Making THIS (Homestead) LIFE WORK | VLOG

Making THIS (Homestead) LIFE WORK | VLOG

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Talking about when i don’t always have time to focus on growing food. The girls have been taking care of our garden all week! We also go camping in our backyard! See below for resources.

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Jason and Lorraine. In 2016 we sold most of our belongings and left the city in southern California to start a small homestead in the mountains of North Carolina. We left the city in search for a more minimal and intentional life. We became passionate about growing our own food and knowing what exactly is in our food after I (Jason) became diagnosed with cancer. Now 8 years in remission we as a family are on a journey to live our passions.
We document our life on YouTube videos to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and not be afraid of change. We started our own online general store where we have available the things we make and use in real life. Thank you for following us on this incredible life changing journey!

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all right I pretty much have not been home the entire week this week I've been trying to finish up that cooler for Justin so the girls have been taking care of the homestead this week they moved our chicken coop how are you doing ducks that's our new rooster we need them Hector we never had a rooster before so we're just trying to fill them out see if we like him see if he's a good fit for our family he's still pretty young he's not crowing yet how you doing Bernice looks good in here what are you guys doing getting ready for fall Darian I know he's been working very hard even helping out Penelope mmm they're already sprouting up yeah no these are peas what are these these look like radishes right here what's going on with these beans yard-long beans are our best crop this year little baby watermelons yeah rain has been planting all week long you know not all the time do I get to spend in the garden like sometimes I have to do work so while I'm concentrating on work the rain is just keeps on planting right yes and pulling out weeds but I'm so thankful to have Penelope here who's been working very hard I think that next year we're not gonna trellis up the sugar pie pumpkin all the ones that were trellis up have gotten eaten by worms the ones on the ground the leaves got eaten by the squash bugs but the pumpkins themselves were fine he went there's holes and then there's like pumpkins starting to come out of it that means like something drilled its way in and it's eating it from the inside out I mean that one might still be good that's actually not that bad that some of the other ones I've seen are really good this one's ready to be planted we're gonna plant kale Swiss chard lettuces so this want to have a whole row cover I have everything it's like bok choy everything just check on this row of kale kale is popping some weeds in here looks like oh I can walk in here now yeah it was pretty overgrown with weeds like just last week right I feel like how did these weeds creep up on us like week look we blinked our eyes and then we weren't able to walk in here anymore I think this is the first year we stayed on top of our garden I think usually by now we're kind of like alright that was fun we got our our food worth we've got we grew a bunch of food this year we're tired we're burnt out let's just let the garden be what it wants to be but not this year can help he's getting older can help he's helping out you're getting so big now Penelope so the girls started out on that end and I'm just working their way over and you could totally see the difference how there's no weeds over there but then here there's a lot of weeds [Laughter] we got pumpkins in the greenhouse look at our greenhouse tomatoes a lot of leaves there's some growing in there there we go the girls are coming out here before school yeah we're just getting up early coming out here in the garden pulling weeds planting themes harvesting and then heading inside and we're about to start school right now you're pulling weeds before you start school Kenobi yeah I woke up really early yesterday and I did the same thing Wow that's why it's important to have everybody on board in this homesteading life as Penelope gets all there she's helping us out in the garden and we all are doing our best I'm trying to make this life work oh I never seen these this is the sugar rush peach hot pepper it sounds hot ooh oh I don't think it's ready that's what it's was to look like when it's done it kind of orange yeah orange e and twisty so they're there look a little twisty but they're not ready yet what are you making in here this is the crest what's that crust me out of it's gluten-free and it's very good it's just cashews and dates cinnamon is that something you just heard together yeah I did okay that's how she does it there's no recipe for anything and you always forget what you just made but I do have written down okay and there's some oats in here but you can't make it grain free and there's an option for grating for a table why are we making this pie Penelope this is my birthday hey it's Penelope's birthday today it's actually Penelope's birthday month what are we doing today gone caffeine that's why I have to bake it but I was quick yeah just putting the topping why is it so little we make everything little everything we do is little we do we have a little farm with a cute little thing one child and one little house and little pies and we we grow little chickens in little chairs [Laughter] then these guys are great goodie for a camping trip Adobe I've got my tent backpack hey nobody I think this is a good spot to set up our tent we've been hiking for days we get that fire going we have a little table we have little chairs all right we're gonna spend the night with you guys tonight and you get an onion fresh onion that we just picked this morning fresh tomatoes doesn't get any better than that what are we having here hot dogs hot dogs breast fed beef hot dogs yeah we're camping fenelby free hot dog buns little poppy oh boy when your soul is lonely sad mood I got the love and solace to lean on there's always a steady side across the river take a ride because women IOU worries going away you'll be alright morning birdies [Applause]

36 thoughts on “Making THIS (Homestead) LIFE WORK | VLOG

  1. I trellised my squashes this year as well and all of the fruits on the trellis were hit by pickleworms as too! I've noticed the vines that did not trellis haven't been hit at all. It's as if the trellis puts them "on display" for the moth to find easier.

  2. Ha ha 😂 couldn't stop laughing hearing my name. How do you name your geese/chicks? Happy birthday to the sweetest girl… Penelope.🍰🌭🎉. What a joy to have both parents who love the Lord, a priceless gift nowadays! …parents are the pride of their children, Prov 17:6.

  3. Happy Birthday blessings to Penelope!! 🎉👏💗🥧🎈💐 She is such a joy, and a great helper with everything… what a blessing! The camping and campfire looked like so much fun! 🏕 That pie looked delicious, and I would love to get the recipe, if possible. Really enjoy the cooking and baking videos! Enjoy, and many blessings to you all! 🙏☺️💞

  4. 1&1/2 acre is plenty! We have one acre and have raised everything! Llamas, horses ,beef& sheep. Down to pigs, chickens,ducks,geese,peacocks guinea fowl, rabbits & goats. Plus garden, that can produce way more then we need…. berry patches and 25 fruit trees. Still plenty of room to play.

  5. Happy belated birthday Penelope! What a great "little" fam! Haha! Penelope's voice is just the sweetest! Btw: I love how the ducks and chickens know that auto door is about to set them free! Hehehe

  6. Happy Birthday Penelope ! You have been so blessed Jason. Your wife and daughter, are amazing. And so are you ! I love the idea of camping in the back yard. We did it all the time as kids !

  7. Happy Birthday, Penelope! It is good to have Penelope working in the garden before school because it gives her body exercise and gets her heart pumping. All good things to be able to study well. Love & blessings!

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