New Etsy Shop Share

New Etsy Shop Share

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I opened an Etsy shop for the first time and was so excited I wanted to share it with my wonderful subscribers and hopefully soon to be subscribers! Have a great day!!
My Etsy Shop:

hi everybody it's amy at crafty cat and i've got some exciting news I finally opened my Etsy shop I've been wanting to do it actually for years even wave 4 I started YouTube videos but I just I'm not very good with technology and I just kept putting it off but I finally did it and I have seven listings on there and it's called crafty cat USA this C is capital this one's capital and the USA is capital and it's all one big hook together word so if you want to look it up and I'll also link it below and I'm just gonna kind of show you guys what I put on there if anybody's interested and just because I'm excited like I said and you guys are awesome so thanks for listening this I'm going to do this these two pumpkins and this is the needle felting that I showed in one of my previous videos with the needle felted journal that I did the cover what had the needle felting on it but these are just whole needle felted pieces and so you take the barbed needle and some wool roving like that a lot of people turn into yarn you use that wool roving and you poke it with the special barbed needle for needle felting and it kind of just sculpts it and tightens it and felts it is what it does so that's what these two pumpkins are and they're there's little pipe cleaners in there that make the stems twisty so I twist them around a pencil and make them like that and so you'll get that and two fall leaves these are all this is just the felts itself so they're not super thick but so a couple of felt leaves and then the acorns these are the actual tops off of real acorns like the caps and these two happen to be hooked together and then I just needle felted you know like little acorn shape and glue hot glued it in there so that's how you make those but so you'll get two of those and that'll be it one set so that's on there like that as a set okay and you can go on there and check it out if you're if you would like to and there's closer pictures you know stuff like that the rest of it is pretty much all Halloween stuff so I made this funny little pumpkin then this is all needle felted the whole body of the pumpkin is needle felted out of wool roving and then I just did twists like spun the wool and my fingers and then you know twisted it and belted it on to there and this one's meant to look kind of like these zany little pumpkins and like the vintage look with the big triangle nose and like I don't know if you can tell but he's got like kind of the swirly eyes like that that's kind of what I was going for when I made this one I know it looks kind of crazy but I was going for that vintage look so and then this is a fabric hat it's kind of a velvety hat that's on the top alright so that'll be one of the listings and then this little gal the witch she is all felted her whole body her eyes are little black Brad's so those aren't wool but her nose as wool and her hair is wool and then this is a wool sock that I kind of just made into a little dress and it has what looks like you know the little hood or back part hanging over here and then the little pumpkin is felted to her boots so it's not going to come off in her hand so it doesn't come out it's all one solid piece okay and that's all that's all listed on there as well and then this little guy is a good needle felted little ghost and a pumpkin and he's got glitter eyes something kind of shine in the light and he's got puffy little cheeks and he's all attached to the pumpkin as well so it's one piece all right and then the bat has yellow rhinestone eyes see there and then the swirly pumpkin stem and this one's a little bit more modeled or speckly I wanted it you know not to be just orange orange I wanted that kind of speckled look alright there's that that's in there and then I'm also also going to list or have listed my little my brave pocket thing that we made together so that'll that's on there as well if you're interested in that if you're doing a Halloween journal or you just like it itself whatever okay and then I'm also listing my coffin my altered coffin okay so I'm just really excited and I hope you guys like it let me know what you think and if there's any comments or anything you'd like to see whatever just let me know in the comments and I'll try to do it I can to make you guys happy have a great day and please subscribe bye bye now you

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