Merch By Amazon & Etsy January 2019 Income Report

Merch By Amazon & Etsy January 2019 Income Report

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In this video I breakdown my Print On Demand Results from January 2019. I show you my results from Merch as well as Etsy.

As expected I definitely saw a decrease in overall sales volume on both platforms. I also had a hard uptick in returns posted to my account with Merch.

That being said my numbers are continuing to trend upwards and create a relatively stable semi-passive income stream. I look forward to continuing to grow this business and share my results with you on this channel.

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2 thoughts on “Merch By Amazon & Etsy January 2019 Income Report

  1. Congratulations my friend on tiering up, keep the hard work 👍, check Merch campus YT channel, do more popsockets, use AMS and limit budgets on portfolio level, use mix different research methods, I had surgery before two weeks and I am recovering now, still can not sit on chair for long time, trying my best.

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