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In this video, my LIP BALM COLLECTION chooses my back to school lunches! I hope you all enjoyed watching this video! Have a FABULOUS day and don’t forget to click subscribe! πŸ€—



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hey you guys it's Kayla and welcome to my channel today's video is going to be so much fun because I'm going to be letting my lip balm collection choose my back to school lunches for the entire week so here's how it's gonna work today is Monday so today I'm going to be picking a random note card out of this cup and on these note cards are all the different brands of lip balm that I have so let's say for example I picked up this one this is chapstick brand lip balm okay they are right in here I would have to close my eyes and pick three to four flavors from this baggie and whatever flavors I get I have to go out to the store and buy the food version of that flavor that I selected so anyways guys without further ado let's get right into the video alright so first of all do you guys like the little bucket I have here it says I'm in love with flip zest and actually a fan named Lehren sent this to me so she's so creative but alright so let's see what lip balm brand I get to choose from today for the lunch I'm so excited alright so so I got lip smacker okay that is a really great brand to start off with so I have so whole many bins of lip smackers alright so let's see what I get so this is the first thing it is the favorites strawberry lip smacker yes oh my gosh I actually already have the strawberry servers in my room so that's awesome I don't even have to go to the store and get this so this is the first thing we will be having with our lunch now hopefully we will get something a little more substantial to eat so we are gonna go with this one it is okay maman is on there and it's in the flavor peachy ocean breeze so we're gonna get some peaches with our lunch I mean hey peaches are actually a normal thing that people eat with lunch alright so now I'm going to see what our we got oh it's a Christmas one it has Mickey and it's gingerbread flavored oh okay so I think they sell gingerbread all the time even though it's not Christmas I mean I never really look for gingerbread in the store but I'm sure they have like generic gingerbread cookies I could buy I'm going to choose one more thing so hopefully it will be a this one this is the last one okay so it's a super here one and it is star spangled strawberry all together we've got strawberries we've got peaches we've got strawberry starburst and we have gingerbread cookies I mean hey it's not the worst lunch combo ever right we're gonna go to the store now and go get our stuff for lunch and then we're gonna sit down and eat together I'm not going to be eating these lunches in school because I actually graduated two years ago but we can play pretend right right alright so come on let's go to the store I'm ready alright guys so I decided to eat my lunch upstairs it is a really rainy day today and I just wanted to sit by my window and watch the rain so here it is right here we have our peach we have some strawberry starbursts and then we also have our strawberries right here and if you guys are wondering where the gingerbread cookies are I'm just gonna be honest with you I went to three different stores and I could not find any gingerbread cookies probably because it's not near Christmas time but yeah so we are just not gonna be having any gingerbread today but we are going to be having these other three things so first we are going to eat our strawberries this is the star spangled a strawberry lip smacker so we're gonna put this on first oh my gosh it smells like candy that is so amazing and it tastes like honey – I'm gonna eat a strawberry right now mmm these taste like the smell of that lip balm alright now we're gonna have our peach and I am so excited about this because I picked out a really juicy peach so I can't wait to take a giant bite out of this but first we have to put on the lip balm oh that smells really good I love peach so now here we go I'm so excited I'm gonna take the biggest bite ever hmm Wow I think my new favorite fruit is actually peaches so now for dessert we're going to have some strawberry starbursts so let's put the lip balm on first and then I am gonna eat a lot of these okay so um we're gonna eat two at one time just because just because I want to UM say yeah let's do this movies always take me literally like 10 minutes that show alright guys I am officially guilty of eating like ten pink starburst in a row I'm feeling a little bit nauseous right now but that's okay it was a lot of fun so overall a Monday's lunch was pretty good I think we raid at Lake F seven point five or an eight out of ten um it was very sweet not super filling um if I would have been able to find the gingerbread cookies maybe order been but overall it was not too bad so anyways I will see you guys tomorrow when it is time for my lip balms to choose Tuesday's lunch so see you then alright guys Oh what is up it is now Tuesday and I'm very hungry for lunch right now it is actually past lunchtime so I'm pretty much starving at this point but as you guys know I'm going to be letting my lip balm collection choose my lunch for this whole week so we're going to be picking it from this little cup again and by the way I made sure to take the lip smacker card out because we already did lip smacker yesterday so let's see what brand we get to choose from here we go alright we got a lot of love / taste beauty darn it I was really hoping that I would get lips s because I have my literally lips s to March on right now but okay so a lot of love and taste beauty is second best though alright um here they are in here um these are so much fun we have big ones hey Peppa what are you doing in my lip balm bin alright anyways comment below the pig emoji if you love Peppa Pig okay so I'm gonna close my eyes now and we're gonna see lunch alright so whoa what happened to its face ah it used to be a cute little watermelon lip balm but sadly something happened to a no I lied that's so weird so these never really say the flavor names when they look like this but legit on the back of it it says pink lemonade but just so weird because this is supposed to be watermelon so okay I don't know if you guys can see it or not you know you really can't but it says pink lemonade flavored lip gloss on the back so alright good to know I was gonna say when I smelled it it didn't smell very watermelon II but it smells good so we're gonna have pink lemonade to drink with our life Shh let's pick out another thing and we have a Crayola lip balm and it is in the flavour Clementine so all right we're gonna get some lemonade we're gonna get a Clementine and let's keep going all right because that will not Coco Puffs I don't even like cocoa puffs when I was younger I used to like them because I used to pretend that I was the bird I go for cocoa puffs is that still on TV I don't know but all right so that does actually smell like the real deal I'm just saying alright so a Clementine pink lemonade cocoa puffs and let's do let's do one more mug root beer I love root beer but it was gonna be so weird I'm gonna be having pink lemonade and Revere like I'm gonna be having two different drinks with my lunch today oh my gosh this is gonna be the literally weirdest combo ever alright so once again we've got cocoa puffs pink lemonade that's in the packaging of a watermelon a Clementine and mug root beer all right well this is probably the strangest combo yet but we're gonna go to the store now and get these items and we're gonna enjoy our unique lunch together so let's go to the store okay so this is one of the strangest food combos ever alright we have our cocoa puffs cereal we have our Clementine all diced up we have our mug root beer in this tiny little glass right here and then we also have some lemonade yeah it's just gonna be interesting having the two different sugary drinks like if one of these drinks is water I feel like it would be fine but all right this is gonna be a one-of-a-kind meal let's sit down and try our best to enjoy it so guys that we are going to start off by eating our cocoa puffs okay and after I put this on I have to mimic the cocoa puffs commercial because I'm just in the mood so alright here we go let's put on okay now let's sit and eat them with grace and poise now we are going to have some of our lemonade so okay here we go here's the product inside does not make much sense that it's green and sparkly and it's lemonade flavor but that's okay all right not too shabby now for our plate of clementines okay so this cute little Crayola lip balm is Clementine flavored apparently okay clearly this is very old because it smells like after you lick an envelope taking little bits at a time because I'm super weird I like can't swallow the skin on these I don't know why I'm probably the only one that can't comment below if you're like that too it's just like Oh and lastly guys we are going to be drinking our root beer so you know what this has fallen on the floor so many times like the cap falls off and then it falls on the floor and that's why it looks all disgusting on top so let's just pretend to put this on I'm not about to die today from an unknown disease pretend that we put that on and now let's do a little sip but if i sat here for 40 minutes and sipped it like this would you want to subscribe I probably would so it's okay but yeah guys so that was all for Tuesday's lunch and I will see you tomorrow when weeds of our Wednesday's lunch hey guys so it is now Wednesday and I'm wearing my happy shirts I don't know why it's just a good day to be happy you know I was gonna save this for Friday but why why do we have to wait until Friday to be happy like just saying alright so you guys know what time it is it's time for lunch and it's also time for me to that's my lip balms decide what I eat you know the drill alright let's see what we get to zip this is a lucky one and it is okay so it is my random shaped lip balm collection these are so much fun oh my gosh this is the heaviest bin ever but alright so there is so much variety in here and why I love these so much is because they're all like random and fun like you have a snowman we have an ice cream cone we have a black skull it's just like the fun never ends okay this is pretty much bottomless so let's see what we get we might have to get kind of creative with some of these okay so first what the it's a two in one I think I grabbed this one first so we got a Hershey kiss which that's doable okay I know what that is let's see what else because she kisses won't fill us up although they are very good oh we got a unicorn so I'm thinking with this I can get myself like some unicorn hoodies or unicorn mac and cheese or they literally have unicorn everything out in stores right now right let's keep going what is this oh we got a Mickey Mouse one yay um Oh what can I get this Mickey Mouse um I think don't they have like Mickey mouse-shaped goldfish crackers right now one more let's see what we get french fries okay I'm not sad about this lunch at all it's just probably the best lunch I've gotten so far so we're gonna be eating Hershey kisses some kind of unicorn themed something or other I haven't decided yet um more than likely I'll be getting a Mickey Mouse goldfish for this or I don't know like two of these are kind of mysteries because I can get creative with them and then the last thing is a french fries so I'm gonna go to the store now and get these items for lunch and then we will feast away together alright guys so I'm gonna show you our Wednesday lunch looks like so far so as you can see we have some Hershey Kisses right over here since whenever she kiss lip balm we have our french fries and yes I did make a special trip to McDonald's to get these we have our Mickey Mouse lip balm with some Mickey Mouse goldfish crackers yes here's the bag right here and then for the unicorn lip balm I went to Target and I found this unicorn macaroni and cheese it looks so delicious and magical so that's what's cooking right now and as soon as that's done we are doing two feast away alright guys so let's dig in here this is actually a pretty filling lunch which is nice for a change so usually when I do these challenges I'm always still really hungry after the meal but okay so we have our unit corne macaroni and cheese and the noodles are like stars and rainbows and there's some unicorn heads my mouth is literally watering as I talk because I love mac and cheese before we eat we have to put the lip on one so let's open this thing up and yeah so there we go it smells good now we can finally take a bite mmm so since I just had mac and cheese I'm in the mood for something sweet so we are going to have a Hershey kiss um here is our Hershey kiss the lip balm so let's put this on first it's kind of smells like a raspberry in white chocolate I love Hershey kisses they're so cute and like fun I've always loved them okay so now we're going to eat our fries before they get any colder I mean they're like lukewarm right now and I'm not even a lie I did eat some of these on my way home from McDonald's but right here's our french fry lip balm and I don't even know how you open it this is weird this is so weird oh okay so the product is like super shimmery mmm but okay let's eat our for us mmm these are like extra salty and kind of soggy I don't know about you guys but I love those little soggy ones I don't like the burnt ones I like the ones that are like bits mmm and now lastly guys we are going to be digging into our Mickey Mouse a goldfish so these are just so adorable I'm only going to be eating the Mickey Mouse ones so first let's put on our Mickey lip balm all right so now we're just gonna eat the little mickey heads mmm I swear Mickey Mouse goldfish taste better than a regular goldfish what does sup you guys is now Thursday and that means it is the second-to-last day of this challenge which is kind of sad like this video has been a lot of fun to film so far but alright so let's go into our buckets of mystery and see what is on the menu for lunch well first we have to see what brand you know you know the true alright so we're gonna go with this one yo mas okay so my EOS are up here and they're actually mixed in with my Revo lip balms so if I get a repo man I will just have to put it back but hopefully I will only pick a OS and hopefully I will remember their flavors let's go with this one all right I got sweet mints this is a classic so all right all right we're gonna be having some sweet mints some sweet peppermints with our lunch today maybe I'll eat those after like if there was a garlic bread us that would be perfect because then like you know garlic makes your breath stank so I could have mints oh oh well there is no garlic bread EOS but let's keep going with this so let's try it again okay I think this is an EOS and it is the medicated tangerine so you'll be having some tangerines and mints so far it was just pretty weird all right here we go again all right hopefully this time we will get a flavor that will be more all right so we got yellow which is lemon drop ooh I think for this one I'm gonna get some like lemon heads or something like the candy all right all right interesting combo so far all right guys [Applause] I think okay so oh we got sweet vanilla nonsense this is from the Alice in Wonderland set used to be like very very rare and very popular um so with this one I feel like I can do any food that is vanilla flavored so I'm probably gonna do like vanilla ice cream or vanilla cookies or something like that I'm gonna run to the store and go buy the food version of these iOS flavors and I will see you guys a little bit all right you guys so at Thursday's lunch is actually going to be eating in bed because I have been editing for the past couple of hours and I'm really on a roll so I don't want to stop but also I apologize for the crappy lighting it is actually raining really hard right now so we have no natural light coming in but anyways so I'm going to show you guys what foods I picked up for these for iOS for the Lemon Drop I decided to get some of these lemon heads and these are just like lemon flavored candies for the medicated tangerine I of course got a tangerine or a cutie um for sweet mint I got some peppermints and then for sweet vanilla nonsense I decided to get these vanilla wafers I just thought that these would be more filling than like a vanilla ice cream or something like that and I feel like I'm always getting vanilla ice cream for these challenge videos so it's just something different and I think I'm actually going to start off by eating these for lunch so first we are going to put on any lip balm girl that is so good now we think these stupid oh my gosh they smell so good oh okay so now I'm in the mood for something kind of juicy we're gonna eat our tangerine oh my gosh this o literally smells like mouth watering oh my gosh did you guys know that the smell of oranges is like proven to relieve stress and I totally believe it oh my gosh that's amazing purse we have to put on the lip balm and I got this a long time ago so but it's expired oh yeah oh that smells really good though like yeah the consistency changed a little bit but it still smells like exactly like it always did absolutely I'm smiling I'm so lame all right that's a good cutie now for our lemon drops let's put our lemon drop yo ass on first mmm that one's also good this one's still like super new also fun fact I've actually never had lemon heads before so let's give them a go mmm wash they taste like lemon skittles but better here's something about the packaging that just makes me very happy and now lastly to finish off this lunch we are going to have one of these peppermint candies so first let's put on our sweet mini OS and there we go now we can pop one of these babies in our mouth oh that's all like Christmas alright guys so that was all for Thursday's lunch but I will see you tomorrow for Friday's hello everybody and happy Friday it is the very last day of this video challenge and it's kind of bittersweet because this was so much fun to film but anyways we are going to see what we are having for lunch this Friday all right I am hoping that this is gonna be the best lunch ever okay cuz this is our last day to do this so alright let's see what brand of lip balm we will be choosing from okay lipsticks oh my gosh guys maybe we got lips s lips s is my very own homee lip balm brand and if you guys haven't tried them out yet you definitely should the link to where you can get them will be in the description box below anyways so yay for lips s there is no way we're gonna have a bad lunch today because all of these flavors are just like amazing they are to die for I'm going to reach in and we're gonna go with this one this is the hashtag star fam Orange Dreamsicle how funny I picked this one out as I'm filming a video for you guys the star fam so orange dreams coal really means orange creamsicle um so we're gonna get some orange creamsicles today yeah I literally cannot even remember the last time I had an orange creamsicle so let's keep going we're gonna go with this one this is hamster hugs in it the flavor honeyBun I also cannot remember the last time I had a honey bun either so I don't even know if I like some or not we're gonna go for like the middle here blow a bunch just fell out crap we'll just ignore that unicorn magic bubble gum frosting girl I know what I'm gonna do so I have actually never seen a bubble gum frosting in stores but I can make it because what I'll do is I'll get vanilla frosting and then I have this a bubble gum flavor that you can use for baking and so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put some drops of that inside the frosting and it'll be magical oh my gosh yay so we're gonna choose one more flavor now are you guys ready alright this is the lucky one unicorn pudding oh my gosh how funny we got to unicorn things okay alright I'm definitely okay with eating some unicorn pudding today so umm ironically enough we did save the best lunch in my opinion for last so yeah honey buns orange creamsicles unicorn pudding and some bubblegum flavor defrosting so guys here is Friday's lunch all laid out man am I gonna be on a sugar high guys okay so we have our bubble gum frosting right here we have our honey bun we've got our orange creamsicle yes I know that it looks a little bit dysfunctional that's because these actually melted in the car when I was driving home after buying them so there's the lips s it goes with it and then last but certainly not least we have a unicorn pudding and then I chose the blue unicorn pudding I usually go for pink but I wanted some like different colors so let's beast the way guys I'm excited alright guys so I think we are going to eat our orange creamsicle first just because I kind of want to get it out of the way hopefully it'll still taste good alright so here is the hashtag star fam Orange a Dreamsicle lips s lip balm I love this one so much it is so spot-on anyone who has this could tell you that it is the bomb calm so now let's take a bite okay one bite of that is enough for me it tastes like it's been in the freezer for like 2,500 years so let's move right along okay we are going to have our honey bun and guys I literally don't think I've ever had a honey bun before I've had like cinnamon rolls but I've never had a honey bun so here's our hamster hugs honey bun so now that we have put that on we are going to try it smells really good has icing all over it whoa yeah it smells like a donut let's try it mmm Wow okay so I actually really like honey buns I discovered that I liked them so now guys we are going to dig into our bubblegum flavored frosting so this is actually how made it by me so let's put on our lips s first so let's just take a big old spoonful of that oh my gosh yes blissful alright guys and then I saved the best for last we are going to dig into our unicorn pudding I seriously love this pudding so much I swear it's like extra magical but all right so here's our unicorn pudding lips test oh yeah I never get tired of this tastes good if you'll still go on your lips okay so look how satisfying that blue is I just love it I don't know why I'm eating it all right you guys so that was all for today's video of my lip balms choosing my back to school lunches for a week if you guys enjoyed this please don't forget to give it a big thumbs up and I would love it if you would leave a comment below and let me know out of all the lunches that I ate this week which day was your favorite if you guys have not already subscribed please make sure you do that it would mean everything to me and also turn on post notifications but I love you guys so much and I will talk to you in my next video bye

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