My Top Five Favorite Etsy Shops for Planner Stickers & Supplies

My Top Five Favorite Etsy Shops for Planner Stickers & Supplies

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Besides Oh, Hello Stationery Co. of course!

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Oh Mulligan's and welcome back to my channel today it's finally time for a very requested video my top five at favorite Etsy shops obviously I love my Etsy shop I think we make some really cool stickers and we make all of our designs ourselves but I can't talk about us today I'm talking about bunch of other really awesome girls who created some really cool stuff up first is my favorite by far you guys know I love Ashley and her shop I just think she creates some really awesome kits and I constantly am doing playing with me with her stuff planner asked is on point all the time this is her June subscription and it's like a flamingo tropical thing and I love her kits I feel like you get everything you could possibly need of course I would always love more decorative stickers but that's just me I feel like I would drown my spreads and decorative stickers if I could but this is an awesome kit the planner asks other stickers are just as amazing including these quote stickers so her quote sheets are so funny I love them so much and her Christmas ones are even funnier and I think it's just a really cool way to add a little bit of humor into your planner but I've had these sheets for over a year and I really need to use them I honestly haven't hoarding these like a crazy person this next shop I would have never discovered if she hadn't sent me things which is just crazy but perfect papery is run by a lovely girl named Bailey and I think her stuff is just so cute and so unique and I use them all the time so I have this like popcorn movie night one and these raining payday stickers that I've used almost all up and there's tons on a sheet and I've been working on these forever these I think were the first one she sent me but she just recently sent me these Star Wars kit which is just phenomenal this is so cool in such a cool way to do Star Wars with their photos I'll close up like that then I also have these t stickers these functional ones just to show you her variety because she's really awesome and I think her her stickers are super cute and just a little bit unique while still being able to fit into your usual spreads this next shop owner is a doll I have been loving getting to know her and watching her videos she's a really cool YouTube channel and she just makes some really cool stuff and I'd like to see other girls who were hustling and grinding and trying to make their own way in the world if you will so Jenna owns planning roses and I only have one sheet from her shop because I used them all up in our collab plan with me video but I'm definitely gonna get more because I love her stuff and I think it all looks really really cool and really unique and well done but I love this sheet and I will be hoarding this I am sure because it's all makeup related and I just think it's a really cool sheet and I love her different font choices this next shop I found on Instagram and I thought her business model was kind of cool I know you usually don't buy from sticker shops because of business models but she sells all of her sticker sheets for a dollar 95 I'm pretty sure it's a dollar 95 so you get as many ask him fit unlike this size sheet and you still get quite a lot of stickers and I think it's a really cool SHOP style because it's very kawaii and you get a lot of different options if girls like these like cleaning or working out and I love having a little like eyes and faces on things so kina prints is pretty dang awesome I'm pretty sure I'm saying it right but of course I say like all shop names wrong because I'm in idiot but I really think that her shops cool to check out and she's international I don't remember which country she's from but she's definitely international last but not least number five I decided to talk about this shop because I think she curates designs really well I'm almost positive she doesn't design these herself but she finds designers and people to work with that create things that look so good together I'm talking about willow field so if I'm wrong and she designs these herself holy crap on toast like amazing amazing stuff I know most shops don't design their own things which is completely fine if you want to go that route that's totally fine with you Alex and I have considered it a couple of times but we've decided just to keep things designed by ourselves and if she designs these I'm not sure so let me know in the comments below if you know one way or another but pretty sure she curates them the fluidity of her designs across all of her stickers is amazing I think it's such a lovely watercolor vintage vibe like this is the Thanksgiving kit from last year and this is I bought like six sheets of these fall ones because it really matches my wedding vibe I just love her shop it's just a beautiful shop for really attractive stickers so let me know I should check out her site again to see if she designs them herself I might leave that in the description but regardless either way amazing amazing stuff so there have it my top five favorite Etsy shops be sure to check out their shops in the description I will leave links to everything including any YouTube videos or YouTube channels that I can find if you do end up purchasing from them let them know that I sent you so they can know that the hello again love is being spread around you know how I love to support other Etsy shops so let them know that the hello again family supports them also be sure to leave in the comments your favorite Etsy shops I'm always looking for new shops to purchase from and to support fellow entrepreneurs so leave those in the comments to help me out and that is gonna be it for today's video be sure to like it if you enjoy watching it and subscribe if you want to see more planner related videos but I will see you guys in my next one bye

22 thoughts on “My Top Five Favorite Etsy Shops for Planner Stickers & Supplies

  1. I definitely agree about Planneresque, Planning Roses and Keena Prints, I've bought from them repeatedly. My absolute favourite shop is LexiBelleCo, she's always got new sets and her quality is perfect! 😍 I also love CoffeeMonsterzCo and OnceMoreWithLove for their original designs 😊

  2. My favorite Etsy shops are Hello Petite Paper, From Elise Prints, and Two Lil Bees. The first two cuss their original artwork and it's stunning.
    And I'm pretty sure Willowfields uses clipart because I've seen a lot of them on Etsy.

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