Must have 100 listings to sell on Etsy?

Must have 100 listings to sell on Etsy?

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More is better, you need to have at least 100 listings to sell on etsy, 200 listings? have you heard people say selling on etsy is only possible if you have a massive amount of listings to sell
I give you the pros and cons of lots of listings and a strategy to help you in 2019

you need a hundred listings to have a successful shop or 200 or 300 or 400 more is better or is it hey I'm Tom Duffy and I've been a seller on eetzi for over 10 years and in the past five years I've grown my shop so that my sales last year were over 800 times the size that they were five years ago so I share with you the tips and tricks that helped my shop and continues my shop growing so that's something you're interested in don't forget hit subscribe and come back every week so many people are saying you absolutely must have hundreds of listings in your shop to have a successful shop so let's talk about the pros and cons and what strategy we should be using what what we should be thinking about about the number of listings in our shop pro number one you have more room to experiment the more listings you have there's different styles of photography you could try you can try different keywords and different ways to do SEO and that way that really helps you identify and learn what works with your items in your shop Pro number two there's more choice for customers yes absolutely if you have several different types of a similar thing you can have variations in the drop-down but customers are lazy if they go into your shop and the only see one item and it's in a color they weren't liking they might not even click on that item if they can see right there in front of them a range of colors and the very color they wanted or a range of things and the very thing that they wanted then they're more likely to buy Pro number three you become an authority on the thing that you're selling you are that expert shop for knitwear or for needle felting or for piano supplies you are that person that people go to for that thing and this just this doesn't just help people this can help search engines as well because they look and they go this person sells this item and they've got 200 other listings similar to this so they must really know about this thing rather than selling like 200 different things the search engines are just like pray number four you have more chances to get seen every single listing in your shop is like a doorway into your shop it's a chance for people to click on you for example if you're seen in search and you just have one listing you're only popping up on the one page but if you have several listings then as people scroll through different pages they see your item more often and you have more opportunity for them to click on your shop for them to click on your items than if you just had that one that they didn't even notice while they were scrolling and pro number five is more activity in your shop if people come to your shop and there's lots of lovely things to look at and they click on one listing and then go to the next and then go to the next you've got more chance of them liking seeing something liking it and buying it but also it can look good for some search engines as well you have rather than a high bounce rate where people click on it and go not didn't like that and go somewhere else they stay in your shop that's a good signal that even if they don't buy they were certainly very interested and they might come back again so this is a good shop to show to customers so that sounds awesome but are there some cons you betcha Kahn number one this could affect your conversion ratio if you have 200 listings in your shop and you sell one item then you've got a 1 in 200 conversion ratio to show the search algorithm if you have one item in your shop and you sell that one item you have a 100 percent conversion ratio for all the items you have in your shop you sold them all so that can kind of look a little bit better possibly for search engines Kahn number 2 if you don't have a cohesive feel across your shop if you're trained to sell lots of different things if you're just trying to stuff things in there for the sake of getting your 200 listings your shop can look cheap your shop can look like a jumble sale and that can put people off Kahn number 3 it can be hard for customers to find the very thing they're looking for the very opposite of what I just said in the but customers are lazy and if they're hit with so many things and when they look they can't find the color they want cuz there's too many there then that again might put them off Kahn number four it can be hard to keep track of a large number of listings Ichi does give us tools in our shop manager to bulk edit titles and descriptions etc but things can slip through the cracks and if you've had listings that are around for a while they might not be saying what you think they should be saying and it can mean you lose track of when things are expiring you've got to relist them etc it can just be tricky and con number five that can be a big deal especially for people just starting out it's the cost and time investment of keeping such a large inventory if it takes you days and weeks to create one item then you're gonna be sittin thinking I can't have 400 items that's decades worth of work now if we look to popular successful sellers many of them do have a large number of listings they have a high turnover they're able to afford to keep a high inventory and they can stack a lot of items in their shop so that might give you the idea as well that you need to have a lot of listings but there are also some shops that are doing really well that just have one or two listings in their shop they have such a great following elsewhere that this scarcity drives excitement whenever they launched a range it almost sells out immediately they can tell their followers this is coming to my shop in three days and people go in a buying frenzy so the scarcity creates excitement and they can have a super successful shop that way now one thing that really boosted my shop was a number of years ago an art gallery wanted basically a rush order of 35 of my dogs so I had to create 35 different dogs and I was able to photograph each of them and create custom listings with them as an example so instead of just saying custom needle felted dog as a listing I was able to have a listing this was a custom needle felted labrador dog and then a custom needle felted border and without having extra things in in stock I was able to boost my number of listings quite quickly and that made a big difference to my shop especially because I was able to specifically focus in on individual dog breeds so if people are searching for an individual dog breed they were gonna find me whereas they weren't going to be searching for the basic term of needle felted dog or dog sculpture they might be they will be searching for the specific breed of dog but lately due to my shop having built up momentum and being super busy I've kind of let my listings run down a bit this time last year I had over 200 listings and wish up now I have around 30 listings in my shop however my views and visits have not gone down they have actually increased from me having less listings in my shop my views are up 8% and my visits are up 14% and this is because these 30 listings that are left these are the ones that have been the best performing listings that haven't been good and haven't sold I haven't renewed them when they've died so these are the listings that are doing the best so this gives a plan for a strategy and that is simply when you're starting out if you can it's a good idea to build up as much as you can this gives you plenty of chance to experiment now if like me it's really difficult because each item takes a really long time to make think outside the box for how you can have more listings I could have had a shop that was only putting up a needle felted dog when I created it and that would be even flat out I would only be making a few a week however when I offer custom listings there's an unlimited amount of custom listings I can create because I don't have to have anything in stock for that or if you can't do that consider bundles for instance you could sell a lip sail for chapstick and a hand cream as separate listings and if you can make more of them you could also have a bundle for a hand cream and a chapstick gift pack think outside the box for ways that you can create more listings without creating more work again if you're an artist you can offer the original painting for sale but if you can take high quality scans you can also offer prints of the painting you can even offer using print-on-demand companies things like your artwork on a t-shirt or a mug or whatever else and you don't have to have created these at all when the listing comes in the print-on-demand company prints it and ships it to the customer so you can get a lot more listings for zero work and this way you can use this time to find out what resonates best with the customers what photographs do best what SEO what people are really searching for dive into your analytics and really look at the terms that are driving the most traffic and then you can trim down your listings as need be so I hope that helped gave you some inspiration for what to do with your shop thank you so much and I'll see you next time

10 thoughts on “Must have 100 listings to sell on Etsy?

  1. I've been selling online for 20 years selling discount store £1 line products with stack them high sell them cheap business model and quite frankly i've had enough. I'd like to handmake products i'm proud of in a sustainable manner. I've enrolled into collect to learn wood joinery with the aspirations of selling handmade furniture on etsy. Obviously due to the sizes i would be limited to selling UK only. How big is the UK etsy market? is it just too small? Do i need to go back to the drawing board of what to produce?

  2. Great food for thought, Pam. It amazes me how versatile the sellers are with their Etsy shops. They range from one extreme to the other with their creativity and item listings. I appreciate that we are given the opportunity to list a little or a lot at our own pace. That gives us, as sellers, a chance to see what works best for our shops.

    Offering customized items allows for us to set manageable parameters. If we get overwhelmed, we can cut back. Then, if we see the need to add more, it can be done. The Etsy shop listing choices appealed to me and here I still am trying them out.

    Thanks for always telling it like it is and keeping us informed.

  3. Fantastic tips Pam! As I building my site my Etsy has gone a bit dusty and YES that really shows in the stats. I will start pampering it when my project is finished. Looking forward to that!

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