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I bought a bunch of mini slime from ETSY. Yes, I know I pronounce it wrong lol! I got so many great scented slimes and an awsome clear slime pallet! I MIXED ALL THE SLIMES AND BOOB THE BEST OR WORST SLIME SMOOTHIE EVERE?! YOU DECIDE!

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what's this guy's pot its nickels guys welcome back to my channel today we have a very very special video I'm super excited to do it but before we are giving away 2 Nintendo switches I'll have the instructions in the description down below be sure to go do that for an opportunity to win a switch I ordered a bunch of different new friend from Etsy LT from C and I'm really excited to test them out try them out and then we're gonna make a mini slime smoothie alright guys so here are all my mini slimes that I ordered from different Etsy shops we have a miniature clear slime palette which is so awesome a bunch of these tiny little slimes right here even a clear tiny slime Oh some cloud slime some scented cotton candy slime watermelon slime and so much more alright so let's get started let's choose our first slime I think this one looks awesome let's do the cotton candy scented slime I'm gonna put all these ones over here here is my bowl for my slime smoothie put this over here and my awesome slime okay so Unicorn frozen delight let's open it up mmm that smells so good it it comes with a little straw and a miniature Starbucks charm super cute a lot of details in this check that out all right let's pour this line out oh my gosh the colors it has a very awesome consistency look at how beautiful those colors are I can't oh oh my and this this scent is amazing I probably need to reactivate this a tiny bit a little bit of accident okay so now the slime is all activated we did lose our pink and blue color it turns into a beautiful pastel purple put it in a Sun smoothie Bowl pause the video all right guys I have some exciting news I want to share with you I just reopened my p.o box my address is right here I want you guys to send me your best slimes your worst slimes your most disgusting where slimes to my p.o box also if you have any squishies I want to do some squishy makeovers on them in the future so send me your squishy and anything else you want me to try and make over alright back to the video alright guys my hand smells so good from this line right here they use the best spend to ever let me add the extras in there just like smoothie alright we got everything even the extras the next thing we are going to be opening up is another slime from unicorn cloud topping this is scented vanilla oh my gosh that's so beautiful look at that we have blue and pink sprinkles so pretty on some awesome clouds line so let's pull this cloud slime out mmm oh my gosh it smells so good I don't want to ruin it it's so pretty it looks like a beautiful cloud oh my gosh this is awesome this is some really good awesome cloud slime that is so pretty alright we're gonna mix it all up cloud slime is so unique with its texture and the way it feels and the way you play with it it looks like I'm holding and stretching a cloud like this is really how I would expect a cloud in real life to like stretch wow so cool okay let's add that to our slime smoothie now we're gonna move on to confetti slime so this is a miniature slime palette that is all clear slime super excited they had to put tinfoil on the top that way it wouldn't leak which I think is a very smart idea we have a slight leakage in the packaging but I mean really you can't do much to this to make it not leak alright so here is our miniature slime palette and just gonna move you over here I don't even know what slime to take out first we'll take out this fishbowl slime first we might need to put a tiny bit of activator onto these just a little oh that's really hard just to pour a tiny bit moderation control Nicole whoo yeah it feels better now all right here is our fishbowl slime use it to clean off all the slime stuck to my finger beautiful add that right over here now let's move on to this slime right here oh yeah look at that little puff balls and clear slime super cute very nice clear slime very stretchy put you next to your girlfriend right there oh my gosh very winged slimy you guys don't know what fairy wings are this is what they are look at how shiny they are all the colors they just radiate and gleam so beautiful put you next to your cousin over here this one is pretty in there I'm afraid I'm gonna pull off my fake nail alright we got it we got it oh listen to that it almost looks like sea glass I would call this sea glass line I am losing beads Mayday Mayday put you next to your auntie alright and last but not least orange or grapefruit I think that kind of looks like grapefruit grapefruit alright put you next to your great-grandma jeez that is a family of mini slimes right there if I do say so myself I'm super excited for this one this one is slimy one papaya the watermelon slime looks beautiful alright I see a jelly cube right off the top I already feel like this is gonna be a good consistency and it is oh the smell it smells so good oh my god it smells like watermelon now those are some giant cubes in there jeez you almost look like ice cubes I love the black glitter that's supposed to look like seeds fantastic and for sitting so long this actually is really good slime I want to know their recipe all right and you guys know I got to squish one of these cubes oh oh so satisfying I don't know why I like squishing those cubes so much oh it smells so good I'm gonna put you next to the cloud and cotton candy slime all right we have a slime right here it's not labeled what it is I forgot what it is to be honest it says enjoy your free gift all right let's see it Oh oh my gosh this is banana I think this is the banana cream one I bought oh I've just been getting the best sentence limes oh my lord okay we're gonna add a little bit of activator to this today is the most oh look at that oh my gosh it just radiates banana it's so nice that is beautiful I don't know why but this is starting to be my favorite slime yet it's so basic but I think it's just so creamy and yellow it's definitely a nice glossy slime and this smell you guys it smells like banana Laffy Taffy I can't get over how good this smells it feels like I'm playing with the inside of a banana like look at that tell me that doesn't look like a banana oh kind of a banana beautiful beautiful sometimes it's the more simple slimes that are just incredible put you right here the color is just so beautiful all right here we have a slime from slime time and this is chocolate so this is mini super mini ooh oh my gosh that feels incredible you know what this feels just like this feels I don't remember those guava juice or Corinna Garcia who made this but it feels like one of their slimes from their slime from the sign that you can buy from the stores fantastic slime it smells so good the texture is so good I feel like I'm playing with some chocolate alright pop you I'm gonna pop you right over here all right you guys now it's time for these cute little minis we are going to be making a mini slime smoothie with them and then adding them to our bigger mini slime smoothie first one that catches my eye is the glitter slime of course I'm really interested to see if oh okay I don't need it I was gonna say if I need it activator or not it's so pretty it's just gleaming what a good little mini slime I love the glitter in this it is beautiful alright I'm gonna put you up here in the corner let's do this pastel pink clear slime with hearts there's little hearts in there this one is easily my second favorite of the night or day look at that it's so nice it's so many I put you right there now we're gonna open up this blue clear oh oh oh my god it looks like it's still in the package but it's not look at that so cute put you right there red oh my gosh you did it again look at that yes I love that awesome this color is incredible look at how highlighter eat that color is I've never seen a slime this color before ever I really I want to know what they used for a pigmentation this can't oh it must be like a pink neon food coloring it is so vibrant it looks even more vibrant in real life but Wow alright last but not least for the minis ooh they're all on a roll doing that it's awesome ooh this one's so pretty too look at that it's just a little and it's so sparkly I love it all right here is our mini slime smoothie ooh that looks really cute this is the most aesthetic slime smoothie I think I've ever made look at that oops all right let's add that right in the middle let's check out this blue slime right here whoo oh my gosh whoa this is the weird consistency it's wet almost oh my gosh look it's sticking to my table it's like a wet butter slime it feels super cool though that I could make an awesome slime smoothie with this Wow it has a little bit of scent to it oh my gosh this is either like blue cotton candy or blue raspberry something like that it's so stretchy I can't stop it it just keeps going and going and going Wow that is the most interesting textured slime I've felt in a long time it's not bad it's very interesting it just will stretch forever and ever and ever ever let's make it stretch all over oh yeah all right guys we only have two slimes left for this mini slime smoothie we have these lines right here jelly cube slime pink lemonade super excited and then we have slime by Bliss babe butter watermelon butter oh and they both have and this one comes with the lemon and this one comes with some water ballad all right I am dying to try this jelly cubes lime lemon ooh please don't be sticky all right it's a little sticky the scent – this is amazing this makes me want to relax on the pool and enjoy my day smelling chlorine and drinking peak lemonade this is easily one of the best smelling slimes of the day it smells so amazing pop you in right over here and last but not least what a melon butterfly mmm I feel like I'm playing with watermelon candy right now it smells so good what's up with these slimes smelling so good I'm getting hungry you guys have you made it this far in the video I want you to comment in the comment section down below did you see Nicole's hermit crab run across the table that's gonna confuse people and it's gonna be super funny so leave that comment in the comment section down below that way I know you watch the video all right we're gonna add a little bit of activate our this scent is incredible all right I'm gonna put you right in the middle and boom are you guys ready now it's time for me to mix all of this lime smoothies together oh it smells so good this is gonna be the best smelling slime smoothie I think I've ever made we got cotton candy scent chocolate scent banana scent watermelon scent times two lemonade scent oh my gosh I can't even look at how pretty and aesthetic that is whoo all right I can smell the chocolate over here all of this lime together is making the most magical slime are you guys if you want a like from me on instagram be sure to screenshot this right here post it on instagram and tag me in it that way I can see it and I will be liking a bunch of your guys's pictures oh my gosh all right guys so this is what this lime smoothie it up looking like the color so awesome it looks like a big piece of bubblegum alright guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to give it a big fat thumbs up and I'll see you guys in my next video bye

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