Monthly Budget With Me #happyplanner #augustbudget #budgetwithme

Monthly Budget With Me #happyplanner #augustbudget #budgetwithme

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Hey Guys! Today’s video is a budget with me in my classic happy planner! We are budgeting the month of August 2019 using my classic happy planner budget edition.





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hey guys welcome back to my channel if this is your first video hi I'm Elena and this is the organized money where we talk about planning life and managing money today's video is going to be a budget with me in my classic happy planner we're going to flip over to the budget section and I'm basically going to be planning out the month of August I have not had a chance to really budget in a couple of weeks and I do have a video telling you all about what I did during those couple of weeks how I kept my money together when I was not able to officially budget so I will link it above if you wanted to watch that one but today we are getting into my August budget and I'm going to be setting up my monthly budget as I normally do so you know in order to complete my budget I always use my colorful dots and if you are a patreon member then you will receive a set of the pick of the budget that in your a sticker kit this particular week so let's go ahead and get started so the first thing that I'm doing is dividing up my budget dots based on the weeks I switch just concept up every now and then sometimes I do it based on the categories sometimes I do it based on the week and whatever check is going to cover whichever bills so this is just the way that I've decided to do it this month and I could possibly switch it next month but this particular dot is really more of a red color because it is happening outside of this month so with my last check in July I am covering half of my mortgage for the month of August and then the other half will come out the first week of August so that's why I put this one in blue and that one in the reddish color okay so this is looking at the first week I will have my mortgage medical dental student loans two of my student loans I do want to put something on my credit card but I left that amount blank because I'm not sure how much I'm going to be able to allocate to that and 360 for insurance so I'm going to add this up and see much huh see how much I need for the very first week so that's 24 fifth before which is pretty heavy for that particular week I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to cover every single thing that I put in the blue if we're going to make that amount we might make it though we just have to see and this is basically telling me how much I need to have in my build account for that particular week so I know by the fifth or about a six then I want to have this amount in my bill account okay for the second week I have my Entergy bill which I'm not sure how much that is and our gas bill I'm not sure how much that's gonna be I am paying off our car so I'm probably going to slip that into two payments this particular month and I'm also paying off our chase account which is a credit card so I have I don't I'm not sure exactly how much I'm gonna put on the chase card so I had that link also I am paying back the IRS hopefully we'll be done with that soon but I think I have a little more to go because I believe it's like sixteen thousand right now and I have life insurance and I'm putting hair here for now but I believe I might take that out of my personal spending account and let that not be in a facial bill but we will see so now I'm going to add up how much I have how much I need for this particular week and put that amount under week two so I ended up doing an estimate for entity and for my gas bill and I didn't add in anything that I'm going to pay for my debt just so that I kind of have a roundabout amount of what I need like these numbers on the side aren't exact figures this is just kind of like an estimate and then as I plan out my weeks it will be more specific to what I need for that particular week so the fourth week is where my budget gets really light this is kind of the time where I can then save anymore I can pay off more debt I can do more because I don't have many bills in this particular week and now I might need some of this to cover some of the money that I had to spit that I went over like the first and the second week are my heavier weeks but for the most part after I replaced the money that was spent at my bill account now I'm kind of a little bit more freer in the last two weeks so I'm going to add up what I need for the third week but like I said I'm paying off my chase card so this is kind of like a free amount I can put whatever I would like here and so it's only mainly these two bills okay so I have laid out all of my bills and if you haven't seen my new method of how I have divided up my bills I will link the video above but basically it breaks down into 70/30 rules so 70% of my money goes to my bills into my bill account and I am in the process of automating everything and 30% of my girls is divided up by savings giving and also my personal spending that's why you don't see any of the personal spending on here you don't see anything like gas food or anything like that because for the particular month I am only putting down all of my bills and then that goes into my bill account and then for all of the other expenses it goes into it divides up and then that way I am able to automate everything and keep everything separated I will link the video above if that does not make sense to you but this is my August setup I have used all of my budget ducks and I really like I'm I like how this looks I think that I'm going to like this even better than what I did last month if he didn't see what I did last month this is how I completed my budget last month and I divided it by the categories and I thought that I was really gonna like the way that this was set up but I think that I like it even more divided up by the weeks because when it's divided up by the weeks I just know how much I need to have in my account at a particular time and I believe that is the most important to me right now so this is my full August spread I hope that this video has helped you in setting up your August budget and I do have my goals on the sidebar here I just have a savings goal of $1,000 in a debt duction goal of $1,000 and i can show you guys really quick how I did with my debt reduction my credit card paying off my credit cards is going really well I told you in a couple of times that I am paying off my chase credit card which is our last credit card last month we paid off my husband's chase card which was a smaller card it was about $1,000 but it is completely paid off and we are currently working on our second credit card which is our last credit card but it is also our biggest credit card it is currently sitting at 17,000 and I have a goal of paying it off by July 22 2000 it's a little bit more than paying $1,000 a month I just believe that the universe will align and I will be able to pay it off in twelve months so we'll see how it goes but that this month's goal is to put $1,000 toward it and to get it down to sixteen thousand by the month of September so that is it for this budget with me I hope you guys have enjoyed this one and I will see you in the next video until next time keep organizing your life so that you can achieve your dreams bye guys you

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  1. Such an amazing way to layout the bills. I’ve been struggling with how to keep track of what comes out when and whether I’ll have enough money to cover those bills. Love this, definitely going to use this method. Thanks for sharing.

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