making stickers for etsy & moving | August Studio Vlog

making stickers for etsy & moving | August Studio Vlog

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Moving into a new room in my flat, studying, drawing, and making sticker sheets for my patrons and Etsy shop with my new silhouette portrait 2!

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as you can tell I'm not at uni it is a Wednesday I can explain it's a clue I've just been having a bit of it but having a rough go with it it is like the 21st of August today and I have done so much this month but I still have so much more to do I said all my patron mail to go I've started doing them and I have everything printed out but I've ordered this I Oliver stick cutter that's a thing I'm just so sick of hand cutting I it takes like 40 minutes to cut a sheet like 30 to 40 minutes to cut one sheet by hand with scissors so I caved and I got I cut it I got a silhouette portrait too but I'll make a whole separate video about that when I get kind of sorted making everything and establish I'm gonna do it because lots people ask about it but I'm changing my method again but anywho yeah so we're moving around this weekend we've got people moving out and people moving in and we're switching rooms around I'm gonna make a roast vegetable salad for lunch I never breakfast today you win some you lose some I guess this is the beginnings of another studio vlog oh I've tried to stop filming this video like six times this month and this is the first time I've like sat down and actually done it a tons of footage happy birthday dear we pause that so you guys can actually hear me my shop updates today I am just cutting stick sheets now and packing you lost of my patron mail because that desperately needs to go out I'm I'm gonna source like this month that's been crazy and hectic I haven't been able to get anything completed but it is the day and I'm excited I've been giving so much good feedback on my designs from my patrons and my friends and I'm just it's going it's going so well and I just have to say a massive thank you to my dear friend Mary Beth at Mary berry study this is very beautiful Graham yeah for helping me out with an alignment issue I was having so that I can get all this done so much quicker and just not having my work space in my room it's been so good but yeah by the time this goes up my shop will be long opened so go check that out at the link in the description box now and I think I'm just gonna end this blog here nothing else exciting is going to be happening this month I'm just going to be packing orders so if you made it this far that would mean the world to me if you left a like and maybe subscribe I upload a studio valk every month in amongst other journaling and student lifestyle related videos so if that changes that's my purse I'm gonna go ahead and continue listening to that record for a few more hours before I go to class thanks for watching

3 thoughts on “making stickers for etsy & moving | August Studio Vlog

  1. Massive thanks to my patreon members for making the silhouette purchase possible!

    Also sorry this vid is a bit short and kinda a mess. I had tons of footage corrupt which sucks but ah well.

  2. Sounds like you had a busy month with Patreon and Etsy stuff. My month was dominated by uni as usual. This time: 3 assignments, 6 quizzes, 1 test, 3 labs to finish outside class and I got sick.

    Also, Friday's train trip took over an hour to get from Ranui to Mt Eden because a track fault at New Lynn meant that all trains were running on a single track from Henderson to Avondale. They were also running every 20-30 minutes instead of every 10 minutes because they were running on a single track.

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