NEW Etsy Ads - Promoted Listings & Google Shoppings Ads COMBINED (NO MORE BIDS)

NEW Etsy Ads – Promoted Listings & Google Shoppings Ads COMBINED (NO MORE BIDS)

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NEW Etsy Ads – Promoted Listings & Google Shoppings Ads COMBINED (NO MORE BIDS) – What do you think about the new changes? Do you prefer the old Etsy ads system or do you look forward in the new system. Let me know your thoughts below! ⇣ Open for LINKS! ⇣

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hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel on today's video I want to talk about a new change that XE is actually rolling which is the XE ads and they're kind of doing of something a little bit different now when it comes to when you promote your XE listings and I kind of wanted to talk a little bit on it if this is your first time hearing about it and you want to know more details about it I will leave a link below where it takes you to an exit article that they publish where you could get more information than what I'm talking about and you kind of read a little bit more on it so guys if this is your first time visiting my youtube channel don't forget to subscribe today I do upload weekly videos to help you build an impact for online business so make sure that you subscribe and give this girl a thumbs up on this video so let's go ahead and dive in so XE is doing changes and I'm not sure if everyone could actually go ahead and get our early asses I actually have it available in my shop I don't think it's available on everyone's shop if you want to know if you have access to it or not you go to your dashboard and you should have a notification that looks just like the screen right here and basically what they're doing is just a new way to maximize your advertising and what they're doing now is that they're combining promoted listings and Google shopping into one so before you have the option to have to run promoted listings or to promote Google Shopping or do both or do one or the other now it's gonna be combined together so now they're gonna be showing your listings in the search results through promoted listing but they also gonna be showing your ads through Google Shopping as well and then that traffic will drive directly to your actual listing whatever listing the person clicked on and after reading everything and digesting the information I think they're doing this new change because a lot of people struggle with promoted listings and Google and understanding cost-per-click understanding the bids I know personally myself when I have my freelance clients or I do like a critique of someone's shop and we're talking about the cost per click a lot of people when they're they're using a keyword that's very very saturated or very competitive they're paying like 10 cents per click when in reality there's people out there paying a dollar and 10 cents per click in order to appear in the first page of the search results and I always tell people XE is here to make a business for whoever pays more for that keyword is gonna get higher priority in other words so if you have a key you have people that are willing to pay a dollar in 10 cents those people are gonna appear higher in the search results but the people that are paying 10 cents per click for that same keyword are gonna be buried in the search resource somewhere only because there's other people we need to pay more than what you're willing to pay and I think that that's the biggest confusion a lot of people don't really know how to adjust their bids they just pick any bid they'll be like okay 10 cents or I'll do 25 cents per click but they don't really realize that if you you have to check what is the top rate for that keyword and if other people are willing to pay two dollars for the keyword to rank but you only want to pay 25 cents or 50 cents then you're gonna be buried in the search results and I think that based on people's feedback I'm EXCI sellers feedback majority of people not saying everyone but majority of people don't know how to promote or how to use the promoted listings the correct way to maximize like reach and actually target their customers and actually ranked in the first page of XE I think that they trying this new system in order to avoid all that confusion so what they're doing is they're gonna take whatever listings you currently have and whatever bid you currently have on those particular listings at the current moment they're gonna go ahead and and put you in the new system on the XE ads and they're gonna use the bid that you currently have right now and with over with what time they're gonna start analyzing your listing seeing how they're performing and from there they're gonna go ahead and adjust your or optimize your actual listings for you in other words they're gonna be in charge of when they're gonna show your ads to who they're gonna show your ads to to hopefully increase your sales and so there's not gonna be any more bids so you're not gonna be able to customize a bit basically so when you set up like I said when you set up the XE ads you're gonna be able to keep your previous bid settings whatever settings you have right now from promoted listings or from Google Shopping it's gonna stay the same and so your ad performance shouldn't really see any difference like you shouldn't see any dips or anything because they're keeping it the same but what they're gonna do is that they're once they have enough data I'm assuming maybe 30 to 90 days they didn't really specify how long but once they have enough data they'll start optimizing your bids to maximize visits from your ads so don't go ahead and adjust afford you so you will not you will no longer have to adjust any type of bids they will do it for you based on the data that they collect to better help you rank high in the search results show your products to the right people and hopefully drive more traffic to your to your X eShop so they're basically optimizing your budget for you and when your ass perform the best and and it's gonna be a mixture of both google shopping and also promoted listings that way you could get the best results what I recommend with this new platform is making sure now not just depending on what XE does but making sure that you are using the right keywords to target the right customers that you have amazing photos and that you have a good listing description that explains what the customer is getting happy that transparency that way when they do show your ads to the right timing or to the right people that they feel like Oh or whenever your ads perform the best when they do show your ads at those times you have a higher risk right or a higher probability of somebody buying from you because if your photos are not intact and you're using the wrong keywords or you're not targeting your target customer it doesn't matter what XE does from their end because it will affect you anyways because if you're not showing your products to people that are actually interested in them because you're using the wrong keywords then it doesn't really matter so just keep that in mind that everything goes hand in hand you know it's not just having amazing photos is having SEO done correctly and it's not just having a great listing description is having a me scene photos kind of like everything helps each other I don't know like I think once it I do I'm gonna go ahead and sign up for it today I think once I do that and I will I'll try to do another video on my results I can't really say right now that is helping me or not because I haven't even done it yet right I know that I've read a lot of people talking about it like oh it's going down here from here on let's try and look at the positive the positive of it a little bit more I think that they're trying to make it as simple as possible because when it comes to cost per click when it comes to bid when it comes to understanding what is the regular price what price you're gonna pay how you gonna rank is very confusing for many of us so therefore they're trying to make it as simple as possible so we just have to wait it out actually I guess then try it out and see how it will work I do know that it's not simply just doing it I you know I also believe that it's also based on your photos your description your title your tags and making sure that everything is aligned that's my biggest take on everything I think that once we once I I go ahead and start doing it I'll do another case study of a to kind of compare my results from now versus I'm doing in a new way that way I could give you guys something in comparison and say okay I did do it and I think it's great I don't know if this is gonna be just a new way and once you um once you go in I know you can't go back and start adjusting bits because it does say it on the article but I don't know if they're gonna enforce for everyone to start doing excise or if they're gonna give everyone an option to do X e adds the new way or keep it the old way I'm not a hundred percent sure on that but kind of wanted to give you guys my opinion on it I honestly think that they're trying to make it easier on a lot of people only based on my experience with my clients that it can be very confusing so hopefully this new way would be a lot easier for everyone let me know your thoughts I mean I always learn from everyone from my channel and also in my Facebook group so you might make some valid points that maybe at the current moment I'm not thinking about so make sure that you leave a comment below and let me know what you think about the new changes and I will also leave the link below that way you could read more about it thank you guys for watching

8 thoughts on “NEW Etsy Ads – Promoted Listings & Google Shoppings Ads COMBINED (NO MORE BIDS)

  1. As Etsy Sellers, why don't we all get together as Sellers and STOP paying Etsy Ads for a whole 3 months? This way Etsy will actually consider the voices of Seller's and help us more as Sellers than themselves and their pockets. Not being able to set our own budget for each click and driving more sales to Etsy but not our specific shop is downright dirty on their part. If Etsy wants more traffic and sales, they should pay for it, not us. As artists, we work hard to make our money and all they do is take and take some more. When enough sellers leave Etsy, they will then beg us to come back. This occurred with Comcast and Xfinity. The more greedy they become, the more it will all backfire. If Etsy Sellers want to create a movement together, let's do it and make a real change, the kind we actually expressed and not what Etsy says Sellers expressed.

  2. I'm hearing nothing but negative things, but you sound more positive about it. I haven't done PL's yet since I am brand new. So I wonder how it will effect my listings. Any ideas?

  3. Honestly I am literally tired of all the,, gurus,, that bring some etsy news all the time when the fact is. Etsy is only promoting the shops that bring tons of money and all this,, pay for this,, pay for that,, is to make us small businesses keep them going. The other thing nobody sais from all this,, experts,, is that a Etsy shop won't be successful in such a way you could leave your 9to 5 even after 1 year. It takes time people. Do your own marketing, invest small and carefull, Etsy is no longer a sure source of income. Its to much happening it's over saturated. Don't listen to this bs about,, there's room for all,, There is not! You make money on Etsy but not to leave your job enimore like years ago.

  4. I'm not sure pay per click is a good idea for those who don't have a large budget or who just started selling. When I first found etsy I was clicking on lots of ads just for research purposes not realizing somebody was paying for those. I had absolutely no intention of buying. I think a lot of shops must lose money this way with people clicking on their thumbnails not realizing it's a paid ad and they are not really looking to buy anything. I make an effort not to click on ads now unless I'm actually looking to buy, but how many people actually care enough to do that? I'm sure it works if you have a large budget and don't mind the clicks that don't lead to sales, but I really think it must be better to get clicks organically and from other places like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc. rather than paying for clicks as a lot of clicks aren't people looking to buy. Etsy is making me really nervous with all these recent changes though.

  5. They will eat up the entire budget and spend it on Google, which is useless without statistics and ability to target specific tags and categories. Why should I need to trust ETSY with managing my advertising budget?

  6. It makes sense as to why people were ranking higher. People with the highest bids were number one. I have stopped using the ads altogether. I have been ranking organically and driving my traffic to my website. It just seemed that Etsy was making more money off my sales than me. Because I was paying for ads and sales fee. Not enough return on my investment. I have seen a rise and boost in my sales from my own marketing. Also I'm not sure if I want them to be able to control the bidding.

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