it can fit every season and for me it slows down trace, I love the top of this soap and can understand why you love it so much

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