My story of selling and dropshipping on Etsy: helpful tips and experience

My story of selling and dropshipping on Etsy: helpful tips and experience

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hello everyone my name is Anthony Devon and I want today to share my story of how I managed to set up the shop and start international selling of Russian whips leather ADC items are worldwide from Russia and have made over three or four hundred sales in just a while guess what I have two years well some of my subscribers are especially those who purchased my products have known me for you know a couple of years now and but I never shared this story and today I want to share it and it may be helpful for some of you considering starting your Pepsi or eBay sales you know because if I could do it from Russia and you certainly can do it on your domestic market in the United States UK and Europe and I've been doing this now for nearly two years and I've had a couple of stores on Etsy I have my account on eBay make sure to check them out in my comments to this video but this particular one I want to uh you know dedicate and shared about there's a particular because that was kind of my favorite you know Chael of sales which are well which failed me couple of times for the reasons I will speak later but still it's one of my favorite because well I've made I've made a huge you know success on it well I consider selling like over 300 items on se as a you know during one year pretty good result you know considering that I live in Russia and I have to sell my things and ship them and make my customers wait for like three or four five weeks sometimes met sometimes more and still I mean it works and it's still working right now I'm selling through my eBay account you can see it in the link below and until just recently I had an open access shop it's been closed though for some you know weird reason I can speak about it later but still it's been my experience and I want to share it and particularly oh well you know I'm particularly fond of FC for several reasons first of all it's very easy to to get registered and to open your shop at ESA you can find a bunch of videos I think I think there's like hundreds of videos like step by step instructions but all of it is pretty intuitive you can just log on on and uh you know provided you have a PayPal account already or you have a credit card you can start your shop in a matter of like minutes and it's very easy intuitive system and they give you immediately you know forty listings for free and then will have to pay 20 cents for listing one product for four months and when you make a sale they take like three point five percent from your sale are not including your arm you know shipment fee unlike eBay because eBay charges you for everything for the whole amount but I still have a not count on eBay and I have a count of FC I even have a count of Amazon but Arizona it's not a B I have to still ship from Russia and maybe I will later you know I set up my AP a business back down but now is it's just on eBay and I also sell stuff through my closed Facebook group you will also find a link below but today I want just to dedicate this for as it goes uh well I just want to share my story about it and you may find it helpful because I see a lot of videos on YouTube concerning call you you know start business on Etsy how you promote it and how you you know make it big and how you make success on FC and sometimes you watch like like a guy's talk for two hours or for an hour for 30 minutes as like beating about the bush and I want to you know make it very concise and very you know up to the point as much as I can because it's been a huge experience I've done it for over two years now and of course I cannot fit everything in one video just just a few tips that that's worked for me and I'm sure it's going to work for you and if you have a question here you can put it in the comments to this video or write me a letter and I will just explain you how I you know how I see it and how it can how can how you can benefit from my experience but for now well what I like about se first of all it's very easy to register is very intuitive process that is it's very you know easy to add listing important thing about listing as us as you may hear again again is to get your our photos our first you have to have very good quality folders but as you probably start up from from the products first of all you need to have a product and in my case I mentioned that I have been selling on eBay for some time I have been selling some Casa outfits some you know Papa hats and Bosley hoods and I even start I even now sold some you know um you know outfits but then I was trying to you know find something else to find some other venue for selling and I just as I was searching what I thought what else would I sell I to my house and I found one you know I turn I had I had an external diaper so this is an a diaper with I which led to you know my to which led to naming my online store Russian webs okay so I had next to my guy again I thought okay maybe I could sell that so I came across AFC and it was so easy to register it just like spent you know 15 20 30 minutes people doubt registered you know and listed just just one or two you know products including this mag I can I just closed you know shut down the computer went out to play with my kids and just go out you know and later on I was just like oh next day I was checking my mail and all of a sudden there's this mail saying hey your your items sold please ship it you know here's the route here so the money's been transferred to your account so it was like wow that's great I mean are so easy so I just as I had experience on eBay previously so I just that business diagram shipped it out to Japan in whole places was Japan man was so excited and then I listened more and you know since then I've been just listed it over and over I started to find other things related to to Cassatt outfit and Cassatt you know attire and pisacas linear weapons but at that time i funny thing LC is designed to you know am supposed to end I mean it was meant to be a venue for selling your can craft and for selling your you know your handcrafted handmade fu Jesus and I didn't even you know at first I didn't even understand the difference that has sent eBay because I was just like very easy to register so I just registered elicit some products well they were not made by me that and I didn't I didn't read all the you know rules and requirements because it speaks specifically that you cannot I mean you cannot drop shape officially from that say and that exactly what I was doing uh well not exactly I got to read drop shipping later on but first I just uh I just started off by selling something which was unlisted which was a you know contemporary product but not made by man that got me in trouble later on as I will explain you but you know for sometimes it went really well I mean I've been selling minor guys I visited them and I started sourcing them I mean I found out the different makers of that product and I bought you know some products wholesale I mean I like would buy five ten and twenty thirty at a time you know at wholesale price and just you know sell it at a retail price on Etsy and making sure was making some profits and which was very very helpful at the time because I'm just one uh one person you know in our family we working my wife is a whole with the kids and she's not making any money and I have to provide for the family I have four kids right now at that time I had a three eight seven ah sorry had real important ever you know yeah I have four kids under the terrace but you shouldn't think that I forgot how much is that effort well for sure I am the only provider for my family so yeah I needed that extra and that's why I got from selling on Etsy and eBay and that combined gave me extra cash to you know God to supplement for my earnings at the regular job so that was a really big help I was really excited and but then things started running so fast that I I mean I sometime I would I was thinking okay so uh my my items are sewn so well that I mean sometimes I'm running out of them faster than I can you know uh buy wholesale from another part of Russia and you know get it shipped and a half customer waiting so why don't I just you know get out get up it get some nice pictures put it on the se again description get a listing then have a sale and then help the guy who is making that product you know set the item and I pay him what he wants for the item and keep the difference keep the margin for myself so that's well that's a long story short as a drop shaving I didn't know that ahead of time I didn't know that true but that's exactly what I was doing I was drop shipping on Etsy and quite successfully and I was going against SC policy which got me trouble later on but I will go to I will come to that so I was airing some justice and savers and you know gives y'all and you know some items which are you know pretty pretty much look like weapons and our weapons but they have all certainly a certificate and I will send them to and those sales were very successful but at one point uh you know something happens with Russian customs they start you know not allowing these items to go through customs and start sending them back to me and just I mean it was a huge loss for the business because I mean I could no longer you know sell them and I had to reimburse my customers I had to take the losses from shipment and it was a huge part of the business which was no longer available to me okay so what did i do so I was starting to I started to think I started to look for new products and some products I mean was the leather coin purses and that is some letter SAP cases and even blackjack switches which are which are weapon technically in the United States and UK but are not not of and unheard of in Russia so people just don't care they don't know what it is so I got again I got a um maker for that for those and asked them to make me a bunch of for you know black Jack's and bunch of converses a bunch of you know flat steps and by that time I already ordered a logo and I was thinking about my brand and I really you know I wanted to promote Russian wheat bran so I got it all organized and you know as an owner of a brand I am promoting uh I think promoting my brain since that and so um since started rolling because I added over like 100 or 200 items on my AFC and then the integrity team I mean when it was over and very well in capacity hope exe started questioning I mean they didn't like some of my items they thought they were a weapon weapon and uh in all day they are asked me to remove some of these things and that was a huge part of the listings which I removed but then uh they started questioning if I was all making that myself because there was a I mean it was huge amount of listings on my Sh I was you know listing on the guy cuz I was listing coin purses I was listing Shastras and knives and then I was listing some uh messing doors and I was listing some park effects and push lagoons and then I started listing even you know some key you know firewood teeth which I was making myself hear from the drastic in the forest and so it was like a huge supermarket like a type of store and probably it got obvious that there's no way one guy can you know technically been making all himself so they say questioning if I was making all by myself and I said no but well actually by that time I just was not just sourcing this product but I was actually are taking huge part in developing this product because I was drawing to design I was asking guys specifically to make you know certain certain designs and certain you know styles of coin purses and saps and leather purses and you know Blackjacks and Michael's I was just uh you know participated in the design process and I was a marketer actually and the owner of the whole thing but um you know in 2016 they just uh kicked me obviously darling I woke up one day and I got used really I got used to waking up in the morning checking my emails and have like two three orders you know you know for sailing for selling diapers for some coin purses for science apps I mean it was comfortable to wake up and got a couple hundred dollars you know fall in your account overnight I mean without doing much in that and then just get that stuff ready you know get it all packed you know write an address mate go to the post office ship it and you know get together get the money so I got used to that but then all of a sudden it just stopped I mean they they are they send me this letter so we don't think we can allow you to stay on that see there I was I was I was kind of depressed at that time I said I was trying to you know reason with them initiate with them saying okay I will remove all the you know items that you don't think are appropriate then I will you know I would just you know are recognizing in store only listing the items they would allow or only you know explain my role explain that I was a marketer for the guy who is actually making handcrafted items but because he is not you know he's not interested in having a fancy store he's not while he's just a craftsman middens actually and there's no way he would be you know posting them those items himself online for selling because he doesn't know English he doesn't know you know FC he doesn't know PayPal I mean there's a lot of things he doesn't know so for him it's technically a very hard or next impossible to do so I'm doing that exam and he give his giving job to a few people in just shop so I actually I am being you know socially responsible entrepreneur so but it didn't work so they shut me out and I had to think what to do next so what did I do so I found a way to open another store not for my name for my Catino associate or for my friends in continue that was next door it was like a what was it name of it oh it was a true Russian store okay so you know and the two Russian store I mean I put back most of the items but not the sastras not the kids awesome not the savers but the leather whips and the leather converse themselves I pulled up that store and was selling yeah I sold over like 50 or 60 items there before it just all of a sudden God you know shut down again so I I was still selling on eBay but I think having another ancestor would be a good idea so I I opened again I mean and I mean I can I can I can open s stores like all day long I have a lot of friends I have family I have you know my associates and other people who would be willing to allow me to use their like PayPal account and use their you know email for registering as a store I just here a bit of problems with them but sometimes it's just very easy I mean it's technically very easy to getting our Etsy store open and that's exactly where exit access sucks because I mean think about it you open a store and you keep running it for you know for a year or couple years and sales are going great and all all sudden they decide they don't like you and they shut you down and and you're left with nothing so that's why I suggest everybody who is you know building their business on Etsy yes it's great and it's possible and it's it's I mean it's real you can do it I mean I can share with you hundreds of tips how you can do it and how you promote is how you get your following how you interact how you you know increase your customer base and I probably I will probably have other videos on that if you're interested in you if you ask me questions I will answer them and for me it's easy and that's something I'd like to do but right now I just want to tell you don't rely solely on EXO loli on exe or eBay or on anything because I don't put all your you know eggs in one basket as they say and well so what library I think I've been promoted the Russian whips a brand all along so now I'm not depending even on anesthesia I don't care if they shot me I can open another one and it will not even are there the rest of its name but I got some really mission now among the my my customers and my clients and I have a closed a Facebook group I have my side it's not fancy it's very basic and I probably could elaborate a little bit about that but and I will certainly have Instagram and I have you know Facebook and what else and I have this YouTube channel which being a great way to promote my brand and promote my items and in fact you know even by this video I hope you will you know go and check and I got you clearly see though check mighty Bay go check my facebook you go check my Instagram to see what wasn't what I was talking about but right now I just want to leave you with this thought it's possible you could guide from Russia I mean a 44 year old guy who never did anything like that could make it why can't you I mean it's easy it is it's putting you know extra money in your pocket without even you know huge effort well there is there is an effort but I was doing all of that on the run I mean I would it's possible now to do it using you know yourself on your your you know your smartphone because all all all apps are there is a PayPal then there is a bathe Anders Etsy them it's Amazon that email and there is you know the bank the mobile banking everything is there you can do it you know wherever you're not tied to the desktop you're not tight an office you can do it you know on the beach you can do it in the forest you can do it in the yard and the backyard even I mean wherever on the commute to the work and that's as just a few places I've been doing it so if you if you liked this video please hit the subscribe button and you know make sure you check out my eBay Facebook and Instagram and even my site if you like any of those products you can right now get them from eBay or write me directly because I've been I think you know shooting people direct because I I've been a while on the internet I've been a while on eBay and on FC and uh you know people they're selling me money and I've been selling them cards without even eBay SC without this many eater because I always you know you know do what I what I said I would give I mean if if I if I told you I shouldn't do this I'm shipping in that cell and it's billed this way since the very beginning so that's how we can do it or you can go and get it from eBay where my items are listed if you like this video again subscribe you know ask the questions and keep following me and I will post more videos are concerning the specifics and specific advice specific tips for sa-a-afe ebay self and you know goodbye and see you again on the rest of this channel have a good day bye bye

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  1. so do you not sell on Etsy at all now? I have an Etsy store and I don't want to get kicked off so I'm thinking of selling tools to make crafts but I heard that you have to get Etsy to approve the manufacture of the produces that you are selling How do I do that?

  2. Nice video!! can u maybe tell me how you pay your ebay seller fees? I m in Germany and want to sell in use and they are asking me a credit card for the fees.I can not pay with my verified PayPal account?Thank uu

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